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Preliminary Note Of Understanding

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TruthOcracy is a form of governance based on Absolute Truth
How to go from Democracy to TruthOcracy, in pursuit of Aristarchy

Not a form of governance that is a "Government"
But a form of governance that is a "Protectorate
Protecting Despotically Truth and People

It is, no more,
"No Rule Without Representation"
but rather
"No Rule Without Truth"
No rule without Direct People's Approval while aware of Truth

Or Better:
No Rule Without TruthOcracy!

Despotic Truth-Protectorate
Freeing Enslaved Citizens Through Unrestricted Truth
Empowering Leaders Enlightened With Full Truth
Accepting Fair Despotic Governance By Truth
Protecting Despotically People's Truth-Enlightened Will and Wellness

A TruthOcracy
as a TruthProtectorate
is an authoritarian governance.
Authoritarianism is good when coming
from the bottom, not from the top, and when
it is open and based on full Truth, All & Only Truth,
as POTGA (People's Open Truth-Governance Authority).
As such, authoritarianism becomes the only form of real democracy.
From Slavery Downwards, To Slavery Upwards
With Servants At The Top  -  Not At The Bottom

TruthOcracy is a part of a wider project called
that deals not only with better governance, but
also with better education and means of communication.
(as an area or environment of culture of Pythagorean descent)
Only Truth, thus TruthOcracy, Will Set You Free

This page, firstly, wants to present the 12 cumulative reforms that are necessary to form a
TruthOcracy. You find these 12 reforms a little bit further down. They are necessary to
eliminate the global enslavement affecting all of us today.  For those of you still
doubting that we are enslaved, go first to a sarcastic page to read about the
main indicators of our global enslavement. These are exposed here:
Enslavement Indicators
Otherwise, proceed to the following set of 12 reforms that are
the solutions to our current situation of  full enslavement.

No Conspiracy Theory but Conspiracy Reality
The PythagorArium Project overall has an excellent, easy, viable, democratic
and non-violent solution  to the conspiracy of our global enslavement
which is a conspiracy reality, not a conspiracy theory, even if 
"None Dare Call It Conspiracy"
 (book by Gary Allen)
The solution requires the return of true philosophy in our life, as PhilosophELL,
with the Holistic Virtuous Education of the Tetractys of the Human soul,
and with Truth Governance, by implementing in a cumulative way
the 12 main
TruthOcracy drastic reforms  mentioned below

The 12 Reforms To Achieve a TruthOcracy
(placed in order of first importance with a 3-letter codename)

TAT REFORM    =     Truth And Transparency (01/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the
T component.


In a TruthOcracy, obstruction of Truth or of Transparency in all public affairs, actively by a lie, or passively by silence, becomes a crime as a serious felony that is most severely punished. Public Affairs include all public actions of the government but also actions of private businesses in as much as they have to do with the public at large in offering their products or services. On the government side, no secret of any action of governance can exist except very temporarily with a known codename and a firm short expiry date. On the private side, when businesses are questioned about their products and service offered o the public, real secrets can exist only for brevets or patents of fabrication (that are nevertheless duly deposited and certified by a special TAT office as having an acceptable COGIPAS, or code of goodness for the public at large). On the other hand, all details of accounting of all pubic (government) money are all accessible online to all citizens, for full immediate verification, as easily as their own personal bank accounts.


TRUTH - Truth is the absolute first and essential requirement of a TruthOcracy in all public affairs to the point that any official lying, or omitting a known truth, or obstructing the Truth in any other way commits a crime as a serious felony, called a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime). If the PATOC has its origin from a lie, that lie becomes a PATOLIE and its diffusion becomes PATOLYING. Such crime is punished most severely and the official concerned is possibly also removed from his position permanently, and denied access to any other official position for the rest of his life. No censorship to hide Truth can exist without the author committing a PATOC. As per the following VAP reform, each company is also followed closely by a TruthPatron who ensures all Truth Obstruction Crimes (TOC) and non compliance to COGIPAS (Code Of Goodness In Products And Services) are punished mostly and primarily through personal property (PPPP) confiscations and public shameful exposure (PATOCSE), let alone also an additional jail sentence.  


TRANSPARENCY - Transparency is the second essential requirement of a TruthOcracy in all public affairs that requires governance to always be OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) compliant, so much so, that secrecy cannot exist anymore except very temporarily, with a published known codename. In turn, visioning of accounting of all public money is obligatorily made accessible to all citizens as easily as if it were their own personal bank account. If a lack of transparency is known but not denounced and corrected by officials who can do it, it is a most serious PATOC. A bribe or kickback of any form, in goods, money or property, is also a truth obstruction act, and thus a PATOC, but on both sides, the giving and the receiving part, punished with extreme severity in three cumulative ways. 1) through confiscation of property PPP (Personal Property Punishment); 2) through BOPAP (Banishment Of Public Activity Punishment); and 3) through jail sentences (in particular when PPP cannot be applied). PPP, PATOC and BOPAP crimes and forms of punishment apply not only against all officials of governance, but to managers of all private companies, or even private businessmen, when these are providing products or services to the public at large with their activity. BLOLIMI (Black List Of Liars In Media Information) also becomes an additional form of punishment for journalists and media handlers. Blackmailing is always a PATOC, be it in using it, and possibly also in suffering it without denunciation.  


TruthOcracy TAT-SAM Starting Point

Going from 'Democracy' to TruthOcracy directly and completely, in one single step, will not be possible in most countries. A good starting point is precisely the TAT reform. In any country, a new political party called "TAT" could propose this reform to start with. Then, if successful in taking power, and with popular support after a good first mandate, it could start suggesting adopting also the second reform, CAT, as a second step, and gradually all the other reforms. This TAT first approach however must be complete: absolute Truth, all and only Truth, and full transparency in everything having to do with public life: all the country's economy, politics, culture, information and money. This starting point however also implies by definition that the SAM reform is part of it, with full and absolute freedom of speech: even offensive truth or so-called "hate-Speech", even if that Truth is only a firm conviction presented explicitly as such, as long as it is not a fabricated lie, and it is related to public life, or even the private life of public officials (who in a TruthOcracy sign off any claim of private life that they cannot themselves keep private). This easier starting point to get to full TruthOcracy as soon as possible, is what we call the TAT-SAM first approach.  In a country like Greece (the inventor of real direct participative democracy), the political party with this approach could be, for example, called "SDA" (ΣΔΑ = Συνολική Διαφάη Αλήθεια, which translates to "Total Transparent Truth", or TTT, in all pubic affairs of governance or private affairs affecting the public at large). Similarly, in any other country, such political party could be called TTT, or its equivalent, let alone TAT or its equivalent.


See more: TAT Reform Clarifications




CAT REFORM    =     Currency And Taxation (02/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the
I component.


In all western countries at the moment, the money system was deceitfully engineered to serve only the banks instead of the people, even to enslave all people in the process through public and private debt-money. In a TruthOcracy, it is the opposite. The money system serves mainly the people, without enslavement, and serves the banks in only a secondary way for their legitimate role in helping the growth of the private economy. There is no more any traditional central bank, private or public, issuing any new debt-money. Only Treasury can issue new money, all as debt-free, and for only 3 purposes. Not even private commercial banks can create new digital money out of nothing through fractional reserve. The government has no borrowing power, thus ever any public-debt. There is no income tax necessary to reimburse public debt-money that does not exist anymore. There is only property tax along with a new Dual-Sales-Tax paid on both sides of the transaction and accruing also pension benefits on both sides. All banks are new CivitBanks acting with only limited interest rates and with no fractional reserve creating fake “accounting money” out of nothing as unguaranteed private debt. All loans made by commercial banks must all be guaranteed by either accumulated saving or alternatively by using a public base of new debt-free money created by the government, not by the bank, and borrowed from the government at no interest. Commercial banks will have to reimburse that base of new fresh money to the government, but at zero interest rate. On the other hand, commercial banks can use that base of new public money for making their own loans to their own commercial clients, but at limited interest rates. CivitBanks still work for profit, but not anymore for only their profit: they work first and foremost for the economic benefits of the community in which they are located, thus also for the national benefits of the TruthOcracy in which they operate. The large slice of taxes that goes to banks at the moment to reimburse borrowed capital and interests for loans of public-debt-money is completely eliminated and the same quantity of fresh money can be deviated to the people, to fight poverty, create new services and infrastructures, let alone create new economic opportunity for the growth of the national economy. 


CURRENCY - In a TruthOcracy, the government Treasury issues directly all its needs of new money, and only as debt-free money, and only for the part of its operations that cannot be covered with sales and property taxes. Consequently, new currency issued as debt-money cannot exist anymore. This means that there can never be any national sovereign debt of public money to be reimbursed to anyone through income tax imposed on citizens. Private debt in turn can only be created by new private commercial banks called CivitBanks and no other type of financial institution. However, these CivitBanks cannot anymore use any fractional reserve, which is totally illegal, and can only use interest rates at 10% maximum. They have only national activity, mostly restricted to their communities, and no international activity except for receiving saving or handling payments from abroad through the National central CivitBank called CivitBankCentral. All their loans are fully guaranteed either by savings or by OPTOOMOON (Only Public Treasury Output Of Money Out Of Nothing) money. When savings are insufficient to cover or offer new loans, then CivitBanks can get such OPTOOMOON money without interests from the CivitBankCentral of the TruthOcracy. If no traditional national central bank exists, international settlements of CivitBanks can nevertheless be well handled through the CivitBankCentral and a special BISCU section of the MonetArium connecting with BIS for SWIFT and other similar organs of worldwide reconciliation of financial transactions. New debt-free OPTOOMOON currency can be issued by Treasury for only three purposes: First, to finance new public infrastructures or to maintain or improve the quality of old infrastructures; Two, to give a base of cash to CivitBanks, through the CivitBankCentral, that do not have sufficient savings to guarantee new good prospects of private loans; Three, to ensure a possible adjustment to a national public pension, when issued, that guarantees the a pension is not received below a guaranteed minimum level. A TruthOcracy normal current currency can only be, and must always be, only national, never supra-national, like the EURO, but can be exchanged abroad with the foreign currency of anyone prepared to buy it. However, apart from its regular national currency, a TruthOcracy can also use its unique type of Crypto-Currency to facilitate some limited international or worldwide uses while abroad. It is called TruthCoin.


TAXATION - While income tax still exists for foreigners in the country, and for all corporations when they try to export their profits, that same income tax is eliminated entirely for all national citizens, and replaced with a PASTO (Property And Sales Tax Obligation) tax. PASTO is a combination of Property Tax and a brand new special form of Sales Tax called DAFTATAP (Dual Automated Fiscal Transaction Accruing Tax And Pension) that is “dual” in that, part of it is paid on both sides of the transaction and, part of it, on both sides, becomes the only way to accumulate benefits for a public pension. All DAFTATAP transactions can be handled in a new excellent way through the use of the new TruthCoin digital currency of a TruthOcracy. A cashless system can certainly be useful for the DAFTATAP process, but it is not imposed on people as it is too often a government system to run a country and the people as a police state when, in a TruthOcracy, the real "police" is not the government, but the people watching the government.


See more: CAT Reform Clarifications




GAL REFORM    =     Governance And Legislation (03/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the
R component.


In a TruthOcracy, all legislation is pre-decided before an election, in a new Binding-Electoral-Contract (not "Program"), and the small executive of only three elected persons (with the help of only 87 super managers that include only 8 ministries), is no more than the responsible authoritarian executor of that fully binding contract, with no possible surprise after election in terms of any new law or taxation.


GOVERNANCE - In a TruthOcracy, Nation-States are not only not/not outdated, they are even reinforced, but our form of parliament full with ignorant and corrupted professional liar representatives is totally outdated and replaced with a TetractArium of 87 super managers bound by Truth, only 3 of which are elected, and for whom Governance means only the full and exact execution of a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract), and emergencies not planned for in the BEC are handled according to the strict OBECOF (Out Binding Electoral Contract Operational Fund) parameters. People govern through Truth and a BEC, not the government that is only the executor of the BEC. Like Jefferson said "Government should fear the people, not the people fear the government". This is basically what TruthOcracy is all about.  


LEGISLATION - New laws or taxes can be defined only before election, not after an election, never during a mandate, and only in the form of a LOF (Law Objectives Framework) within a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract). No deep state or shadow government can exist behind the elected executive to influence legislation. Interested Lobbies can be composed of only national citizens, and operate only openly through a specially dedicated TV channel called LAPDAC (Lobbying And Protesting Dedicated Accommodating Channel) with only national funds, directly or indirectly. 


See more: GAL Reform Clarifications



JAW REFORM    =     Justice And Welfare (04/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the
R component.


In a TruthOcracy, there is a triple system of justice: 1) normal court justice; 2) a complement of a new system of Private-Alternative-Justice (the PAJ, closely related to a new system of welfare centered on the extended family) for the fast and cheap resolution of most interpersonal conflicts; 3) third, a new and separate Public-Overpowering-Justice (the POJ) as a system for the expeditious administrative resolution of all the new crimes related to public affairs.    


JUSTICE - Justice is first and foremost founded in conscience, not in law, and therefore, in a TruthOcracy, regular court justice, that is too often unjust because of its intricacies, is supplemented by a choice of a primary level of private justice called PAJ (Private Alternative Justice), rendered by willing retired judges for a small tax-free public fee. That primary level facilitates the better and fast resolution of most small interpersonal conflicts, more fairly, on a basis of conscience, and more easily, in terms of minimum times and minimum costs, even possibly, as an accorded choice, without lawyers involved. On the other hand, at the ordinary level, outside of PAJ, a judge of a TruthOcracy is not a judge, but only a trial supervisor, without the power to render a personal judgment: people can only be judged by a jury of peers, and such jury can contradict any law that they feel would cause a clear injustice in a specific case. No judge can be politically appointed, only selected through competition, both written and oral, with the winners being appointed by a wide college of peers. Finally, normal justice and the PAJ are accompanied by a brand new system of expeditious justice called POJ (Public Overpowering Justice) for the fast and sovereign resolution of all crimes having to do with public affairs as PATOC (Public Affairs Truth/Transparency Crimes).


WELFARE - The PAJ (Private Alternative Justice) is a component of a brand new form of welfare called EFWAPAJ (Extended-Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice), centered on the extended family instead of on an individual person. That type of new welfare is usually extended indirectly, whenever possible, through the extended family. As such, it is more effective, less expensive, with a minor dependency and loss of personal liberty in front of the State. That kind of new welfare also offers some incentives in tax and loan privileges for the formation of proper extended-family accommodation, in particular a FamilArium.


See more: JAW Reform Clarifications



SAM REFORM   =     Speech And Media (05/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the S component.


In a TruthOcracy, the right of Free Speech is absolute, even in terms of sincere hate-speech that is not a lie, the corresponding right of free access to all information related to public affairs is also absolute, and no media nor Internet used by the public at large can limit these rights in any way, not directly from the bottom, in censoring a Truth or conviction that people may always express freely, and not indirectly from the top, through any kind of "Rollerball-Syndrome" effect due to any deep-state puppet or master who may attempt to guide deceitfully, or misguide, or limit the absolute essential role of all media to only publish Truth, and to never hide a known Truth of public affairs. 


SPEECH - In a TruthOcracy, nothing but a lie can limit the free expression of speech or opinion when it is a Truth or a conviction expressed as such without physical violence, not even any of the usual tools of the political correctness, like racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia or the so-called 'Hate-speech', with the opinions expressed in written media following the same rule. In turn, a lie about public affairs becomes a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime) and punished most severely as a serious crime.


MEDIA - In a TruthOcracy, a cartel of few corporations, like the 6 controlling 98% of world media at the moment, as the "Rollerball Syndrome" (see the film), just cannot exist. In addition, the national mainstream media cannot receive any public money, cannot be sold to a foreign corporation, and can only be owned by one or more national persons. One person can own and be responsible for only one media at any given time, competing with all the other owners for OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) truth through only duly signed articles. Foreign media can circulate freely but, if caught lying about national public affairs, they commit a serious PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime), and such  crime can lead to prohibition  from further distribution in the TruthOcracy, temporarily or forever in the future. No media, national or foreign, can use the so-called "Overton Window" to tell people only what they should be allowed to believe on the basis of any kind of political correctness, or to crackdown on patriots or other groups that have the national interests in mind.   


See more: SAM Reform Clarifications



VAP REFORM    =     Voting And Patronizing (06/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the
R component.


In a TruthOcracy, voting is no more only a right but also a legal duty, sanctioned by a fine and possible loss of citizenship if not performed, and all business activities, private or not, must also accept as a legal duty the patronizing role of the new Truth-Patrons who have a clear role to protect three things: 1) the Truth of the information provided with the proper punishment of PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime) activity, 2) the faithful application of the new COGIPAS (Code Of Goodness In Products And Services) that exists for the good of the public at large and 3) the respect of the 12 reforms of a TruthOcracy. 


VOTING - In a TruthOcracy, voting is not a right, but a legal duty whereby citizens must vote, on paper perforated cards only. They can vote after having been admitted to do so through a special  BAIC (Bio-Anonymous Identicality Card) machine checking a special anonymous card, called BAIC card, confirming the "body" with “these” anonymous bio-features has not voted yet in this election and has a right and duty to do so. That BAIC machine then issues a voting card, without any personal data, but on which the necessary barcode of information is present to provide statistics on the province and city of the voter.


PATRONIZING - All business activities with over 10 employees, private or semi-public, national or foreign operating in the country, must have a TruthOcracy TruthPatron on board. TruthPatrons do not have any vote in the administration, but have a right to speak and defend the principles of the TruthOcracy in relation to any decision being taken. In turn, if they enter into any conflict of opinion with the management, they openly decide that they will report and consult with the elected GOS. Their main role is to ensure, within each business activity, that the principles and the 12 reforms of TruthOcracy, the first TAT reform compliance in particular, are fully respected for the benefit of the national population concerned, or otherwise ensure the applicability of the related punishment by mostly personal property (PPPP) and public shameful exposure (PATOCSE). They also work to ensure the COGIPAS (Code Of Goodness In Products And Services) is respected and that PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime) activity is punished properly.  


See more: VAP Reform Clarifications



DAM REFORM    =     Diplomacy And Military (07/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the R component.


In a TruthOcracy, there is no more any use of the far outdated system of permanent embassies abroad, but consulates abroad are reinforced in 3 new ways to better protect national interests, while all aggressive military action against other countries can be used only for defensive purposes, and full partaking in international organization can only happen with those entities respecting the above first reform of Truth And Transparency in their own administration. 


DIPLOMACY - Current embassies to nations abroad have been an outdated and uselessly expensive tool of diplomacy since after modern communications were invented, and consequently, in a TruthOcracy, there are no more permanent embassies abroad, only temporary ones operating in reinforced consulates when absolutely necessary. As seen in the VAP Reform, embassies to international organizations only use an observer status, until these supranational entities demonstrate to be TAT compliant, providing minimal expenses for mainly their own support staff, and paying no contributions for programs that are not fully OTATFOG


As for Consulates abroad, they have a brand new and reinforced role. The new consulates are called Dipconsulates and their head is a Dipconsul, always offering at least full facility of communication, free of charge, to any citizens in difficulty abroad needing to communicate with his family or with any other kind of office or person in his home country or abroad to urgently protect his interests, along with offering a variety of other reimbursable forms of assistance as appropriate. Permanent consulates are highly reinforced for 3 purposes: 1) help better their citizens while they are abroad, 2) to preselect all immigrants, including refugees and 3) house easily and rapidly some temporary embassies when required for urgent special missions.

As for membership of partaking in any non-national organization, like supranational or international organizations (like EU or UN), it is strictly conditional to these constructs respecting the first reform of being TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliant, otherwise, membership can only take place as an observer and only for the cost of the supporting local staff involved


MILITARY - The military forces of a TruthOcracy exist and are maintained with patriotic pride with sufficient power in the current international situation, but are strictly used in a defensive way, as NoWEDO  (No War Except Defensive Operations). TruthOcracy does not belong to any supra-national military organizations like NATO and would join one only when facing a clear military threat. In fact, it promotes their dissolution as much as possible unless there is a need to form one, or to maintain one temporarily, because of a clear international threat against all of the wider geographical area in which the TruthOcracy happens to be located. In such case it would join the best defensive international military organization and contribute to its share of related expenses as long as these contributions could be TAT compliant with appropriate corresponding feedback to its citizens.   


See more: DAM Reform Clarifications



PAP REFORM    =     Patriotism And Pluralism (08/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the P component.


In a TruthOcracy, patriotism is reinforced to its most protective level of best traditional national values, with the establishment of maximum 2 official languages for all public affairs, including for preaching in any kind of open or closed religious environment (except for also the 2 EthoSpeak international languages promoted by a TruthOcracy), and multiculturalism is always phased out, or limited, as much as possible, except when it would cause an irreparable serious damage and injustice to ancient pre-existing cultural situations.


PATRIOTISM - In a TruthOcracy, no supra-national overruling power or organization can intrude to try to change the national culture, no foreign multinational corporation can operate in the country except through an affiliated branch or company with a majoritarian national ownership that is managed in an OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) way, and all government decisions must be taken strictly on the basis of best patriotic values and interests as accepted by a majority of national citizens, using in the process all good patriotic symbols, starting with the proud use of the national flag and anthem wherever and whenever appropriate. No foreign NGO can come and operate in a TruthOcracy. No national NGO can operate inland with foreign funds, nor abroad with national public funds, be these funds received directly or indirectly, and they can arrange protest events only with their exposure through the dedicated TV channel called LAPDAC (Lobbying And Protesting Dedicated Accommodating Channel).


PLURALISM - If all nations become overly multicultural, there will be no culture left in the end, only zombie obedient slaves for the Kalergi component of the Master Plan of the NWO (New World Order), and consequently, in a TruthOcracy, pluralism and multiculturalism, let alone massive uncontrolled illegal immigration movements, are reduced to absolute minimum possible, and only immigrants preselected at reinforced consulates abroad (the DAC reform below) can be granted temporary permanent residence status, until they not get involved in a crime, while citizenship can be granted to them only when they are integrated without any criminality, even minor, for at least 5 continuous years, however long it may take, and never by sole birth in the country (by "Ius Soli").


See more: PAP Reform Clarifications



CAS REFORM    =     Culture And Schooling (09/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the E component.


In a TruthOcracy, culture is based on best traditional a-religious Greco-Roman values, not on Judeo-Christian values. From an educational point of view, this is the implementation of the new national EthoPlasìn  holistic education of Pythagorean descent. In the main twin components of the formation of a culture (education and instruction), only education is obligatorily public (for 1 hour a day, plus 1 hour of related gym, plus1 hour of group sport). It is public in that it is common to all children and provided in public infrastructures from a new type of well-trained Pythagorean educators. That first component, education, is based on a Return Of Philosophy in our life, as a philosophy of cardinal virtues, and consequently based on the holistic formation and harmonization of the 3 basic levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. As for the second main component of a culture, instruction, with its content of specific subject matters, for another 3 hours a day, it is democratically left to the best private initiatives of the majority of the parents of the children involved, with the help of any expert the parents may find in the various fields of instruction. That instruction can also be provided in public infrastructures, but also in protected home-schooling when desired, in particular in environments of extended families. This reflects the fact that an advanced civilization of TruthOcracy is not primarily advanced in knowledge and technology, while maybe low on virtue and wisdom, but primarily advanced in truth, love and virtue, before it is advanced in technology. At pre-university level, spiritual educational formation and related holistic physical training is the top priority over the intellectual technological formation. From university level, the accrued spiritual educational formation shall accompany, and assist in a positive way, the reinforced intellectual instructional formation, with best benefits for the overall wellness of the country, but with possibly also good cascading benefits for the long term wellness of the rest of the world.


CULTURE - In a TruthOcracy, a philosophical ELL (ELLAS) culture of best Enlightened Logos, and  thus Enlightened Liberty, is at the base of all private and public cultural life, in order to ensure the return of a philosophy of virtues in our personal and civic life, inspired by the values that were unfortunately destroyed, or at least seriously undermined, in the Holocaust Against Hellenism that was at the foundation of the best values of our real Greco-Roman culture as opposed to our so-called decadent Judeo-Christian culture.


SCHOOLING -In a TruthOcracy, so-called "technocrat schools" serving the NWO (New World Order) cannot exist. All schools can enjoy free infrastructures that are provided and maintained by public debt-free money but can schooling can also be done in private structures. However, schooling, for about half of its time, must be clearly divided between "Education" and "Instruction". The "Education" component is public as it is common to all, and must always be based on EthoPlasìn Holistic Pythagorean Education of the Tetractys of the human soul. The "Instruction" component is basically private. A school, public or private, not being completely SAM compliant in terms of full freedom of speech, can be closed and given or offered by government to a new management. The EthoPlasìn Holistic Education stems from the roots of our best Greco-Roman culture of real historical superiority, and is related to the Enlightened Logos of its dominant language of  over 5000 years of ascertained continuous superiority.


See more: CAS Reform Clarifications



CAB REFORM    =     Communities And Beauty (10/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the B component.


In a TruthOcracy, all activities of the communities are managed and arranged with an objective of self-sufficiency as much as possible, through mainly small private businesses, hopefully with kilometer-zero bio-agriculture when possible, and developed on a basis of the particular specific beauty of the dominant culture of each living area. 


COMMUNITIES - In a TruthOcracy, cities are improved through the new concept of TUPA (TruthOcracy Urban Patriotic Area), while villages are improved through the concept of TARVAMEF (TruthOcracy Agricultural Residential Village for Autonomous Monoculture Extended Families), with families receiving all sorts of EFWAPAJ (Extended Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice) special incentive benefits applying to regularly married couples with at least one spouses holding national citizenship.


BEAUTY - Overall, Kallos Beauty is enforced in all aspects of civic life of both cities and villages, and in a cultural life based on best traditional Greco-Roman values, as opposed to Judeo-Christian values, while ugliness is fought and eliminated everywhere possible, and certainly cannot enter or be maintained in public museums at public expense, and harmony is proactively pursued at all levels of human activity having to do with the body, the emotions, the mind, the sciences and our relations with the other kingdoms of nature on Planet Earth.


See more: CAB Reform Clarifications



NAS REFORM    =     Nature And Sciences (11/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the A component.


In a TruthOcracy, Nature is sacred, and all sciences must have a "Natural-Earth-Life-Approach", subject to most serious punishment, including a bio-agriculture with no GMO and no unnatural  concentrated animal feeding operations, a city architecture facilitating personal bio-food production, a medicine avoiding unnecessary chemical drugs when possible, and prohibiting abortion except in cases of rape or life concerns, a sociology enforcing paternity and natural family responsibility, and an overall environment without chemtrails or any other possible form of evitable pollution or dangerous unnatural contaminant like 5G or subliminal propaganda. 


NATURE - In a TruthOcracy, the environment is defined by two concepts: Beauty and NELA (Natural Earth-Life Approach). The country must be NoCAFO (No Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations), NoGANO (No Genetically Altered Natural Organism), or certainly absolutely no GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) for both national and foreign food products, NoRACO (No Reusable Authorized Containers Overspill), NoSACO (No Spraying-Airplane Chemtrails Overhead) from both national and foreign airplanes, let alone NoWEDO (No War Except Defensive Operations). All agricultural products are encouraged to come from close distance national bio-land, collected only when close to full maturity, and no food can in principle be imported when it can be produced locally in best NELA conditions. 


SCIENCES - All sciences must be conditioned by a culture of Beauty, producing only Kallos Beauty, and by an approach called NELA (Natural Earth-Life Approach), while all new technology (like civic smart phones, or commercial aviation chemtrails, or military HAARP) must be approved first in concept, before development, on the basis of the existing COGIPAS (Code Of Goodness In Products And Services), that is approved as "GOOD" for people's overall wellness, with all essential information pre-provided to the public at large, in an OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) way, and then, when finally produced, re-approved for final conformity to their original goodness concept before they can be marketed, sold or put in use.


See more: NAS Reform Clarifications



CAD REFORM  =     Citizenship And Decorum (12/12)


Full TruthOcracy compliance is coined with the acronym

from which this reform is tied mainly to the
B component.


In a TruthOcracy, the holding of national citizenship and the related passport are never an automatic permanent right, but only a meritorious privilege, both in terms of their original acquisition and of their possible loss for criminality, or even for only a serious lack of proper decorum in personal or social behavior, leading to the necessity to acquire a national or foreign stateless document, or another nationality, for any easy travelling outside the country.


CITIZENSHIP - In a TruthOcracy, citizenship (and the corresponding passport) is a privilege that is not acquired automatically by sole birth except when the two genitors are citizens with residence in the country or with justification to be living abroad temporarily, and it can also be most easily lost, along with the corresponding national passport, for reasons of criminality, including the simple crime of not respecting the new legal voting duty without justification for 3 times consecutively in national elections, thus preventing those without citizenship and national passport to travel abroad except for humanitarian reasons or family reunification purposes using another passport or special travel document. 


DECORUM - A TruthOcracy is officially a-religious and has a unique concept of morality and "Good Manners" applying in particular, as its decorum, to all types of officials, be they typically government, religious and police officials. It also applies differently to all its common citizens, attempting to maintain a good level of neatness and elegance based on the best Greco-Roman roots of good manners originating from the best ELL culture and its philosophy of virtue. Prostitution is legal and its use encouraged to in order to prevent private sexual violence as much as possible, but only as long as it is fully SELCAD (Sexual Enjoyment Life Civic Activity Decorum) compliant. Overall, from a spiritual point of view (not a religious point of view), a TruthOcracy also encourages all its people, officials or not, to be Jospelians to adjust their moral conduct and manners, which is acceptable, as it is a-religious, in that it does not refer to any kind of institutional religion, only to a super godlike Entity of love and forgiveness on a basis of Truth.

See more: CAD Reform Clarifications



The above 12 cumulative reforms of TruthOcracy put

together are fully TRISBELAP compliant, and

form a beautiful palace of the happiest

possible civic life, animated by a

powerful terrestrial Torus of

the most creative energy

The TruthOcrat be guided by a great feeling of love for all of living Planet Earth

With a fully implemented TruthOcracy the TruthOcrats try to enforce the highest levels of civilization in all fields of human activity, whereby, as much as humanly possible, ideology no more destroys philosophy; Government no more destroys freedom; Money no more destroys governance; Politicians no more destroy honesty; Corporations no more destroy democracy; School no more destroys education; Education no more destroys virtue; University no more destroys knowledge; Media no more destroy information; Religions no more destroy spirituality; Pollution no more destroys environment; Doctors no more destroy health; Lawyers no more destroy justice; Architects no more destroy harmony; Artists no more destroy beauty; etc.
All are educated to develop their best virtuous  potential
while also working for the Good of "We The People",
for the legitimate Pride of "All of Us The Nation",
and the Oneness Wellness of
"Living Earth".

All those not practicing Tetractys Virtues,
and all officials not
Otatfog compliant,
are knowingly severely penalized
on a just meritocratic basis.





An Area or Environment of ELL Culture of Pythagorean Descent.

A Return of a Philosophy of Virtue from Enlightened Logos.

Enlightened Logos Breeds Virtue and Beauty.

Beauty Breeds Love which Breeds Truth.

Truth Breeds Liberty that Sets us Free.

 This Freedom Leads to Happiness,

 as much as Humanly Possible

on Beautiful Planet Earth.



PythagorArium is, first and foremost, a unique type of university,

preparing all its students not only as best professionals,

but also, at the same time, as most virtuous citizens,

with the finest possible holistic formation of their human soul, at the

three fundamental common levels of their Pythagorean Tetractys,

while promoting, through these students, and also non-student associated members, the


 culture, and consequently also


as a

Despotic Truth-Protectorate

or, more simply said, a




Truth does not fear death,

only life without Truth.

Men want to love but can only love

those to whom they can tell the Truth.



"In a time of universal deceit,

 telling the truth is a revolutionary act".

- George Orwell -


"All Truth passes through  three stages:

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as self-evident".

 - Arthur Schopenhauer -


"The safest general characterization

 of the European philosophical tradition

 is that it consists only of a series of footnotes to Plato".

- A.N. Whitehead -


“It is no measure of mental health

to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”.

- Krishnamurti -


“If liberty means anything at all,

it means the right to tell people

what they do not want to hear”.

- George Orwell -


"None are more hopelessly enslaved than

those who falsely believe they are free".

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out

who you are not allowed to criticize

– Voltaire –


 Plato's Fundamental Message

The highest function of governance in a country

is to provide education to Truth and Virtue

so that people can best self-govern.

- This is what we call: TruthOcracy -

- This is what we call: ELLducation -


Dream, Build and Defend


> Joy, Enlightened Liberty, Beauty And Truth, As Civitas <


"Rest not.  Life is sweeping by; go and dare before you die.

Something mighty and sublime, leave behind to conquer time.

... Dream no small dreams,  for they have no power

to move the hearts of men".

 - Goethe -


be a joyful and devoted






In a Nutshell


The PythagorArium is a unique self-financing superior education institute of holistic virtuous personal formation that promotes a revival of the ancient ELL culture of Enlightened Liberty for the return of a form of Civitas based on the philosophical concepts of Joy, Liberty, and Truth, not to mention the consequential Kallos Beauty. We sometimes call this formation in an abbreviated way, as JATAC, where 'Joy" is intended as the purest form of love. The full name of the new Civitas pursued through this revival is called: JELBATAC (Joy, Enlightened Liberty, Beauty And Truth As Civitas), with the integrated 'ELL' marking clearly its special origin and base in the great ELL culture. To achieve this purpose, the PythagorArium acts in two ways: as a University (or rather an Academy called more formally the PythAcademia), and as an Association (called the PythAssociation), with each of its members called and formed to become a JELBATAC Animator, or an JELBATACA, in addition to being a top quality professional in a chosen field of activity. However, the role of holistic virtuous education of the PythagorArium is to be intended exclusively in a traditional philosophical sense. In spite of some of its symbols, it has absolutely nothing to do with any institutional religion, nor any kind of new age movement.


N.B. - The project could not yet be launched for the following reasons.



AcademiaAs a university, the mission of the PythAcademia is unique. Its students, once selected, live free of charge, under contract, in a fulltime boarding school, under a strong internal discipline, in a well protected environment. Its university faculties lead to the acquisition of a full and regular university degree, but with additional marks of competence.  To graduate, in addition to acquiring a regular university degree, they must also acquire, cumulatively, a holistic virtuous formation of at least the first 3 of the 4 levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. This is the primary objective of the Academy, thus the name PythagorArium (and PythAcademia for its Academy) for the overall project.


 The unique PythAcademia formation is intensely holistic in 7 cumulative ways, as part of what we call ELLducation.


1 - Physically, they have to participate in at least one group sport, but also master EthoPlay and practice EthoJudo.

2 - Morally, they are taught the seven levels of virtues defined by philosophy, but trained in particular in the 4 cardinal virtues of Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude and Justice.

3 - Intellectually, whatever their faculty of choice might be, they also have to study some philosophy, as it was invented, as a virtuous way of living, in particular, as a minimum, The Republic by Plato. This also includes the promotion of an absolute full right of opinion and speech, as long as it is not a lie, and it is a truth, as embarrassing as it may be, or a firm conviction based on clear hints of truth, as ideas that are expressed without any physical violence.

4 - Musically, they have to try to master at least one musical instrument, and/or sing in the choir of the Academy, let alone participate in occasional recitals for an invited public. As such, they also help serve the public of the two components of the campus open to the public at large with some entertainment that is used to produce the self-financing of the Academy.

5 - Professionally, they must acquire their regular university degree with, as an additional graduating requirement, a special knowledge on the related sciences called NELAS (Natural Earth-Life Approach Sciences) corresponding to the basic science of each their own field. Furthermore, they also have to acquire some skills of Civitas Management, also as an additional specialization required for graduation.

6 - Civically, the additional skills in Civitas Management they have to acquire are based on the Return of Philosophy to Improve Civic Management, but 'philosophy' as PhilosophELL. As such, students become 'doubly' professionals: in their own field, and also as Civitas Managers. This improved civic management and behavior is well reflected in the fact that the students wear the uniform of the Academy at all times, even outside the Academy. After they leave the PythAcademia, they can still wear the uniform but, in any case, they must always wear discretely an identifying PythagorArium bracelet on their right wrist. That bracelet must be worn proudly in all circumstances for the rest of their life, or certainly for as long as they keep their membership to the PythAssociation.

7 - Nutritionally, except for a small amount of their food, and at very strict conditions, students live basically on a biological vegetarian alimentation cultivated on the extended campus. They also have to take turns, with a minimum of hours, in helping producing their self-sustaining amount of best bio food, and to learn how to take best care of the many animals living on the extended campus for food or pleasure.

- - The snowballing effect and end-result of this most comprehensive holistic formation in seven comprehensive ways is what we call ELLducation


AssociationAs an association, the mission of the PythAssociation is also unique. Its members, including its students, become long-term promoters and advocators of a new form of democracy called EthoCracy, or EthoKratïa but, in its full implementation, called TruthOcracy. This is a new and unique form of public governance based on Truth at its very core, called OTATFOG and a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) as opposed to a simple electoral program that is never, or rarely respected after elections. The BEC is absolutely mandatory, and no surprise can ever exist anymore, after elections, in terms of legislation or taxation. The new structure of governance includes two new State Powers above the current 3 of the Trias Politica of most democracies, as defined by Montesquieu. As such, it becomes a Pentas Politica (5 State powers) in certain circumstances, but operates mostly as a Tetras Politica (4 State Powers) on a regular basis. Consequently its brand new structure of governance is not called a parliament, and it is well summarized in this PDF card calling it TetractArium instead of Parliament. No parliamentarians are needed, nor any permanent embassies abroad, only reinforced consulates. The governance cannot borrow money or have any kind of debt: it only issues its own money as asset-debt-free-money. No income tax is needed, only property tax and dual-sales-tax accruing pension contributions on both sides of each of the transactions, with the word "Sales" being interpreted here in its more comprehensive DAFTATAP sense in the context of the GUDFOMAPAST EthoPrinciple. Be it clear that Both Income Tax and public Debt-Money are eliminated as enslaving tools. Welfare is totally revamped on a basis of extended family as much as possible, and is supplemented by a cheap system of PAJ (Private Alternative Justice) for private interpersonal conflicts. No membership in any international organization is possible unless it offers full transparency of accounting, just like the one offered by a basic EthoCracy or, when fully implemented, a TruthOcracy. Through its members, PythagorArium also promotes what it calls ProRacialism, and constructive patriotism, for each beautiful nation, and/or pure race, that exists on planet Earth, each in their own most natural environments, as much as possible, with least possible melting pots of destructive multiculturalism. It also promotes new ways of improving language communications worldwide, at 3 levels, called EthoSpeak: better National Languages, a new universal Auxiliary Language of its own elaboration, called EthoGloso, for easy, immediate and efficient basic communications anywhere, worldwide, and the revival of Katharevousa, as the Best Master Language that ever existed in the last 5000 years, for communications at the most possible level of perfection.



Beautiful and aromatic lavender, standing in an orderly manner, as a symbol of the

 powerful co-creative positive influence on surrounding persons that can be effected

 by the attractive scent of the souls of those with a Tetractys in virtuous good order.


ELLducation produces best Tetractys 'soul-order' at all 3 of its granted common levels.

 This holistic education empowers souls as co-creators of Kallos Beauty in all actions.

Such beauty creates the path for souls to possibly reach the 4th level of wisdom, thus

reach EDDEL, or ELC happiness in the only form possible on this beautiful Planet Earth,

and eternal happiness in presence of DELLA without need for reincarnations.



Preliminary Information


Most people today live in a DDD (Dogma, Debt and Disinformation) matrix that blinds them from seeing reality, and makes them live in a state of fear and submission in front of a surrounding power that they cannot clearly identify or understand. That DDD matrix is created and maintained mainly by the rich, but enslaved owners of the very powerful modern mainstream media on behalf of their own enslaving DADMasters in the background. The DDD matrix stands on two main crutches of complete falsity.

1-- The first crutch of falsity of the DDD matrix has to do with culture and politics. It is the fact that we are made to believe that we live in a democracy. We strongly believe that our leaders are elected by us, when in fact they are selected, i.e. preselected, before the holding of apparently democratic elections, by others. These "others" include the discrete owners of the powerful mainstream media maintaining the matrix for whom the front anchormen of these media are only obedient puppets. As a result, the electors who believe they are free, because of supposedly democratic elections, are, after elections, only the lower servants of the false higher pubic servants who have been preselected for elections by their masters. Consequently, without realizing it, the electors are the lower slaves of the owners of the false higher slaves called public servants. As an end result, democracy, as we know it, exists only to keep the double level of slaves believing they are free.

2-- The second crutch of falsity of the DDD matrix has to do with fear and economics. The whole world today is convinced they are living in a crisis that, for a number of reasons, is inevitable and cannot be readily blamed on anybody specifically. People are certainly vaguely conscious that they are being pushed into a deep economic crisis, more serious than never before in the history of humanity, because it is global for the first time. However, what is important to understand is that this economic crisis is not happening by accident, or by mistake, or through incompetence. Rather the opposite. It is happening by plan. This well-designed plan is to make most people poorer, in order to make the rich people even richer in the end, more than ever before, while the latter is not exploiting mainly the lowest class anymore, as slaves, for this purpose, but exploiting the best of the middle class, as a brand new class of better productive slaves for this purpose. If it were not for the pursuit of this ugly purpose, the economic crisis could be resolved very easily at world level. But, more than money, what is being pursued, by the masters, is power, world power, a global world power that is now possible for the first time in the history of humanity.

-- The two above tools, the fake democracy, on the political or cultural side, and the accompanying fake crisis, on the economic side, are combined in a plan that is so malicious in its selfish objectives that, as a minimum, it can only be described as demonic, if not satanic. In fact, this well concerted plan is led by what we can call a Luciferian Union of pervert members of the highest echelons of the 3 main monotheistic religions and their economic acolytes. For convenience, we often call it the LUZJIP Power (Luciferian Union of some Zionist [Jews], Jesuit [Christians], and Islamist [fundamentalist Muslims] Perverts). This power is formed by so-called 'elites', at the highest echelons of the 3 main components, acting deceitfully in the background, who then use the corrupted politicians as their main puppets in the foreground, in order to implement their Luciferian plan of world domination. Be it clear that this power has nothing to do with most normal Jews, or most normal Christians or most normal Muslims, as these masses of simple people have no idea of the satanic plan involved on the part of the higher echelons of their respective religious denominations acting with their corrupted acolytes on the economic side. However, if the fake democracy, and the combined fake economic crisis, form 'a plan', that 'plan' is only a part of a Greater Plan, usually called the Master Plan, or what we often call MOWOP (Master One-World-Order Plan), and not an end to itself. It is only a means, not an end. The real purpose is to use the fake democracy and the horrific fake economic crisis together, to foment social barbarism, and thus the destruction of the strong traditional or national values at the base of best social order in most countries. The destruction of these values in turn becomes the main tool to facilitate the implementation of another crisis, much more catastrophic than just the economic one. It brings in a cultural crisis of even more social nihilistic barbarism, as the most important tool of the Master Plan. The two types of crisis, economic and cultural, are designed, on purpose, to work well together in order to more easily enslave people, economically and culturally, in order to achieve an easier world domination through a One-World-Government. This kind of global enslavement can only be dismantled, gradually, country by country, through the use of a new form of real democracy that we have called TruthOcracy. As the greatest of masters once said: "Only Truth Will Set You Free".


JFK to expose enslavementFor the first time in history, enslavement for world domination is destined to, or done through, not the lower class any more, but achieved through the middle class in particular, as this is the most productive class. It is the most independent class and, as such, the most difficult one to dominate and enslave. However, the middle class is also the most precious to the elites, as it is the one producing most taxes for the coffers of the elites. Ironically, it is also the most precious because it is the one also producing most debt, as debt is always, in final instance, a credit owed to the elite class, and guaranteed by taxes of the enslaved citizens. Enslaving the middle class, instead of the lower class, is what the great dissident Bezmenov quite rightly called, before the USSR collapsed, for the need of a new "Fresh Start" of Communism more to the west (in Europe and USA).  Consequently, for the "New Communism" to succeed, the middle class has to be enslaved to produce as much debt as possible, and consequently as much taxes as possible, but not destroyed, as this would be killing the chickens producing the golden eggs consumed by the elites seeking world domination. That middle class has to be kept producing, as much as possible, both men and women equally, but enslaved to the point of bare survival, through debt and taxes, with as less as possible money left in its pockets after paying bills and taxes. In addition, the moral and patriotic values of this enslaved middle class have to be destroyed in order to avoid revolt, through a new and decadent culture of nihilism, let alone also a massive immigration of inassimilable populations that already grew up within a culture of enslavement. This is where the cultural crisis must come in to help the economic crisis in the global enslavement process that has already been well formulated by many elite intellectuals in the past, like those behind the infamous Kalergi Plan, regarding the formation of the Eurasian-Negroid Race of the future, similar in its appearance to the brownish Ancient Egyptians (or should we say similar to what President Obama has made the whole world accustomed to, if this is a sneaky no-coincidence of the NWO), to replace the beautiful diversity of peoples [in the various European nations], not to mention the earlier and more vicious plan called the Lighthouse Of the East regarding de destruction of Greece more specifically, culturally, economically and geographically. As for the lower class in the western world, it is already fully enslaved through excessively unmeritorious social welfare benefits and the confortable and passive reception of the blinding propaganda of the TV and media networks owned and controlled by the same Luciferian authors of the Master Plan. Economy CollapseOnly the full enslavement of the middle class can facilitate the advent of global collectivism, and of a One-World Government of dictatorial Fabian Socialism. This world government is meant to be based in Jerusalem in due time, through the not-less-well planned operations of deceit of a fast forthcoming world chaos that they hope to become WWIII : "Out of Chaos, Order". This is the Master Plan. The authors of this greater plan call it more simply, and most deceivingly, the “New World Order”. This new world order is in fact a New World Disorder, as it must involve first, as an essential preliminary requirement, the destruction of all our best national, moral, social, patriotic and family values. This means the destruction of all our best Ethics, through a form of new DDD barbarism stemming from a combination of economic misery, cultural degradation and moral depravation.


This overall dual destruction, economic and cultural, is certainly well assisted, as an additional element of the Master Plan, by a third diabolic instrument: a massive inflow of most extraneous immigration with values that are, save very few exceptions, totally inassimilable and incompatible to ours. This inflow is only apparently "uncontrolled". It is in fact very well controlled, deceitfully planned, and an eminent part of the Master Plan. Such forced, excessive, and conflictive multiculturalism is used to help dilute and dissolve, as much and as quickly as possible, our best values and ethics into a barbaric melting pot of nihilism. It also serves, even more deceitfully, to dissolve the DNA of the main western peoples who have created, and still carry, what remains of our best western values.


This is particularly true of the "Greeks" (or rather the "ELL" people, the "ELLinas", as the word "Greek" does not exists in the "Greek" language). Consequently, this Master Plan involves starting with enslaving Greece, first and foremost Greece, and Greece completely, as this is the country that has given the world its best philosophical light, social values and ethics so far in the history of humanity. As such, in spite of its small size, and its 'insignificant' economy on a world scale basis, little Greece is the most "dangerous" country for the New World Order. Its ancestral ELL culture of liberty still has the best potential to enlighten humanity, once again, and prevents, once more, the final advent of the New World Order. It represents the dangerous culture of freethinking, the culture of the "Idea Exchangers", as opposed to the culture of enslavement of the "Money Changers". This means that Greece has to be squashed first and its DNA of cultural superiority has to be diluted as completely as possible, let alone the total debasement, and possible complete annihilation of its magnificent ELL language of at least 5000 years of continuous ascertained superiority from the surface of the Earth.


In consideration of all the above, it is quite obvious to any cultivated person that these best values, ethics and philosophical light, in the history of humanity, have a clear Pythagorean origin. Thus the need for the PythagorArium Project for their revival. Through Pythagoras and Plato in Greece, but many others later on, like the Medici in Italy, these best values and ethics based on a philosophy of virtue have always survived, so far, in spite of many periods of apparent temporary failure. In between periods of difficulty, they have had  many resurrections already through various degrees and types of Renaissance.  Such new Renaissance today is what the LUZJIP Power of the New World Order is most afraid of. For the same reason, it is also precisely where the PythagorArium Project fits in, and comes forcefully into the global picture, to try to help, once again, in the dramatic situation of today’s world, with a contribution, as small or as big as it may become, to spark and lit a new Renaissance of our best values and ethics, and to effectuate, hopefully successfully this time, the final obliteration of the long-last millennial efforts of the Luciferian LUZJIP Power to ultimately achieve our global DDD enslavement. 


For these reasons, the PythagorArium project has to do, first and foremost, as a base, with a brand new type of holistic personal formation. As an educational institution, at its core, in addition to forming normal processionals at university level, the PythagorArium is, at the same time, an institute for the virtuous formation of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul, for both its students and for its non-student members. It does so through improved holistic education based on the ELL culture, called ELLducation, and through a thorough initiation to the knowledge, promotion and implementation, of an improved form of direct participative democracy based on Truth, called TruthOcracy OTATFOG virtuous governance or, in short, a TruthOcracy. This ethocratic virtuous governance is achieved through a brand new structure of 5 State Powers, with OTATFOG at its core, as a "Pentas Politica", instead of the traditional 3 of the current "Trias Politica" of most western countries, as defined by Montesquieu. However, these 5 State Powers operate in normal circumstances as a "Tetras Politica", working in a TetractArium, as summarized in this PDF. In addition, the PythagorArium provides better forms of interpersonal speaking communications, at 3 levels, worldwide, called EthoSpeak. These cumulative elements of formation are used together in order to spread a new type of improved civic living, called EthoLiving or, more simply: El Civitas.


In consideration of the above, this webpage, is a kind of umbrella, or roof over many floors of sub-webpages on the above objectives and background. In spite of its harshly critical approach, the description of this background is not negative, but positive through the solutions it proposes. It has nothing do to either with conspiracy theories. Only with reality. The 4 main purposes of this page are the following:


1/4 --- Its primary purpose is to publish, further down, the Mission Statement of the PythagorArium Project, in 3 main points, as 3 societal reforms to be promoted worldwide, cumulatively, for the spreading of EthoLiving Civitas. The PythagorArium promotes an EthoLiving Civitas that, at its foundation, is based on the ELL culture, and it revives this old culture of best education and civic life in a modern framework of holistic education with a new name: ELLducation. A lifestyle of EthoLiving Civitas is a highly improved way of life, meant to correct our current decadent way of living, improving it from both a human point of view, as a person, and from a civic and a political points of view, as a society, and consequently conditioning positively also a better type of existence for all living entities of all the Life Kingdoms of our beautiful planet Earth. This improvement is based on the "Return Of Philosophy" as PhilosophELL in our life, but the one-and-only great philosophy: the ELL Philosophy as invented by Ancient-Greece, based on a set of virtues as a "philosophical way of life", and best expressed from the time of Pythagoras, around 550 BC, until the end of the Renaissance, around 1650 AD. That line of philosophy was involved most actively, for over 2000 years, in the best educational process, via mainly the so-called "6P" Line of Philosophers, including, in between them, maybe the greatest of all philosophical figures, even if he has never written anything, just like Socrates wrote nothing: the figure of the Grand El Master from Nazareth called Jesus. This PythagorArium Mission Statement is the central part of this webpage. As preliminary information, we will first provide, in the following section, a brief description of the project, a few clarifying words on the philosophy animating it, and some explanations on the meaning of the main features of its logos.


2/4 --- The secondary purpose of this webpage is to define the Propagation Tools this PythagorArium project needs in order to be fully implemented. These tools will include a new kind of political party, a new kind of direct and open democracy and a supporting association of members dedicated to support and propagate the objectives of the PythagorArium. These people, or members, are usually referred to as PELCA (Pythagorean EL Civitas Advocators), either directly within the PythagorArium, or involved in a PythArium or PELCArium at a national level, if not in some other kind of PELCAM (Pythagorean ELL Civitas Mission) duty or movement. The new form of governance involved, when fully implemented, is a TruthOcracy, and the main political party leading and managing it is usually called the PELLPIT.


3/4 ---  The third purpose of this webpage is to provide the background that led to the creation of the PythagorArium and explains its need.  For this purpose, the webpage will offer extensive information on the Background behind the birth of the project, and behind the new culture of ELLJSM that it hopes to propagate as a form of new EthoLiving Civitas, for a better life of all living beings on our beautiful Planet Earth. In its fullest implementation, this new form of Civitas is what we call TruthOcracy. This short background will link to many pages of other websites of ours, with much more extensive material, describing the harsh reality of enslavement we live in today, as also very decadent human beings hiding deceivingly our depravity and dissolution behind very advanced technology. This background study shall also explain the vital and urgent need to implement the 3 reformation measures suggested in our Mission Statement, along with the return and the spreading of the good philosophy of Pythagorean descend animating them. This description of our current reality will be harsh but not punitive, severe but not negative, deprived of any kind of "conspiracy theory", based only on reality, even in cases when that reality may in fact be a real  con$piracy well hidden to the eyes of most people. At its core, the harsh description will be only positive and constructive, as it will be based only on Truth because, once again, as the greatest of masters once said: "Only Truth Will Set You Free".


4/4 --- The fourth purpose of this webpage is to introduce concrete solutions to resolve our harsh situation. The Truth approach we will adopt shall lead us to very positive reforms, through a set of so-called Ten EthoPrinciples of liberating measures on how to improve ourselves and our political situation, both as a person and as a society, how to get rid of our enslavement in the growing DebtOcracy affecting most of us today, the many, worldwide, and the resulting growing global SatanOligarchy of some others over us, the few, but not 'of' us, governing the world behind the scene at the moment. The Truth, as used in a TruthOcracy, will show us how to become the masters of our life and force our leading politicians to be our honest, dedicated, and obedient public servants. As per one of our slogans, Truth will lead us to "Make Down Rule UP! Have Up Serve Down!". As per another slogan of ours, Truth will make us go "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards!".


Expanding the Nutshell


The PythagorArium is a private educational center for providing and promoting, through internal senior education and external membership formation, the tools of a better type of civic  living worldwide, called EthoLiving Civitas; this improved type of living includes a holistic type of education, called ELLducation, a reformed type of democracy, called EthoCracy, or TruthOcracy when fully implemented, and two new tools for best human communication, at both a simple level, called EthoGloso, and at a cultivated level, called Katharevousa. The PythagorArium center is planned as a self-financing and no-profit institution. Its chosen location is on the seaside, some 30 kilometers south of Athens, in Greece. It is, first and foremost, an educational institution intending to mainly provide a unique form of Pythagorean Holistic Tetractys "education" (or what we call ELLducation), as opposed to just the plain "instruction" provided by all universities worldwide at the moment. This is called EthoPlasìn Holistic Education, or more simply ELLducation, taking place at, and spreading from, the EthoPlasìn Academy, also called the PythAcademia, which is its main quarters. It is, second, a center for promoting a brand new type of improved political management based on the ELL culture, called EthoCracy Virtuous Governance or, in short, TruthOcracy when fully implemented, for achieving participative and meritocratic real "democracy", as opposed to the falsely democratic system of "debt-o-cracy", or rather DebtOcracy, as a democracy based on the unnecessary creation of money as debt, instead of as asset. A TruthOcracy only allows, at is core, the creation of money as debt-free asset, and consequently eliminates the main tool of the SatanOligarchy enslaving most of us today, or of the system of deceitful democracy enslaving all of us worldwide at the moment. There is no need for such enslavement to exist and there are ways to change it: ways that are in fact easy for us to implement, if "we the people" want it, doing it democratically and without violence, even if they may seem to be a revolution to those profiting shamefully from the rigged system at the moment.


Last but not least, the PythagorArium promotes a 3-prong strategy of better interpersonal communications worldwide, called EthoSpeak.

-- First, the strategy includes, at the lower level, a new IAL (International Auxiliary Language) of its own, called the EthoGloso Auxiliary Language, as the best common interpersonal communication tool, at a good uncomplicated level, worldwide. That IAL was developed internally, on the basis of an improved and simplified Esperanto, and is thus often called EthoSperanto.

-- Second, at the highest level, the strategy includes the parallel promotion of the revival and spreading of the best educated language that ever existed, which is the Katharevousa Master Language, or the highest level of the modern Greek language, with 5000 years of ascertained continuous superiority, for best worldwide interpersonal communications of a more sophisticated nature.

-- Third, at the middle level, taking advantage of the energies saved from not having to learn too many foreign national languages anymore, the EthoSpeak strategy encourages citizens of all nations to spend some of these saved energies to improve the level of their own national language.


All the above reforms, when enacted together, cumulatively, form a new type of EthoLiving Civitas.


Again, for a quick overview, you can jump directly to the Mission Statement formulated in 3 points following these preliminary comments. For an explanation as to why the PythagorArium was conceived, you can jump to the Background section that follows. For contacting the author of the project, see the Contact section. At the moment however, because of the severe crisis in Greece that would prevent the project to be self-supporting, all activities are suspended until the worst of the crisis is resolved.


The PythagorArium Logos

The logo of the better type of EthoLiving Civitas promoted by the PythagorArium is the one placed at the top of the page. It simply puts well in evidence the major and fundamental  and central role of the "ELL" culture at the basis of the PythagorArium movement, and the equally central role of Truth in all its activities, not to mention the Joy of the related Jospelian movement that stemmed from the main concepts of this culture. Its "Pythagorean" dimension is manifested by the blue triangle (with its 10 internal dots) representing the Pythagorean Tetractys that is placed over the word "EL Civitas". This is the main logo of the overall movement of ELL culture being promoted by the PythAcademia. For the PythAssociation in turn, we have a more specific logo represented to the right. In its higher heaven-blue component, we have, integrated to the big "D", the DEL/PJ Deific Symbols that are explained at the bottom of this page. This is the deific level at the source of our existence. In the lower component, we have the part representing the lower human level of our incarnated souls, thus its blood-red color. Distributed upwards, on an "8" shape that represents the Infinite Source of Good of our existence, we notice the indication of 4 levels, meant to express the 4 levels of holistic Tetractys formation required for our souls to eventually return happily to their deific Source, but on a freewill basis. Our current incarnation takes place precisely as the necessary test of freewill for achieving that return. These 4 levels of holistic Tetractys formation have a Greek Cross at their center, representing the ancient ELL origin of this type of holistic formation based on the Return Of Philosophy as PhilosophELL in our life, but of the philosophy as it was created, i.e. first and foremost as the expression of a set of virtues. These are the 4 levels of the historically famous Pythagorean Tetractys (well represented in a traditional way by the Pythagorean blue triangle with its 10 dots forming 4 levels) with their corresponding 4 Cardinal Virtues to be pursued by all PythagorArium members during their formation. These 4 levels of the human soul include the 3 fundamental platonic areas common to all of us, brought by us at birth at various levels of perfection, and the 4th crowning level that exists, or emerges, only in the persons who, using their freewill, have succeeded in controlling, balancing and harmonizing at best the first three common levels.


The Tetractys

The Pythagorean Tetractys is well graphically represented in its traditional way, in the lower part of the logo, by the 4 levels of the 10 dots located hierarchically within the Pythagorean Blue Triangle. A more traditional representation of the Pythagorean Tetractys appears lower to the right as an hexagon inserted in a ten-dot triangle. In the colored logo, the central Greek “P”, as "Π", represents the "P" of Pythagoras, who is the central symbolic figure of the PythagorArium, along with his specific philosophy conducting to the Pythagorean Way of Life, as the way of life put at the base of what came to be known, in the history of philosophy, as the Pythagorean Man, whose formation in a more modern way is the mission of the PythagorArium. At the same time, it represents graphically the noble “gate” that is necessary to go through in order to access higher knowledge and the level of virtue best achievable by each member on a meritocratic basis. The Greek 'th' letter, as "Θ", appearing on the left side, is traditionally the symbol of Ethics and meritorious social Justice. The Greek letter 'phi', or the 'f'' of 'philosophy', as the “Φ symbol, appearing on the right side, represents Beauty, on the same grounds that the ‘golden number PHI’ has always represented, and still represents ‘harmony’, in both the scientific and artistic realms of the modern world today. The final Greek Omega, as the letter “Ω”, on the bottom side, represents the 'end', as the harmonious completion of the overall PythagorArium project. The top central Alpha letter, as “A”, represents the Apollonian Light of freethinking guiding the whole project. The crowning of the logo by the "EL" (from ELL) acronym means the return of the Philosophy of that ancient ELL culture in all aspects of our life, personal and civic life, and consequently the return of virtues and wisdom, thus beauty, in our overall human behavior and deific co-creations on this beautiful Planet Earth.


Here are the 4 Tetractys levels and Virtues of the Human 'Soul':


(This is only a summary of the levels described more completely in another page)

-- 1 -- The lower level (the Instinctive). This basic level is usually called simply the Body, with its corresponding appetites, to be controlled by the cardinal virtue of  Temperance.  This instinctive side is the so-called Epithymitikon ("ΕΠΙΘΥΜΗΤΙΚΟΝ"), commonly related mainly to questions of sex, food and money, and as such, centered mainly in the lower components of the physical body where the stomach and the sex are located.


-- 2 -- The middle level (the Compulsive). This middle level is usually referred to, simply, as the Soul, with its own passions, to be controlled by the cardinal virtue of Fortitude. This compulsive or spirited side is the so-called Thymoides ("ΘΥΜΟΕΙΔΕΣ"), commonly related mainly to questions of love, anger, fear and courage, and as such, centered mainly in the middle components of the physical body where the solar plexus and the heart are located. 


-- 3 -- The higher level (the Cognitive). This higher level is usually called simply the Spirit, with its desires, to be controlled by the cardinal virtue of Prudence.  This cognitive side is the so-called Loghistikon ("ΛΟΓΙΣΤΙΚΩΝ"), commonly related mainly to questions of power, pride and glory, and as such centered mainly in the higher component of the physical body where the eyes and the brain are located; and finally


-- 4 -- The crowning level (the Sophical). This top level is usually called simply Wisdom, to be expressed mainly with best ethics, and controlled through the cardinal virtue of  Justice. This Sophical part, or wisdom, is the so-called Sophia ("ΣΟΦΙΑ"), like in the word "PhiloSophia", or Philosophy, that means "Love of Wisdom". This crowning level is not granted at birth, but emerges only in the soul of the persons who have already achieved the control, balance and harmonization of the 3 lower levels as an equilibrium between them. It is located into the new bond that this harmonization has formed between the higher planes of the heart and the higher planes of the brain.  


All kingdoms of life have 'souls', albeit at lower levels than the human kingdom.

These are our symbols of the other kingdoms of life



The Return of Philosophy as PhilosophELL

 The PythagorArium is essentially promoting the return of the ELL philosophy as PhilosophELL in our life, both our personal and our civic life, but of the one-and-only great philosophy that was not a pure intellectual exercise, like modern philosophy has reduced itself being, but a philosophy as a "way of living", or a "philosophical way of living" based on a chosen set of virtues, like the philosophy really was for its creators, the ELL people, those that we wrongly call today the 'Ancient-Greeks', using a word, "Greek", that does not exist in the "Greek" language. This was the philosophy created by the main figures of Pythagoras and Plato, not to mention Socrates, and propagated by their successors in the main 6P Line of Philosophers. Clearly, Pythagoras was the most meaningful precursor of that line of philosophy based on virtue and beauty, and the Pythia of Delphi, where the main temple of Apollo is located, prophesied that Pythagoras' pregnant mother would give birth to a man supremely beautiful, wise, and beneficial to humankind. The temple of Apollo in Delphi is the main site of prayer, or rather ELLpray, dedicated to receiving best perceptual Light about human endeavors, or acquiring best DELL (Deific Enlightened Logos Liberty). The Dolphin, our symbol of the Oceanic Kingdom (the 3rd Kingdom of mother nature, from a total of 5 kingdoms below the human level for Pythagorean members), is a symbolic representation of harmonious liberty, and thus of the corresponding beauty of freethinking. As such, both the Double-Epsilon (originally ELLpsilon indicating the ELL culture) to the left, and the Dolphin (shown above), are some of its symbols, and consequently some of the PythagorArium symbols. Young Alexander the Great was formed and animated by such an ELL philosopher of Pythagorean descent, the great Aristotle, and consequently he propagated a new era of great civilization in the known world of his time, some 2300 years ago, spreading a beautiful new ELL culture of harmonious freethinking (too often simply called 'Hellenic', instead of correctly, as 'ELLenic'), that lasted and dominated the old world for a couple of millennia. Young Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy, was also formed and animated by such an ELL Pythagorean tutor, Giovanni Arghiropoulos, and he also launched a great new period of ELL culture and civilization that became known as the Renaissance of that culture centuries later. His chosen motto was "Le Temps Revient", when he celebrated his majority in 1469. He meant "The return of Time", referring to the "period of time" that accompanied the spreading of the greatest form of civilization that ever existed in the history of humanity, the period initiated by the ELL philosophy that formed Alexander the Great who spread it around the known world at the time. This is also the "time" that returned, centuries later, after a period of medieval darkness, under Lorenzo De Medici's leading influence in Florence, as the period of Renaissance. In a similar way today, the PythagorArium is promoting the return of the same kind of "time", albeit in a more modern way, through the return of the ELL philosophy that animated those two great eras. That ELL philosophy can certainly, once again, help save our contemporary world from its incredible current state of decadence from all points of view. That philosophy intrinsically and forcefully calls for a return of Virtues and Wisdom, thus Kallos Beauty, in all aspects of our modern life. Consequently, only a return of that ELL philosophy can save our supposedly advanced modern world from what is deceitfully today only a "time" of complete dissolution and profligacy from a human soul point of view.



This webpage is just a sliver of the tip of an iceberg of information offered by the PythagorArium, but it is a good leading tool to its extensive information.

The PythagorArium main websites are mostly private, for members only.

This short and simple webpage was put online mainly to provide the public Mission Statement of the PythagorArium that follows, in 3 points, and in order of priority.


However, this statement also includes useful links to vital parts of other PythagorArium websites that exist mostly for internal use. These links can guide the readers of the public at large to useful additional information on the thinking and the activities of the PythagorArium from various points of view, be it the Holistic EthoPlasìn Education (or: ELLducation), the EthoCracy Virtuous Governance (called TruthOcracy when fully implemented), the EthoSpeak strategy (with EthoGloso International Auxiliary Language and the Katharevousa Master Language), along with various 0ther history subjects explaining our thinking and activities.



Renaissance Shall Have a New Spring Again

Through the Return of a Philosophy of Virtue and Beauty



EthoLiving Civitas

Budding Beauty


Three Concentric Etho-Reforms for an EthoLiving Civitas

1 - EthoPlasìn Holistic Education (EPHE)

2 - EthoCracy Virtuous Governance (ECVG), or TruthOcracy

3 - EthoGloso Auxiliary Language & Katharevousa Master Language (EG&K)


These three Etho-Reforms applied together form an EthoLiving Civitas.

EthoGloso & Katharevousa are two part of the EthoSpeak Strategy.

EthoLiving Civitas can be implemented with some originality in each country,

with the legitimate proudness of national patriotic uniqueness

used in its spirited and best constructive ProRacialist manner.


EthoLiving Civitas 3 Layers

A following section of the Mission Statement will define the main

EthoLiving Civitas Propagation Tools: PELLPIT, PEK and JELLM



Mission Statement


PythagorArium promotes 3 new societal reforms:


   EthoPlasìn Holistic Education (or: ELLducation)

-- 01.01 --

The EthoPlasìn Academy, or PythAcademia, first and foremost, promotes and provides a neo-classical type of holistic education (or: ELLducation) at university level, instead of only professional instruction like all other universities only do. We have already seen that this ELLducation comprises seven cumulative areas of formation. From another perspective, it can also be said that the PythAcademia provides its holistic ELLducation in five spheres of formation that are cumulatively necessary for graduation purposes. First, it forms the 4 levels of the human soul of its students, as defined by the Human Tetractys of Pythagoras, on the basis of the 4 cardinal virtues of Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice, in order to make the students reach their best possible personal level of human Wisdom (the 5th virtue, and the most difficult one to attain) as the beautiful Adonis and Venus of a new Civitas. Second, it forms its students for 3 to 5 years with the best available knowledge of a regular professional university study in a faculty of their choice. Third, its students must also become Civitas Management Professionals at various levels. Fourth, students must also seriously study music with an instrument of their choice and/or sing in the choir, participating in recitals when required. Fifth, all must practice EthoJudo as a required sport, and also participate in at least one group sport of their choice on a regular basis. This kind of holistic education (or: ELLducation), in 5 spheres cumulatively, is so much different from current contemporary education (or rather lack of it, not to say maleducation), both qualitatively and quantitatively, that there is an imperative need to coin a new word to describe it. Consequently, we do not call it "education", but rather ELLducation, as an education based on the formation of the Tetractys and the other components of the great ELL culture, mainly its original philosophy, as invented, created as first and foremost an expression of a set of virtues. 

-- 01.02 --

The PythAcademia is a mixed school, with both male and female youth students. All scientific instruction of its second sphere of teaching is done in mixed classes of students and teachers. However, some of its teaching is done in separate male and female classes, with a different orientation and content, in particular with regards to the first and third spheres of teaching. Its comprehensive and holistic formation in 5 spheres, cumulatively, is essential to be provided to all youths, males and females, but it is important in particular for the young men in order to counteract the Genocidal Engineering of the Male Man taking place at the moment in the context of the New World Order attempting to enslave all peoples and nations via a global DDD submission process that can be greatly facilitated by a stealthy reduction of resistance, first and foremost through the lowering of the natural levels of testosterone of the young male-men of the current and new generations. And this crime against humanity is already well advanced, as experts can only confirm today that, on average, most young men of the current generation produce only hardly half the sperm of the young men of the same age some 50 years ago. Of course very few people are aware of this crime because all the mass media of the world are all owned and controlled by a small network of the same evil forces of the New World Order that are causing this deliberate crime for achieving more easily their objective of world domination.

-- 01.03 --

Once preselected and admitted at the Academy, the recruits study and live under contract, entirely free of charge, with full room and board, including full uniform clothing, because the PythagorArium is entirely self-financed through two of its components entertaining the public with various sportive and cultural activities taking place in two beautiful adjacent sites on the seaside, located some 30 kilometers south of Athens in Greece. All PythagorArium students must accept joyfully the Academy's severe internal discipline and its strictly NABALSOK vegetarian regime of alimentation. All must also always wear proudly the official uniform, at the Academy, and in all public civic places outside the PythagorArium when they travel abroad or to their home countries, except at places of required casual dressing during private vacations. However, wearing proudly at least their clearly distinctive PythagorArium Bracelet, at all times, is mandatory, in all public and private environments, subject to immediate expulsion under their admission contract.

-- 01.04 --

The full formation of the EthoPlasìn Holistic Education (or: ELLducation) is offered officially only at university level, after age 16, with most students being admitted under contract at age 18. However, the PythAcademia offers guidance and assistance to lower schools that want to better prepare their students, from kindergarten to the end of secondary school, for an eventual admission at the the PythAcademia or at one of its affiliates around the world. Such lower school is called an EthoSchool. Such EthoSchools are not promoted proactively, but assisted responsively after an appropriate request, and the signing of a contract ensuring the respect of a severe set of discipline and teaching methodologies. EthoPlasìn always retains its right to withdraw unilaterally from such contracts when not satisfied with the EthoSchool management or with the ensuing good performance of most of its students.

-- 01.05 --

Last but not least, the university faculties of the PythagorArium are all special or unique in one way. They are all EFAS (Etho-Faculty of Alternative Science), and their teaching is founded on a special approach to all sciences and knowledge called NELA (Natural Earth-Life Approach). The sciences being studied in this way are NELASIn other words, EthoPlasìn specializes in alternative sciences oriented in always creating solutions in the most natural way, for the best benefit of both nature and man, in facing and resolving problems of architecture, engineering, medicine etc. This of course does not prevent at all the students at the PythAcademia to become regular doctors, engineers or architects, but only gives them an additional vision on what is the best ethocratic way to face all situations, and to conceive all projects, or solutions to problems, in the way that is always the most respectful of NEL (Natural Earth-Life), being earth life at whatever level of the 4 kingdoms of mother nature. Consequently, the word "alternative" here does not mean outright and systematic replacement of traditional scientific teaching, but rather a constant intent to always go for the most natural or biological alternative approach in facing scientifically any kind of situation. This NEL approach even applies to best possible civic life, in that all professionals studying at the PythAcademia must also become Civitas Managers at various levels, as an additional requirement for their graduation. All of this of course is also to be considered part of the holistic education (or: ELLducation) mentioned above, based on the primary formation of the 4 levels of the soul on the student as defined by the Pythagorean Human Tetractys

-- 01.06 --

You can read here a SUMMARY of the sophisticated activities of the EthoPlasìn Academy and its holistic system of Education (or: ELLducation) in 5 comprehensive spheres. You can find more specifically some interesting elements of its philosophy in its page about Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics. For a full and comprehensive information, go to:



   EthoCracy Virtuous Governance (or: TruthOcracy)

-- 02.01 --

The PythagorArium promotes EthoCracy, also called EthoKratïa, or TruthOcracy in its full implementation, as a much improved type of democracy. This new kind of civic and/or political governance, is also based on the Pythagorean Tetractys, just like the EthoPlasìn Education but, this time, on its version called the Political Tetractys. The Tetractys of a TruthOcracy is meant to have the societal structure of a country go "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards", allowing citizens to dismantle their enslavement at the bottom of the pyramid, and to finally command forcefully the members of the government, at the top of the pyramid, forcing all of them to become obedient public servants, either as elected or as selected public servants under a new Arium Election System.

-- 02.02 --

This type of governance originates from a new Tetras Politica, instead of the traditional Trias Politica of Montesquieu, or from a new Arium Structure of 4 main State Powers, called a TetractArium, instead of the traditional 3 State Powers. The "Information Power" of the mass media did not exist until a few years ago. It does in a TruthOcracy, but as a new state power fully dedicated to exposing the lies or the mistakes of the executive, and not as a mouthpiece of the executive. Unfortunately it now exists as probably the most powerful power of new societies, over and above the 3 traditional State Powers, but essentially as a mouthpiece of the executive, which is a complete treason of what its real mission should be. It has to become the 4th State Power, but only as a 4th state power that can freely and powerfully expose all the lies and mistakes of the other three state powers, let alone their possible corruption. It must not/not be at the service of the government. It must be only at the service of the people, like the other traditional State Powers are supposed to be, even if this does not happen anymore most of the time. The new Information Power of the current era, once in an TruthOcracy, is no more private, nor public: it is independent. It is added as the 4th State Power, but in full independence from the 3 traditional State Powers, and also independent from all corporative private interests. Is is a watchdog of all information, both public and private, to ensure the population is only provided with Truth Information on the basis of the OTATFOG EthoPrinciple. That additional new State Power of a basic EthoCracy, or a fully implemented TruthOcracy, is called the TinformArium. With this new power, the information professionals can no more be mouthpieces of the government, nor be afraid of exposing people or embarrassing situations; rather the opposite: it becomes their duty, and a duty to be proud of, with full protection of the appropriate tools and laws of the TruthOcracy, and with no easy corrupting revolving doors between that new State Power and the 3 other traditional ones. Only the LeaderArium of an EthoCracy or a TruthOcracy can, and must, intervene if it feels, or if a growing number of citizens feel, that the TinformArium is no more fully independent from all political and private interests. The "Truth" is the foundation of an EthoCracy, or in particular of a TruthOcracy that has to be always fully OTATFOG compliant, but it is not only in terms of telling the truth to all citizens, describing openly, freely, and even most critically, all activities of the government, but also about exposing the powerful private entities trying to influence the government and, most eminently, about telling the truth about what might be the stealthy objectives and intentions of the leaders managing government, and of their eventual masters up in the international or supra-national organizations above them. This means the expression of the ELL culture of Freewill Based On Truth. As a most important figure of world history from that ELL culture once rightly said, as a master who never created a religion, contrary to what the political correctness has wanted us to believe for two thousand years: "The Truth Will Set You Free". And only the whole truth will set you free. In the context of the PythagorArium project, that truth is eminently in terms of exposing the current new LUZJIP Power, or ZioZuit Power, and how that new power is also using, too easily and stealthily, the too many radical Muslims, using these radicals as useful idiots, for achieving its evil purposes of DDD enslavement and full world domination, without their unsuspecting radical acolytes realizing their hidden role, nor the public at large, because the world mass media are now completely controlled and filtered by a small network of the same LUZJIP forces that are misusing these radicals.

-- 02.03 --

Through the link closing this second section, the PythagorArium provides an essay with a comprehensive study of the new concept of EthoCracy or a TruthOcracy: in PART I of the essay, it recalls at length, and analyses in details, the history and the nature of our false democracy that is really only a tyrannical debtocracy, enslaving all of us at the moment, under what we call the new LUZJIP Power, or ZioZuit Power; In PART II of the essay, it defines the Ten EthoPrinciples and reforms that are necessary to go from democracy to EthoCracy or, to a fully implemented TruthOcracy. A TruthOcracy is somewhat similar to a full presidential system, but much improved from the point of view of the citizens voting their 'president', called a GovernAriant, who manages not a government but a GovernArium that is part of a TetractArium of four main State Powers.

-- 02.04 --

On the basis of the Ten EthoPrinciples at the foundation on a TruthOcracy, the GovernAriant is fully tied to a BEC (a fully-four-way-Binding Electoral Contract) from which he cannot deviate without being dismissed immediately: no more lies are possible, nor any surprise after election in terms of new legislation or taxation, on the part of the GovernAriant, for what concerns the electoral program on the basis of which he was elected. The only possible exceptions related to emergency or to unpredictable events are handled through the auxiliary OBECOF system. Public finances are also fully transparent and can be controlled by all citizens online, as easily as their own personal bank accounts. In particular, a TruthOcracy as a country has absolutely no/no borrowing power of any kind, and thus can never have any kind of debt: it can only use money from property and sales tax, or issue its own fresh new no-debt money through the NAMA of its MonetArium. In other words, a TruthOcracy has no/no income tax system, and uses only PASTO (Property And Sales Tax Obligation) money as taxation, and only debt-free additional fresh money under appropriate control when required.

-- 02.05 --

The absolute originality of this new taxation system is that the sales tax itself is paid half and half by the buyer and the seller, and a part of it, on both sides, becomes the only way to accumulate contributions for a regular pension over and above an eventual minimal social pension. This is consequently a formidable incentive to pay it, and on both sides of the transactions involved, let alone a huge incentive to get rid of the black economy, and an equivalent relief to employers who can finally hire more easily for having a smaller burden of social contributions to pay to a dilapidating government. Another fundamental characteristic is that a TruthOcracy is POSATAP in spirit, or very patriotic and meritocratic in its approach to all situations, problems and solutions. A TruthOcracy also implements an absolute freedom of opinion, as long as it is FOLIPET, or the non-violent expression of a truth, or of even only a firm conviction, as embarrassing as that truth or that conviction may be for anyone. Under that system, even what is called today hate speech, or racism, can be expressed freely, as long as it is FOLIPET. A TruthOcracy also implements a new system of social welfare mainly as a type of "Extended Family Welfare". Associated to a new system of "Extended Family Wellness", and to the related benefits offered to extended family members using it, a TruthOcracy, through its new JudicArium and its so-called EFWELL (Extended Family Wellness) system, implements also a new system of light private justice, the EFWAPAJ (...Private Alternative Justice), reducing the costs, and the useless use of many resources, of the regular, lengthy and expensive Public Justice system, in the resolution of many conflictive interpersonal situations. A TruthOcracy is also very strong on best ecological management at the levels of each of the 4 kingdoms of mother nature, let alone the 4th one at the social level.


Only TruthOcracy can prevent our global enslavement

See the Ten background EthoPrinciples of an EthoCracy

See the Twelve Final Reforms of a TruthOcracy

(Some LUZJIP enslavers reluctantly appear in the foreground, but they all try to operate only deceitfully in the background)


Since the Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1965,

clearly crowned by the fraudulent election of the New World Order Pope Francis,

the one-and-only ZioZuit Power for our global enslavement

 through DDD and SET has been fully formed and

expresses its power at its best through tools

like the EU, the UN and TTT, not to

mention the Vatican as of late.

They are now close to full

omnipotence. Unless...

-- 02.06 --

The above paragraphs express only a few examples of the main reforms leading to the establishment of a full EthoCracy Virtuous Governance or a TruthOcracy when fully implemented. Consult the Ten EthoPrinciples section of our EthoPlasìn website for more details. These EthoPrinciples are meant to combat, and reverse, our DDD and SET enslavement being achieved at the moment through the New World Order, with its new slaves not being the members of to the low class anymore but, for the first time in history, being the members of a global slavery achieved through the productive middle class, through the concurrent criminal debt-money system of private central banks imposed on all members of that middle class, through the accompanying income tax system created only to stealthily pay the resulting public-debt composed of only debt-money borrowed unnecessarily by governments, and through a new and equal forced participation of women in the labor force as additional tax payers, now on a par basis with men, with most destructive results for the family, but rendered necessary for achieving the current system of slavery that is the best, most complete, and most efficient that ever existed for the masters in the history of humanity. Consequently, the unproductive low-class is now well and not revolting, because of the ever growing benefits they enjoy without working from the social welfare, and the parasite high class is also better than ever before, and not sabotaging, because of the huge benefits it enjoys from the corporate welfare.

-- 02.07 --

The Rat-Race Of Enslavement

A Fake Free World with a Hidden Slavery Through the Middle Class

EthoPlasìn Holistic Tetractys Education (or: ELLducation)

Ten EthoPrinciples of an EthoCracy-TruthOcracy

-- 02.08 --

This social pyramid is a perfect scam. This contemporary deceitful enslavement, done through the middle class instead of the low class, and inclusive of women on a par basis with men, is definitely the most perfect form of slavery that ever existed, as these productive slaves now have to also maintain themselves instead of being maintained by their masters. In addition, these new slaves of the middle class are so busy, working hard to produce wellness for the low social welfare class, and even more wealth for the high corporate welfare class, that they do not have time left to think and to realize their enslavement status. Furthermore, for the little time they have left, after their long and hard working hours, these new slaves of the middle class are inundated by the disinformation of the network of mainstream mass media, owned and controlled by the same corporate class fooling them, convincing them, through powerful social engineering, that they are living in a democracy, and that they enjoy the best freedom and prosperity that one can enjoy in such a democratic system. Consequently, they have no idea that they live in a completely false democracy, as a political system that is only a harsh debtocracy for mainly the middle class, or the most productive class. And they have no idea either that they could live, much better and much more justly, under a Virtuous EthoCracy Governance, in particular within a fully implemented TruthOcracy.

-- 02.09 --

That system will not be reversed in our society, From Slavery Downwards to Slavery Upwards, until we become fully aware of its deception, and until we apply the Ten EthoPrinciples of a TruthOcracy to our public governance. The deception will however be difficult to dismantle as, in the meantime, even the women have the impression, through the politically correct, that the Women Liberation Movement has freed them from their previous enslavement as house and family keepers when, as such, most of them were living much more easily and happily than they do today. Both men and women now have the conviction that they live more freely than ever before, while they are both more and better enslaved than ever before. What an incredible success, as a fabricated deception, on the part of the masters of the new LUZJIP Power!

-- 02.10 --

For full and comprehensive analytical information on this subject, including the long history, from its beginning, of the highly oppressive situation that we are in at the moment, in our false democracies, and consequently to also find out specifically the Ten Reforms that are necessary to get rid of the debtocracy enslaving all of us, and to establish an EthoCracy, or a fully implemented TruthOcracy, go to:



   EthoSpeak (EthoGloso Auxiliary Language & Katharevousa Master Language)

-- 03.01 --

This two-prong strategy of language improvement, worldwide, with EthoGloso (also called EthoSperanto) and Katharevousa, is often called simply: EthoSpeak. As an improvement of language communications, worldwide, at two levels, it is called WESA (World EthoSpeak Advancement). This two-prong strategy is in fact part of a three-prong strategy, encouraging people to also improve their own national language, through the energy and time they may have saved in not having to learn so many other foreign national languages. The PythagorArium ultimately promotes, as the cultivated world language of best choice, the highest level of modern Greek, the so-called Katharevousa. Consequently, and logically, it also promotes, at its Academy in particular, for some of its students, the study of Ancient Greek, as the mother-source of Katharevousa, because its study constitutes an ideal intellectual and cultural exercise. In fact, that level of Greek, or more properly of the ELL language, or "ELLENIKA", as it is properly called in Greece, where the word "Greek" does not exist, is the most perfect language that ever existed in the known history of mankind, certainly in the Western World. It is not only so today, with an incomparable amount of millions of erudite words already assisting the vocabulary of most modern languages but, most amazingly, it was already so 5000 years ago, before Homer even wrote his Iliad and Odyssey (some 2300 BC according to the latest archeological research). Consequently, the language of at least 4300 years ago was written in the most elevated and sophisticated content and style of language, at a very early time when all other peoples on Planet Earth were still only babbling primitively with, at most, the knowledge of a few hundred basic words. The LUZJIP Wikipedia and the Wikipedian historians of the last generations place Homer at about 800 BC, but this is a recent LUZJIP deformation of history. The LUZJIPs, and all the JudiChrIslam culture, will now always try to hide the fact that Homer lived much before their common leading ancestor and grand master, Abraham, who they claim was born around 1813 BC, and who is supposed to be the origin of all our best earthly JudiChrIslam culture. But the ELL culture is much more ancient, definitely superior, or at least preferable, in as much as it is the only "religion/culture" that is not DDD enslaving, and every year more and more archeological evidence confirm that it may date back at least to some 11000 years ago, as the origin of what is our fundamental "Greco" culture, and of what eventually became our Greco-Roman culture. That best culture of democracy and freethinking is Greco-Roman, and not Judeo-Christian. The so-called Judeo-Christian culture, not to mention the JudiChrIslam culture overall, is clearly a culture of DDD submission and enslavement. In contrast, the ELL (Greek) culture of freethinking and democratic liberty is the only real origin of the best of what we became and acquired from a creative civilization point of view. It is probably because that Greco-Roman ELL culture has shed so much shade on the DDD Judeo-Christian culture, over a couple of millennia, that the JudiChrIslam culture is trying to destroy it today, starting with Greece that has to be dismantled first, not only destroying its economy but, first and foremost, if at all possible, extinguishing for ever its bothering culture of freethinking, along with the high Katharevousa level of its language that has at least 5000 years of ascertained continuous superiority. Cicero once said, around 40 BC, as one of the greatest Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator, political theorist, consul and constitutionalist of the history of mankind: "If the Gods speak between themselves, they must be using Greek", or what is Katharevousa today. In the same line of thinking, to paraphrase Bill Gates, as the head of Microsoft, one could say today that "If the most sophisticated computers must speak a human language, it must be Greek, as only in the Greek language there are no limits". But for the best new generations of computers to use Greek (or rather ELinika, the language of the ELL people who were never called 'Greeks' before their independence in 1821, except by the Turks who occupied their country for 450 years, because the words 'Greece' or 'Greek' do not exist in their own language. The word 'Greek', or 'Grecos', meant basically a 'serving slave' of the Turks), the best cultivated people must obviously speak it first. And the best level of the Greek language is the Katharevousa promoted by the PythagorArium. The value, continuity and superiority of that language, demonstrated stably, over thousands of years, before and after Cicero, as the best possible human communication tool, and recognized today by a prominent person like Bill Gates, is the clear valid reason for its necessary revival today.

-- 03.02 --

The JudiChrIslam culture today is actively trying to make Katharevousa disappear, even with the help of their Greek acolytes within Greece itself. The massive wild Arabic immigration in Greece is part of this strategy, and may be the final tool to make sure Katharevousa disappears completely, as already only few people in Greece itself speak Katharevousa, and they are all of the older generations. If it disappears during the next generation, it will be, culturally speaking, the greatest loss of any communication tool, or language, that humanity has ever developed. Katharevousa should be put immediately on the UNESCO list of World Heritage, but there is little, or rather no hope for this to happen, as the same mainly LUZJIP forces that are squashing Greece economically at the moment, and destroying it culturally, are also completely dominating the UN and UNESCO and have infiltrated the Greek governance in all of its key positions. Of course, the ultimate promotion and revival of Katharevousa is obviously an ideal that is not realistically possible to attain in a global way, certainly not easily nor quickly, for most contemporary common people who feel continuous frustration with much easier foreign languages when travelling abroad. Nevertheless, its preservation should be protected by the highest authorities of world governance, certainly at least within Greece itself. The PythagorArium will certainly try to help its preservation and its spreading as much as possible.

-- 03.03 --

On the other hand, the kind of modern Babel Tower of confusion in interpersonal communications (like the ancient Babel shown to the left) must also be eliminated through a proper IAL (International Auxiliary Language) that is most easy and most efficient. This is why PythagorArium has developed EthoGloso. However, such new IAL, used at a lower level of interpersonal communications, should only coexist with Katharevousa, in a supplementary way, without attempting to replace Katharevousa, and without infringing in any way on the use, purpose, and pureness of the latter as the best cultivated world language of first choice at a higher level. It is in this spirit that the PythagorArium has developed its own such IAL, called EthoGloso, based on a synergy of Greek-root vocabulary, often with root-meanings easily predictable in many western languages, used over a simplified version of Esperanto. This IAL is being promoted worldwide, to whomever may be interested, for three reasons. First, it will allow users to communicate well, most easily and most accurately, wherever they are, for their daily normal needs; Second, as a consequence of the first reason, it will most probably induce people to concentrate better on mastering the perfection of each their own beautiful national languages; Third and foremost, once having that Auxiliary Language (IAL) in their command, this new reality may tempt a growing number of people to use some of their spared energies to start more willingly to also study the beautiful Master Language of Katharevousa, as an ideal alternative for more cultivated and sophisticated purposes. This three-prong strategy would first and foremost enable more people with a better level and command of their own national language, without loosing too much useless energy on studying many complicated foreign national languages, like German or French, not to mention Japanese or Arabic (unless of course it is their personal choice and desire as a field of expertise).

-- 03.04 --

This same strategy would also reduce the undeserved role of English as the most used common denominator for a shared world language, like it is the case at the moment. There is no reason for English to play that important role, in particular in light of the long-last collapse of the ex British Empire, and the obviously forthcoming programmed collapse of the American Empire. We should also hope that the inevitable collapse of the current overall USISEU axis of world power, with the imposition of English as a common denominator of communication, will soon be replaced, not with a new type of dictatorial UN, like the one obviously being built-up today, but rather with a new UEN, or a core of United EthoCratic Nations with EthoCracy Virtuous Governance (in a UN called UNOPT when composed of mainly TruthOcracy countries) and much better tools of interpersonal communication. Compared to Katharevousa, the English language is only a very primitive and limited language, with a real world predominance of hardly 200 years, while Greek (or rather "ELLENIKA" in its Katharevousa form) has already had that world predominance in the past, as a common denominator language, for much longer than English, in fact for at least 2000 years, for both common people and top intellectuals in the overall history of mankind, accompanied by the spreading of the ELL culture of freedom and freethinking based on truth of the "Idea Exchangers" instead of by the disastrous culture of DDD enslavement of the "Money Changers" imposing English to all of us today.

-- 03.05 --

For the students wanting to come to study at the PythagorArium, in its EthoPlasìn Academy, the EthoGloso auxiliary language (with its symbol to the right) is so easy, that it should normally already have been mastered at an essential level before their arrival, whatever their country of origin is, during the two to three years of the process of their pre-selection while at home, before they reach age 18 and are admitted to join the PythAcademia. Once at the PythagorArium, EthoGloso can then be used by its students as an initial common denominator for basic and essential interpersonal communications. At the same time however, after admission, the best version of modern Greek, the Katharevousa, becomes a subject of intensive study for those without a Greek background. For those with an already advanced Greek background, Ancient Greek becomes their natural alternative choice. This is overall the EthoSpeak Strategy of the PythagorArium for best interpersonal communications worldwide.

-- 03.06 --

This promotion of Katharevousa is done, first, for the pure beauty and the unique intellectual attributes of the 5000 year old Greek language, but also, second, because a strong LUZJIP Power lobby, or ZioZuit Power, that has been opposed to the Greek culture, worldwide, for centuries, is now trying to phase out the Greek language, as a subject of study, from all contemporary schools and universities, in the whole world and, most amazingly, first and foremost, to eliminate the teaching of its purest level, the Katharevousa, in Greece itself. The destruction and disappearance of Katharevousa would be tantamount to a crime against humanity. The richness of that beautiful language is so unique that the Chinese, few years ago, have tried to complete a huge database of all the hundreds of languages spoken on Planet Earth. Most sophisticated languages, like English or German, include few million words. The Chinese were able to complete the task for all languages except Greek. For the Greek language, in all its modern forms and levels, including modern Katharevousa and the ancient Greek of Homer or Plato that is still perfectly understandable today by cultivated people, the Chinese database experts had reached over 90 million 'Greek' words, and could still not see the end of the tunnel. They thus abandoned the task, but only for the Greek language. In addition, the language is so perfect that it is considered as not having what we usually call synonyms. Each word has such a specific nuance of meaning that it cannot be considered as having a synonym, certainly not in the modern sense of the word 'synonym' being used in all other modern languages. Such richness cannot go lost without being a crime against humanity. 

-- 03.07 --

In the meantime, this opposing LUZJIP lobby in Greece is also dominating the UN, the UNESCO and the EU at the moment, and consequently, as mentioned earlier, Katharevousa is not, and will never be included to the UNESCO List of World Heritage, as it should be, with this shortcoming causing a shameful and unforgivable loss for all of humanity. That same oppressive anti-Hellenistic lobby is, in fact, the new LUZJIP Power alliance, trying to also finally destroy, overall, the historic Greek culture of clear superiority that has given humanity the best of what the western world calls "Civilization", as that superior ELL culture has shaded, for only valid and intrinsic reasons, the self-affirmed, and falsely affirmed superiority, of that historical opposing LUZJIP culture and lobbies for millennia. And through massive Arabic and Islamic immigration at the moment, this traditional anti-Hellenistic lobby of mainly a LUZJIP nature has now acquired a ZioZuitZlam nature that is probably an invincible new world power. That new world power is acting more drastically against the Greece of freethinking that has been their worst ZioZuitZlam DDD strategy opponent for centuries. Very obviously today, the new LUZJIP Power is aspiring to world domination, through DDD and Totalitarian Fabian Socialism, used stealthily in both its leftist and its rightist versions, and consequently the destruction of the ELL culture of freethinking and freewill based on Truth is considered a prerequisite for this world domination.

-- 03.08 --

This cultural destruction by the current LUZJIP Power is now achieved mainly through the well-planned economic crisis meant to dismantle Greece, as a first step, and other countries that integrate a close ancient Greek culture, like Syria. It is a crisis well orchestrated by that same lobby opposing the ELL culture, aiming at the complete and final achievement of many not-so-ancestral previous strategies of its own with the same purpose, like the Lightpost of the East, wanting to eventually divide Greece into 4 pieces, and the Kalergi Plan, wanting to dilute the Greek ELL culture through wild immigration and catastrophic excessive multiculturalism, in order to finally destroy the Unique Greek DNA that was established, and well demonstrated, by the scientific DNA research of at least some 30 top level universities around the world so far, including Oxford. However, as much as the destruction of the economy of Greece is terrible, the destruction of its ancient ELL culture, including its Katharevousa level of language, is much more serious. The PythagorArium promotes the rebirth of that ELL culture in a more modern form that it calls ELLJSM. This culture is also promoted not as Judeo-Christian, like the new political correctness wants us to believe our culture is, but as Greco-Roman: it is the Greco-Roman culture that gave us our best positive roots, while our so widely proclaimed Judeo-Christian roots are a deception that brought us our worst tools of enslavement, through the DDD that affects our current cultural life most negatively at the moment, more than ever before. This deception is growing by the year, in particular since the Council of Vatican II in 1965, and since the crowning of its destructive endeavors through the arrival of LUZJIP Pope Francis in 2013, in order for the Zionists to reinforce the weakness of the Catholic side of the new JewZuit Power alliance. From the point of view of the new LUZJIP Power, finally given birth in 1965 through the JewZuit Vatican Coup of the Council Vatican II, it is essential that Greece be squashed and enslaved first, in order for that opposite LUZJIP lobby to dominate and enslave more countries, more easily, through more powerful DDD, afterwards. In fact, it is the Holocaust Of The Western Civilization, as a whole, that is the Master Plan, starting with Greece, but fast proceeding through the destruction of other countries, like Syria, in order to free more room for the forthcoming One-World Government, based in Jerusalem, as the capital of the new Greater Israel, and as a world government that plans to implement the full enslavement of the world middle classes, for the ultimate purpose of full world domination by the so-called New World Order of the new LUZJIP Power.

-- 03.09 --

For those trying to understand what is really going on, this is definitely what is happening in Greece at the moment, let alone in other parts of the world with an ancient Greco-Roman culture, like in Syria being forcefully emptied of its population for facilitating the annexation of more territories, like it happened already with the Golan Heights, for the purposes of the New World Order to be based in Jerusalem, within the Greater Israel. This is the gradual realization of the Master Plan of the world LUZJIP lobby. If that LUZJIP lobby succeeds in destroying the hard core of the ELL culture of freethinking, in Greece in particular, the culture of the "Idea Exchangers", through finally imposing globally its own culture, the one of the "Money Changers", the enslavement of Greece, that invented philosophy, invented holistic education (or what we call ELLducation), invented democracy and invented the culture of Freethinking based on Truth, not to mention the invention of the best of fine arts and proto-science approaches, will be completed soon as a historic disaster of unprecedented gargantuan proportions. Then the enslavement of other historically less cultural countries, like the USA and the EU members, let alone Syria, will become a much easier run downhill for an eventual full worldwide domination by the LUZJIP Power that, unfortunately, by now, seems to be omnipotent and fast forthcoming.

-- 03.10 --

For Greece specifically, as a country, with its beautiful Hellenistic culture, or ELL culture, and with its uniquely superior Katharevousa Master Language, this ultimate squashing might unfortunately constitute the completion of the Longest and biggest of all Holocausts: the one against Hellenism. With a bit of help from Apollo, and the Hellenic ELL (Greek) figure that was Jesus as a Nazarene, along with the spreading of ELLJSM, maybe the PythagorArium will be able to provide its small contribution to avoid the completion of that longest of all Holocausts. And be it clear that, for the LUZJIPs, this longest Holocaust is now an essential prerequisite, along with the help of the relativistic New Normal taking place in the West at the moment, to finally achieve the completion of the above mentioned Holocaust Against Western Civilization in order to more easily bring about the New World Order of Totalitarian Fabian Socialism and its full DDD and SET world enslavement under the new ZioZuit Power.

-- 03.11 --

But Beware New World Order! The descendants of the ELL culture, as the Sons of Gaia and the Starry Heavens ("Γας υιος ημι και Ωρανω αστεροεντος", as shown on the typical golden plate to the right used as a funeral tablet for many important public figures of Ancient-Greece since the time of Hesiod) have demonstrated to be incomparably resistant to the death of their ELL culture, like no other people in the history of humanity, and they may be, once again, the masters of a new revival, and even an Expansion of their ELLania that shall stop and annihilate, hopefully for ever this time, through ELLJSM, your millenarian destructive endeavors against the ELL culture of Freethinking and Freewill based on Truth. Apart for the above links of related interest, for more information on EthoGloso specifically, go to:




EthoLiving Civitas Propagation Tools

-- 04.01 --

This is not a 4th element of the above Mission Statement. The section does not refer to an additional reform, but rather to the propagation tools that will help the PythagorArium to pursue the above 3 reforms based on the ELL culture, mainly and ultimately TruthOcracy. When fully endorsing all 3 of them together, and pursuing all 3 together, a person is promoting what we call "EthoLiving Civitas" in general, but TruthOcracy in particular as a new form of governance. There are mainly three tools to do so. First, a political party called PELLPIT (Patriotic Enlightened Logos Liberty Party In TruthOcracy). An EthoCracy, when fully implemented, becomes a TruthOcracy with an PELLPIT political party leading its management. Second, a cultural movement of very proactive propagators of the spirit of an Ethocracy or EthoKratïa, or in particular a fully implemented TruthOcracy, called TEFELBAP (Truth, Extended Family, Enlightened Liberty, Beauty And Patriotism; That cultural movement is called  PEK, or Propagator EthoKratïa, in a less advanced EthoCracy). Third: a more general socio-political movement called JELLM (Joyful ELL Movement, or more extendedly: Joyful Ethocivitas Lifestyle Movement), created to promote more smoothly, and more discretely, the 3 objectives of the above Mission Statement to people who have not joined yet the PELLPIT political party. The PythagorArium project has no intention to be isolated in the environment of its creation, south of Athens, in Greece. From its leading perspective, its philosophy, along with the above 3 main societal reforms, have to spread worldwide as much as possible.

-- 04.02 --

This spreading has to be implemented in full respect of the aspects of the local cultures that do not contradict the objectives of the project, but at the same time, with the clear intention to try to improve democratically and culturally the elements that do contradict its philosophy and objectives. This can only be achieved through the creation of a local political party called PELLPIT that will take its inspiration and directives from the PythagorArium. In new countries not familiar with TruthOcracy, that party has to seek to gradually implement EthoCracy first, as a minimum form of proper governance, but hopefully a fully implemented TruthOcracy as soon as possible, in the country involved, and the full respect of the basic 10 EthoPrinciples, but with some particularities that respect the local culture. Consequently, a PELLPIT is not only ethocratic, but also very patriotic in respecting the beauty and uniqueness of each local culture.

-- 04.03 --

A PELLPIT will never force the implementation of EthoCracy, let alone a TruthOcracy, but nevertheless proactively promote TruthOcracy, explaining and exposing its beauty and its efficiency in attempting to make the country go "From Slavery Downwards, To Slavery Upwards". A local PELLPIT in a foreign country will try to make people desire an EthoCracy, even a fully implemented TruthOcracy, once they know about its fantastic un-enslavement advantages for the citizens in general.

A PELLPIT is also patriotic in the sense that it is opposed by definition to the dismantling of national borders and cultures pursued by the current, and most destructive NWO (New World Order). This opposition stems from one of the 10 EthoPrinciples at the base of an EthoCracy/TruthOcracy, i.e. the EthoPrinciple POSATAP (Patriotic Olympic Spirit Approach To All Policies). Being patriotic is culturally a very positive attribute, and does not mean being nationalistic in any destructive way, rather the opposite, nor ever being involved in activities of ethnic supremacy like so many nationalistic parties have been involved in unfortunately. Being patriotic only means being proud of one's own culture, best racial characteristics, of any race it may be, and traditional values, wanting to protect them as much as possible. It also means encouraging, from one's own country, the same kind of proudness to the citizens of all other countries, hopefully with each of these cultures remaining located in their natural primary environment as much as possible. Contrary to the current dominant trend of the NWO, the PELLPIT tries to prevent the melting pots of excessive multiculturalism and massive uncontrolled immigration as much as possible. It will nevertheless encourage immigration, but only through a strict pre-selection process that can only be completed abroad, before their physical arrival. That selection process includes a clear and convincing written commitment of the immigrants concerned, that they will willingly learn the local language, and try to integrate happily to the local culture. As such, when accepted, and before their entry into the ethocratic country, they sign a legal engagement that they will accept to be forcefully deported to their own countries of origin after 5 years if the commission reviewing their case at that time will decide they have not sufficiently integrated. The selection process must also reflect the economic needs and integration capacity of the receiving country, and never infringe unduly on its homogeneous dominant culture.  

-- 04.04 --

Most citizens voting in a country may vote for the PELLPIT without being a PEK activist or even a member of the PELLPIT. Most PEK activists, consistent with their belief and activities, will surely vote for the PELLPIT, but will not be necessarily involved directly in the PELLPIT. To the contrary, all managing members of the PELLPIT will have to have been PEK activists first, for at least 5 years.

-- 04.05 --

 The last tool does not promote only EthoCracy, but EthoLiving Civitas, as a solid base and prerequisite for forming an eventual TruthOcracy. This means promoting the 3 objectives of the above Mission Statement as a whole. This is not a political party, but a socio-political movement. That movement is called JELLM (Joyful ELL Movement, or more extendedly: Joyful Etho Lifestyle Movement). JELM tries to promote in particular the first PythagorArium objective: EthoPlasìn Holistic Education or ELLducation;  at the same time, it tries to also promote, as much as possible, the second objective: EthoCracy Virtuous Governance or TruthOcracy in its full implementation; in a parallel manner, it tries to promote smoothly also the third objective: EthoSpeak (EthoGloso Auxiliary Language & Katharevousa Master Language). Consequently, JELLM, in spite of its discrete work, is nevertheless a very ambitious political and social movement on the part of PythagorArium members who have received very special adequate training and, most of the time graduated from the EthoPlasìn Academy. For the propagating members, this is a "Joyful" operation, but with the word "Joyful" being taken here in its best loving and purest philosophical sense.      




Seek Truth!
See Light!
Break Free!
from the falsity of the matrix of political correctness,
thus become a propagator of the
culture, and consequently also
 a happy loving co-creator of only

Kallos Beauty
via the enlightened use of

within your beautiful







A Bit Of Background as to Why PythagorArium Was Conceived


The first couple of paragraphs of our "Preliminary Information" at the top of this page should be a good introduction to the following background. Our current situation is one of enslavement where our elected governments do not serve us who elected them, but serve first and foremost the unelected higher levels of governance above their own heads. This means we live in a global-world-in-reverse with undemocratic Slavery Downwards instead of democratic Slavery Upwards. Our elected politicians are not public servants, like they should be, but rather public enslavers working for the actuation of the agenda of the unelected higher levels of governance. In addition, these enslavers are corrupted like never before in the history of humanity because, for the first time, they have the technically advanced financial tools to act easily in a global way, while all the other educational and informational tools that could counterbalance this rampaging corruption have already been deceitfully transformed into new and powerful social engineering tools at the service of the new financial  tools of global enslavement. This is why the PythagorArium was born, in order to attempt to correct that ugly situation through both the provision of Holistic Tetractys Education and the promotion of Virtuous Ethocratic Governance, transforming our current situation of global enslavement into one of global freedom through a philosophy based on the ELL culture of freethinking, virtue and beauty.


This is our current situation: obese big banks, tubby governments and

meager taxpayers to feed and sustain the first two fat acolytes.

We can and must democratically make these three powers

eat, or feast, but only as equally slim and fit partners

while recuperating our best traditional values,

in each sector, based on the return of the

ELL philosophy of virtue, justice

and Soul Tetractys beauty

(The "banking system" on the icon represents all unelected levels above elected governments, like EU, UN, TPP etc.)

The PythagorArium wants the taxpayers to command all levels,

governments, central banks, supra-national and international levels,

with all these partners being obedient public servants.

This can only be achieved through a return to the best form of real

holistic education and virtuous governance as invented by the El culture.


Concerns at the governance level

To explain better the PythagorArium Mission Statement, in 3 points, formulated further up, it is useful to give a bit of background as to why this project was born. We, the middle class, are being enslaved by an ever growing pyramid of various hierarchical levels of governance. This is what we call our Enslavement Downwards, from the top down. That pyramid stealthily grows higher and higher, on a yearly basis, and mostly in terms of new additional unelected levels of governance being added to the previous ones. Our national governments, immediately over our heads, those that we have supposedly elected to serve us, do not work mainly for us anymore, but mainly for the higher levels of governance above their own heads. Thus they serve, but to the contrary of what their natural roles should be, serving mainly the next level up, instead of mainly us who have elected them to serve us. In an EthoCracy, in particular a TruthOcracy making a society go "From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards", the down level of the taxpayers, by electing leaders in a well illuminated way through a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract), are able to command all the levels above them. Thus its EthoCracy/TruthOcracy main slogan "Have Down Rule Up! - Make Up Serve Down!". The slogan means that both the Down should rule the Up, and the Up should serve the Down on a basis of the Return of Philosophy, but the philosophy as it was created, as PhilosophELL, that is as a philosophy of virtue, or the so called 'Philosophical-Way-Of-Life'  for the balanced harmonization of the 4 levels of the Tetractys of the human soul, and not like the modern philosophy that has lost this main original attribute and became a disproportionate exercise for only the third level of the Tetractys. That proper Return of Philosophy as PhilosophELL can only be done through a new type of Holistic Education (or: ELLducation) that the EthoPlasìn Academy is promoting and teaching as EthoPlasìn Education, (or: ELLducation), and through a related type of Virtuous Governance that the PythagorArium calls EthoCracy, or EthoKratïa, or even TruthOcracy in its full implementation, as a new form of governance on the basis of its Ten EthoPrinciples.


Once the Down of the national level of governance has been enabled to make the Up finally serve the Down, then each higher LUZJIP level of governance over our false democracies can start doing the same thing with the next level up, or else, get democratically out of the control of the next levels up. However, that process upwards is not an easy one, as the more up the level is, the less that level of governance is discernable, up to practically an invisible top level that is very difficult to identify, but nevertheless the most powerful level at the moment in our false democracies run as debtocracies under the new supra-national LUZJIP Power of DDD and debt-money. Consequently, our national governments are, by now, and contrary to what they should be, the level with the least power to respond to exactly what we want. At the same time, it is the level with the most direct power for implementing deceitfully what the next unelected levels above them do want. This is the loop of enslavement above our heads that has to be eliminated, over our national governments, through an EthoCracy, ideally through a fully implemented TruthOcracy as, at the moment, our national governments have become only efficient puppets of the higher levels above them and exist to serve those higher levels instead of us: they draw corrupting benefits and undeserved higher positions from upwards, and they obediently abuse us downwards, daily, with an ever growing number of surprises, after elections, in terms of new laws and taxes that were never included in any of their own BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) before their elections at national level.


The national level, phonily elected to serve us, is the base of a global-world-in-reverse that is totally inacceptable, but a global-world-in-reverse that has become the “New Normal”, through social engineering, political correctness, and the mass media disinformation coming from the higher levels controlling the national level. It is the the so-called New World Order, but a world that must and can be reformed, as it is really only a "False Normal". It is in fact a New World Disorder. This global-world-in-reverse imposes on us, on a regular basis, new laws, taxes and security measures, along with a constantly growing loss of liberty, that are all implemented mostly as a result of the greater hidden plans of the commanding unelected levels above the national level. It is time to enlighten people about this global-world-in-reverse, and maybe try to bring it back up on its feet with initiatives like the PythagorArium, for enlightening people to take the proper actions for transforming our "Enslavement Downwards" into an "Enslavement Upwards", with all our elected leaders being finally what they should be: public servants instead of public enslavers.


As Prometheus has demonstrated, this enlightening process is not an easy objective, and even a dangerous one, but for us to do nothing about it can only conduct us to complete global enslavement. The mythical figure of Prometheus tried to bring some Apollonian Fire, and thus Light, to his environment, and he was punished severely because man was not ready for it, and consequently only misused and abused it. Let's hope man is ready today for receiving the enlightenment he needs to go "From Enslavement Downwards to Enslavement Upwards" through a new type of virtuous governance called EthoCracy/TruthOcracy that is achievable through a new type of Holistic Tetractys Education called EthoPlasìn (or: ELLducation) provided and promoted by the PythagorArium. The mythical figure of Prometheus was attached to a rock, and each day an eagle would come and eat his liver, which would regrow each time over night, to be eaten again the following day, causing him constant sufferance. We nevertheless have to attempt the same, in order to clarify, purify an improve our own ugly situation, fighting for more virtuous governance, through the light of better holistic education (or: ELLducation) based on the return of the philosophy of the ELL culture that gave us, many times in the past, our best moments of civilization in the history of humanity. The understanding of our ugly situation of enslavement, and the desire to improve it, were the sparks that lit the Promethean Fire of better governance that the PythagorArium wants to spread and promote, from both personal and civic points of view. Again, one can only hope that the related efforts of the PythagorArium and its authors will not be punished once again, like Prometheus was, because most people are not ready for, or capable of receiving it, and consequently will only abuse it, transforming the intended warming and lightening fire into a burning and destructive fire.


The main LUZJIP level of governance to be reformed, in order to launch the domino effect bringing all the necessary reforms, is first and foremost the national one, as the basic elected level with which citizens are most directly in contact. However the higher unelected levels are the main causes of our enslaving problems at the moment. These higher unelected levels have a variety of more visible sub-levels of their own, and more invisible sub-levels of their own. The main visible unelected supra-national levels, like the EU or the UN, keep pushing down at us, through their acolytes of the national level, and through the political correctness they have wisely and purposely engineered for this purpose, an ever increasing amount of enslaving measures, like the despotic UN Agenda 21/30, the UN Global Compact, the uselessly oppressive global Carbon Tax for an uncertain Global Warming, in particular while the UN is avoiding any significant push against much more important issues like the terrible global sea pollution, the related dramatic sea-life destruction, the disappearance of the honey bees because of pesticides, the rampaging forms of cancer worldwide because of GMO, not to mention the Genocide of the male-man for attaining more easily its global enslavement objectives, and in particular the massive Genocidal Abortion System of the western world that goes totally unattended by him and practically all the bishops of the Church he leads. There are all crimes against humanity by omission on the part of the UN and Pope Francis who associate more and more closely to each other but never do anything about them. This series of crimes by omission, or by deceit, also include the UN push for ridiculous initiatives directly at national levels, like Planned Parenthood for families, and Common Core for education (or maleducation), all as new global measures that can only lead to a collectivist world government of Totalitarian Fabian Socialism. All this is part of the greater, and nearly invisible plan.


The more invisible LUZJIP levels are mostly hidden in the top corporative levels. In fact, our false democracies have become debtocracies through mainly the phenomenon of corporatocracy. Major corporations act mostly in secret, above governments, and even above the EU and the UN, or rather as commanding agents of the top UN level, acting for the UN, and the UN through them, back and forth, commanding also the corporatocratic system from even higher levels, like the older NAFTA, or the newer TPP and TTIP, not to mention the complicit collaboration of top bank corporations like the FED and the BIS that are only starting to get more visible to the public at large because of the Internet Reformation. Those corporatocratic levels have catastrophically, but willingly, offshored our very best industry, and outsourced our very best jobs, with the result, within what used to be the most productive and prosperous part of the world, of only more unemployment, ever increasing under-employment, and ever diminishing secure employment. In turn, the prosperity in the more depressed areas of the world has hardly progressed. The best book one can read to understand this incredibly destructive phenomenon is the one of John Perkins: "The New Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man".  The corporations involved, along with their minions, like the EU and the UN, not to mention most local national governments at a lower level, and the TTT (shown below) at a higher level, are operating a global equalization by the bottom, instead of by the top, as a debasement to a low global level while the smaller and smaller top elites keep becoming richer and richer, let alone more powerful. They chose that enslaving route of equalization by the bottom, instead of an equalization by the top that would rise progressively the most depressed areas to higher levels of prosperity. This debasement however serves the greater invisible plan of a fast forthcoming easier global enslavement for the selfish purposes of the top level that, as each year goes by, lives with an ever increasing level of lushness. But more than wealth and lushness, which they already have, what they really want is power, infinite and absolute power, at a global One World Government level operating as the new LUZJIP Power, through a DebtOcracy in its first stage, and then as a worldwide SatanOligarchy in its final stage.  


EU is regional enslavement.

UN is world enslavement.

Their TTT masters (TTIP+TPP+TISA) are Luciferian Global Enslavers.


Globally, the lower class, below the middle class, will not revolt, as it was purposely made to live well, certainly better than ever before, through an ever growing, albeit mostly unmeritorious, secure Social Welfare. The higher class in turn, above the middle class, also lives well, certainly more opulently than ever before, through similarly ever growing felonious measures of Corporate Welfare. To add insult to injury, we in the middle, the middle class, have to forcefully and silently finance, through ever increasing taxes, and thus maintain, not only the lower level comfortably, but all these superior levels in a plushy way, like the EU and UN officials. These levels live with outrageously undeserved privileges, within the most luxurious palaces and hotels, while their unelected members parade arrogantly in unnecessarily plush places, openly in front of us, on all TV channels, on a daily basis, all at our expense. And most of them are totally incompetent, placed in their positions by nepotism, cronyism and political rewards. But the worse is that most of them work mostly in a completely unaccountable way with regards to the taxpayers money they too easily spent and spoil, not to say place in their pockets through corruption, as it is too often the case. In short, these higher supranational levels enjoy more privileges than anybody else, but they are totally antidemocratic, unaccountable and untouchable. Closer to us, western people, the EU is the best example of such an antidemocratic supra-structure of deceptive governance but, higher up, the UN is even worse and, even higher up still, super structures like the TTIP and the TPP are yet incredibly much more abusive and antidemocratic, mutatis mutandis, as they are the hidden basement of a fast forthcoming totalitarian One-World Government of Fabian Socialism being constructed around us by the well concealed NWO acting deceptively in our back. 


If the EU is the best example of anti-democracy, what is happening specifically in Greece at the moment is the best place to understand the Master Plan of the global enslavement being pushed by the NWO. The current Greek catastrophe may appear to be a failure to most people, but it is a complete success for the new LUZJIP Power of the NWO. And Greece has to be enslaved first. With its long-last culture of freethinking and liberty, or the ELL culture of the "Idea Exchangers" that Greece has always had, culturally and politically speaking, Greece has been the main enemy, for at least a couple of millennia, of the "Money Changers" who have today taken the form of the LUZJIP Power. Consequently, Greece has to be taken out of the way first, within the western world, in order to achieve regional power more easily, and eventually a global enslavement. Greece has to be made jump down the dam first. It has to be dismantled as a nation and as a territory, but in particular as the ELL culture of freedom bothering the wider LUZJIP Master Plan of world enslavement: this newer plan of today is only a perfect continuation of the combination of the older Kalergi Plan and the Lighthouse of the East strategies, and for them today, it is hopefully a final actuation more than a continuation. If they succeed with Greece, and so far they are succeeding extremely well, then the enslavement of many other western countries will follow much more easily, as an easier ride downhill for the LUZJIPs seeking full world domination through full global enslavement of all productive middle classes. In light of the above plans, potentially very dangerous for the future of Greece, and to ensure the Greek people can decide their own fate and future according to their best sovereign intentions, should not their election results be counted openly and manually, instead of electronically and in hiding from representatives of all political parties? Strangely enough, this is the way they are processed today, and it is even done by a foreign Jewish firm called Singular Logic that has a sub-office in Greece but is based abroad.


In an EthoCracy however, in particular in a fully implemented TruthOcracy, concern for the good governance of the public money does not apply only to the government and to higher levels (like the EU/UN) receiving some public money, but also to lower levels, like in the case of governments acting through private contractors to whom public money is provided for various purposes. Even in such cases, if the private contractor does something illegal with the public money being provided under contract, or hides the use of the public money from the strict and full OTATFOG compliance requirement, officials of the government who have provided the public money maintain their responsibility for the misuse of the public money and the lack of OTATFOG compliance under private external contracts. In other words, EthoCracy or TruthOcracy officials giving out public money for any purpose, at a higher or at a lower level, have to take the necessary measures to always control the proper use of that public money, under their own responsibility, independently of the joint responsibility of the external users. If the necessary measures of full control cannot be implemented, or resisted on the side of the receivers, then the public money must be withdrawn immediately, cancelling sovereignly any kind of current or future grant or contract involved. 


Concerns at the social level

And all the above is mainly describing problems on the economic side of our enslavement. On the social side, and on the cultural side, the higher LUZJIP levels of unelected governance have also been busy effecting a similar kind of debasement of all our personal and social values for easier political dominance over us. In fact, the cultural debasement has been essential, as a pre-requisite, for achieving a state of economic servitude, as a first step, and an eventual full political enslavement. The acolytes of the NWO have, first of all, highly distorted, even practically eliminated, our good sense of nationalism, as there is a very good form of nationalism, and of patriotic citizens and nations. For the LUZJIPs, nationalism and patriotism can only be bad, and considered racism or hate speech. And the politically correct prevents us from perceiving that this is only propaganda and disinformation for achieving world domination more easily. In the history of humanity, nationalism and patriotism have been very positive tools for the creation of our most beautiful periods of higher levels of civilization. The LUZJIPs so much want the advent of their One World Government of global enslavement that they must stealthily force us to believe that being patriotic must be considered racism, or hate speech, with both of these denigrating attributes being considered crimes already in many countries. Because of the power of the mass media that they also all control, very few people realize how ridiculous this is. But this ridicule disinformation has become the new politically correct. The higher levels so much want their melting pot of races that they also try to make us believe that mass immigration, even at extreme levels, is good for all of us, as if mixing good beer and good wine together would make a good drink, as disgusting and as stomach-breaking it may result in terms of proudly conserving each our own best racial qualities, each mainly in our own natural national environments, each saving and improving the respective national and cultural values that we cherish, and that we have required centuries of tribulation and compromise to develop to their best point. No! Being patriotic is now being racist. A patriot is now a kind of internal terrorist, as a person committing a new crime to be punished severely in many instances. Patriotism has been a most constructive tool for most societies, for centuries, but it is now made a crime. Opposing excessive multiculturalism that is obviously destroying the best of what we have created as a culture, is now to be considered as hate speech, to be punished in a similar way, when it should rather be love speech for the best values we have created after so much time and effort. Destroying the best of what we have reached to be is now a crime, and those producing the destruction are to be considered assets. These so-called 'assets', because of their sheer inassimilable numbers, are producing social and cultural degeneration of our world and values, but we now commit a crime if we only raise questions about the phenomenon. How ridiculous! Plainly ridiculous! But again, this is just the ridiculous new politically correct with its matrix of boomerangs, and nobody will dare oppose it for fear of loosing a job, damaging a career, or being fined, let alone possibly jailed. This is a clear form of social engineering and enslavement, as effective as the economic enslavement through debt-money, helping the latter, but created and managed by the same top levels in the background. 


Concerns at the religious level

The LUZJIP higher levels of governance do the same thing with religions. They now have the help of a New World Order Pope, called Pope Francis, pushing for an ecumenical  'Panthriskia' as a kind of new One World Religion, (or: a 'one-for-all religious authority'), with even a kind of new and common one-world god being configured in the global public opinion, with no meaningful difference between a Yahweh, an Allah or a Jesus. Pope Francis has already said explicitly that there is no 'catholic god', only 'god', and he did not bother to specify if it was a god resembling mainly the Christian one, or rather mainly the Judaic or Islamic gods who so flagrantly and so often contradict the "God" whose terrestrial leader he is supposed to be. Or is Francis talking about a new generic ecumenical 'Panthriskia' god that he does not dare yet to mention too explicitly? Certainly, religious pluralism as a melting initiative is as contradictory as to try to square a circle on the basis of what the 3 main religions are now, unless of course if each religion compromises and start rounding its corners. But real corners of dogma cannot be rounded.

       >>>> Suffice to read the highly politically incorrect book titled Yahweh, the God of War, by Stefania Tosi ("Yahweh, Dio Della Guerra"), to understand clearly that the Jewish god cannot be reconciled with Jesus, the real original Christian god. Yahweh, as well and clearly documented by the Bible itself, has ordered personally the killing and extermination of millions of people over a period of 3000 years. How can one reconcile this conduct with the Christian god who, at least himself, if not some of his followers, only preached love, or certainly never ordered personally the killing of even a single person.

       >>>> Similarly suffice to read the many books of world expert on Political Islam, Bill Warner, the founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI), and still its director, or even only the one book of the other Italian author, Marco Casetta, "The Great Treason" (How illiberal intellectuals and politicians are favoring the Islamic Conquest of Europe) to ascertain that the killings ordered by Allah are very similar in numbers to the ones ordered by Yahweh, even probably much superior. For example, Allah is claimed to be responsible for at least 260 million dead in the various wars of conquest made under his name over a period of 1400 years. Certainly, the Muslim kamikazes acting in the name of Allah, decapitating and killing wildly dozens of innocent people today, nearly on a daily basis, proves to no avail that the Islamic god is also not reconcilable with the Christian god. Christians, that is some of the followers of Jesus, have also caused few millions dead, through the Inquisition and the Wars of Religion, not to mention the forced conversions during the conquest of the Americas, but Jesus himself, as not a Jew, but an ELL Figure from Nazareth, never ordered personally any kind of persecution, let alone death or massacre, against anyone, rather the opposite. He only preached to "turn the other cheek" when being hit, and to "treat others as you would like to be treated". But the exact opposite is true, in the case of both Yahweh and Allah, who have ordered personally a long series of killings and mass massacres against a lot of people, not to mention their followers in their names for centuries. This is well documented in their respective sacred books, and well reported in many good contemporary source books like the two mentioned below. Last but not least, Christianity at least, contrary to the other 2 other main religions, has evolved immensely over the last 3 centuries, and its followers, even its leaders, are no more involved directly in any kind of massacre, acts of terroristic violence or enslavement through DDD (Debt, Dogma and Despair through mainly fearful Disinformation).


Contrary to what the current political correctness want us to believe, the first two above religions were always, and are still, totally incompatible and irreconcilable with the third one. The Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1965 was the final result of a conspiracy for the advent of a historical ideological swing of the Vatican to transform the Jew “From Enemy To Brother”, as per the title of the book by John Connelly, after the Jew had been officially and formally considered an “enemy” for 2000 years. This conspiracy was a long awaited great success of the Jews, in their long last effort of the past centuries, to Judaize and control Christianity and, through it, as a useful idiot, better control the world. Now, with Pope Francis, this is a done deal. Considering that he is a Jesuit, and that his order was founded by a Jew, this is no surprise. The “Dictatorship of Relativism” (denounced openly, and opposed strongly by the previous pope, Benedict XVI who, for this reason, was swiftly and illegally deposed) that has infiltrated not only our society, but even the Vatican, the Muslims are also trying to transform the Christians, and also use them as useful idiots. Paraphrasing the above title of John Connelly, they are attempting to transform them From Infidels to… Crypto-Muslims. These two transformations of the Christians as useful idiots, on the part of the Jews and on the part of the Muslims, are particularly easy in light of the high level of tolerance, not to say the guilty silence of the Vatican of Pope Francis, in front of the destructive relativism and the political correctness that the Christians, and only the Christians, are now ready to accept in relation to their traditional values. Strangely enough, the Orthodox Christians headed by Patriarch Bartholomew, based in Istanbul, are playing a major role in this triple rapprochement, including odd approaches to the Protestants. This would bring about a kind of “One World Religion”, or Panthriskia, at the service of the New World Order. Fortunately, the Orthodox Christians headed by Patriarch Kirill, based in Russia, are staying out of this catastrophic revolution, and will probably do so at least until Putin will stay in power. Whatever these church leaders do however, at the service of the current New World Order, the fundamental command of the “Sermon On The Mount”, the command expressed as “Turn the other cheek”, is, and will, remain totally incompatible with the fundamental commands of the two other main monotheistic religions.


In Contrast, the ELLines ('Greeks') had no real religion imposing them a set of external moral commandments.

They rather had a Philosophy of virtue, not a religion, leading their life.

This philosophy of virtue had basically only one main command, always self-imposed from within,

producing and animating the goodness of their life, like a Torus of creative energy:


"Know Thyself"


A person like Pope Francis should know, by definition, in his highest position, that the two other monotheistic main gods are totally irreconcilable to a god who preached only to "Turn the other cheek" and to "Treat others like you would like to be treated". Nevertheless, Francis is obviously and deceitfully trying to reunite all main religions together, starting with the various Orthodox Churches, and the various Protestant Churches, not to mention the effort of reunification of the two Irelands in between. But Francis does not appear to want to reunify them all under 'the' Christian God, not even under 'a' Christian God, but rather under the New World Vatican that he is leading for the benefit of the New World Order of the new LUZJIP Power of full global enslavement that might be established in Rome temporarily, or rather at the Vatican, as a first step, but clearly will eventually be established in Jerusalem in due time, with the connivance, conscious or unconscious, of the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims. After all, Jerusalem is the main city in the world where the 3 main religions have acquired their longest experience of co-living, if not in peace, at least in terms of tolerating each other enough for their mutual survival. Jerusalem shall thus become the world capital of the false "Pax Judaica" after the creation of the Greater-Israel, possibly through WWIII. The new and strong collaboration of the 3 main monotheistic religions, like never before, under Francis, in order to achieve this objective, might be the best possible grounds for an eventual Luciferian fusion of the 3 into the kind of 'Panthriskia' that Pope Francis and his acolytes seem to be pursuing, together as a kind of new world LUZJIP Power. If this fusion is ever achieved however, it will most probably not culminate in a "false Pax Judaica", but most likely into a form of "true Judaica" for all those, worldwide, who will not readily submit to its new, global and absolute DDD enslaving power, finally conquered, and thus to be maintained at all costs, after 2000 long years of drastic and dramatic unsuccessful efforts. 


Lets Turn it Into a True Pax ELLINICA

In the last 2000 years, history has brought us successively, but as parts of the same long-last Master Plan, from the false ‘Pax Romana’, to the false ‘Pax Christiana’, then to the false ‘Pax Britannica’ followed by the current false ‘Pax Americana’. History is now leading us to the fast forthcoming false ‘Pax Judaica’ through the same basic Judeo-Christian Master Plan of political power that hides today behind many innocuous names, like Christian Zionism or NWO (New World Order). All these periods, and the authors writing nicely and subserviently about them, have abused the word "Pax", as Pax should mean only "Peace" and "Liberty", while these periods have all been of totalitarian governance and forced tranquility. The forthcoming final step of "Pax Judaica" is essentially ‘JewZuit’ in nature, but also even ‘LUZJIP’, worse than all previous periods of so-called "Pax" as, for the first time in human history, it will be global, worldwide. This new and final "Pax" is based on a collusion of some perverts of the 3 main monotheistic religions seeking our global enslavement through ‘DDD’ and a dictatorial One-World Government whose new world capital is meant to become Jerusalem in due time, after the creation of the Greater-Israel, even through WWIII if necessary. This is the Master Plan of the long-path of history to a One-World Governance of global enslavement by what has evolved to become modern totalitarian Fabian Socialism and is meant to become the false "Pax Judaica". This Master Plan is being achieved by a discrete conspiracy, but a conspiracy that None Dare Call Conspiracy, and a conspiracy that is a reality, not a theory, that its authors call only by the deceitfully simplistic name of NWO (New World Order). Looking at it closely, and connecting all the dots, this new order of global enslavement is being implemented through a Luciferian collaboration, really a LUZJIP Conspiracy, involving the new Vatican of after the Zionist Coup of Council of Vatican II of 1962, in a major coordinating role for the similar diabolic involvement of deviated leadership figures of Judaism and Islam, all working closely with the equally Zio-new entities of unelected supra-national governance, like the EU, and the main international organizations like the UN, and a wide spectrum of centers of LUZJIP world power like the IMF and the various components of the TTT or other similar enslaving entities. This Master Plan is in fact, temporarily, during the transition, a NWD (New World Disorder) being implemented against us, against the new slaves of the middle-class for the first time in history, destroying on its path all our best patriotic, national and family values that could make us resist the arrival of the new order of false Pax Judaica. This is supposedly the NWO (New World Order). It is rather what we can call more rightly the MOWOP (Master One-World-Order Plan).

Only the ELL culture of Enlightened Liberty, along with the True Pax ELLINICA offered by a TruthOcracy, in particular by an Aristarchy, can we be saved from another historic period of enslavement, the worst ever, through the fast forthcoming False Pax Judaica

"Only Truth Shall Set You Free"
Only TruthOcracy and its
ELL Culture Shall Set Us Free
Only a New Pax ELLINICA Can Save Us From The Coming False Pax Judaica 


Maybe Francis, as just about the best representative of the dominant world LUZJIP Power at the moment, not to say of the formation of the new LUZJIP Power, in particular in light of his unusual novel links, as a Pope, to the UN and TTT agendas, is talking about a new 'god' like the one Trotsky was talking about, as a god that is neither Christian, nor Judaic, nor Islamic, but a kind of new State God, or better, a global UN God, not to say LUZJIP God, whereby an omnipotent super-state would be god. Maybe the Bolshevik Jewish revolutionary called Lev Bronstein, a Jew better known as Trotsky, was not wrong when he said "The State Is God", wanting to destroy the sense of God and replacing it by the sense of State, and make the State be God, while religion and God would become irrelevant. But maybe he was only missing a level. Trotsky should have said "The Super-State is God", or "The One-World Government is God", meaning the New World Order that we should probably call, to say the least, at this point in time, the LUZJIP World Government, hoping not to have to say, in a not too distant future, the LUZJIP World Empire, enchaining all of us. Francis main concerns, like Trotsky, seem to be much more related to the state, or to the super-state UN agenda, regarding for example ecological issues like global warming, than to the defense of the best Christian values and the Tetractys improvement of the soul of his followers, debasing on his path the moral values, the family values and the patriotic values disturbing the process of global enslavement. Francis certainly and clearly goes with the trend of the global agenda pushed by the higher LUZJIP levels of governance, regarding family and sex issues, even at times when that agenda contradicts frontally everything his Church has said and defended so far in the last 2000 years. With such behavior, Francis facilitates tremendously the advent of the New World Order, thus favors its worst debasement of social values, and the best enslavement objectives of the top class of governance.



In fact, Francis is effecting the crowning of what we call the LUZJIP Power in the context of this website, as the new power that is more and more clearly, as every year goes by, behind our global enslavement. This is a new union of power between mainly the Zionist Jews and the Catholic Jesuits in order to more easily gain full world power together. These so-called LUZJIPs finally achieved their union of power through the Vatican Zionist Coup of the Council of Vatican II in 1965 that started to convert the Catholic Church into a new Judeo-Christian entity whereby the Jews, after 2000 years of being treated as 'enemies' by the Catholics, finally became 'brothers'. From then on, and ever since that coup, the LUZJIP propaganda claims that it is not the Jews who killed Christ, but the Romans, and our best cultural roots are no more Greco-Roman, but Judeo-Christian. By the same token, the LUZJIPs have finally completely dominated the Catholic Church for pursuing world domination more easily, which is now well confirmed by the election of the Jesuit pope Francis.


To ensure full success however, the LUZJIPs are making a parallel rapprochement with Islam, but deceitfully using Muslims in three roles of useful idiots. The first role given deceitfully to Islam is the following. The LUZJIPs use, just too easily, and for obvious reasons, the minority of the most radical Muslims with criminal suicidal instincts. The JewZuits use these radical Muslim fundamentalists as useful idiots to create a terroristic chaos that will help these LUZJIPs to come up deceitfully, in a proportionately easier way, with an offer of order at world level in due time, and in the end, help these LUZJIPs form a One World Government that is their ultimate objective, as an objective impossible to reach without the pre-existence of chaos and its relative insecurity for the global population: Ordo Ab Chao. General chaos will make people beg on their knees for the additional security of a powerful world government. The second role given deceitfully to Islam is to invade most of the western world with so many Muslim migrants that all the main traditional values of the western world will be destroyed, thus weaken in their possible resistance to the mounting LUZJIP Power, or the ZioZuitZlam Power. By the same token, the biggest obstacle to a world government is patriotism and the sense of national identity. The waves of massive migrants are meant to become an invasion that will break up all borders and destroy the nation concept, thus break resistance to a more global structure of regional governance instead of nations, and eventually favor the arrival of a world government. The third role given deceitfully to Islam is to push Muslims into a major conflict between their Sunni and Shiites main branches. These overall Muslims are too numerous, and because of their sheer numbers, the LUZJIP world government would be impossible if all the Islamic world would be capable of opposing it, in particular if it is meant to eventually be based in Jerusalem, like it appears to be definitely the plan of the Judeo-Christians of the new LUZJIP Power. The LUZJIPs thus want to make sure the two branches of Islam attack each other and hopefully destroy each other, or at least weaken each other to the point of both becoming totally incapable of opposing in any meaningful way the formation of the LUZJIP world government. This was typically the strategy behind the so-called "Arab Spring" revolutions reinforcing the weaker Sunni side of Islam in front of the more powerful Shiite side, as oppose to the fake official purpose of spreading democracy. At this point both sides are more equally powerful, and thus more capable of mutually weakening themselves through fast forthcoming new conflicts. 


But Beware of trying to use the Muslims as useful idiots! History has shown this can end in a dangerous failure. Islam, and its well piloted invasion of Muslims migrants in the western world might even become part of the solution of many western problems if Muslims decide to somewhat modernize their culture. If for example they start treating their women better, once established in the western world, the Muslim migrants might, by the same token, ensure our western women correct some of their excesses in their too often degrading behavior as women, and in the abandoning of their best natural attributes and roles as mothers for the proper education of children. In the meantime, this new triune alliance of the three main monotheistic religions, pushed deceitfully by the new LUZJIP Power, is what we sometimes call the JudiChrIslam plot, or the ZioZuitZlam Power, fomented through the promotion of the so-called 'Panthriskia'  pushed to all of us with the benediction of Francis. Before Francis, this new union of world power through a historic reversal of 2000 years of history might have looked like just a coalition, but with the crowning of Francis, and its incredible rapprochement with the UN, it now looks more like a conspiracy for world domination, and a conspiracy reality, not a conspiracy theory. This is certainly an important factor that was considered and sparked the conception of the PythagorArium project.   


The top LUZJIP levels of world governance certainly lead, completely contrary to what should be their natural role at that level, in the matters related to the natural family that humanity has enjoyed as the best basic social building bloc for millennia. These matters should not be their responsibility at that top level, but maybe at most the responsibility of the lower national level. But it serves the objectives of that top level. They have already destroyed our long-last concept of natural family with easy divorce ‘cash-and-carry’, with encouragements to single mothers who get more easily enslaved through social welfare, and with abortions for no valid reasons, even by the millions, as temporary annoyances that the state will easily fix and pay for. This is not to mention the uselessly ridiculous push for gay-marriage that is totally unnecessary to protect perfectly the gay life and the rights of the partners of those involved, through simple private contractual agreements. The worst part might be the initiative of gender annihilation that is entirely destructive of the beautiful male and female figures that we have always enjoyed so much, for millennia, for their beautiful natural differences and some of their natural respective main roles.


Concerns at the educational level

The higher LUZJIP levels do the same with education. They have completely dumbed down our education (making it maleducation) with schools that do not educate anymore, but only instruct, and not even all that well, imposing a Common Core that ensures the new generations of students are better prepared, or rather unprepared, or socially engineered, for fuller and easier enslavement. Criminality in most institutional institutions is also increasing at an exponential level. Improving education, civic education in particular, as oppose to only instruction, to resolve these problems of behavior debasement and criminality, would defeat the LUZJIP purpose of producing subjects easier to enslave. Consequently, instead of improving education to resolve these problems, they stupidly, or maybe wisely from their point of view, militarize schools and universities with not only guards or police officers anymore but, in a growing number of places, even with soldiers and military armed vehicles if necessary. In the meantime, most educational institutions have eliminated any compulsory gym or sport activities from their curriculum, rendering most of the students not only more feeble, but with uglier bodies than maybe ever before, even in the best flowering years of their youth, growing them with physical activities that consist mainly in driving comfortably during the day, playing videogames at night, and pushing buttons on a smart phone all day.



The higher LUZJIP levels do the same with men in particular, the male-men. In order to avoid revolt against their objective of global enslavement, they are even slowly debasing the natural testosterone levels, and thus the natural resistance or fighting strength of the young male-men; not only are more and more young men today more effeminate than ever before, or certainly more feeble, but scientists have clearly confirmed that these young men today only produce half the sperm of the young men of the pre-1970 generations. Scientists also confirm that this is achieved because of factors that can only be considered as planned for, for the purpose of reducing resistance to indoctrination and enslavement, if we consider that their enactors are aware of these catastrophic consequences, amounting to a kind of genocide, but will do nothing about it, as if that situation suits their objectives. On the other hand, we cannot mention any other good reason for still using the related debasing tools known for their catastrophic consequences. These destructive tools, to mention only a few, include things like Chemtrails, GMO, pesticides and additives to processed food and water. This amounts literally to a crime against humanity, but on the other hand it is a great success for the superior levels of global governance wanting to more easily enslave all of us, and consequently avoid the natural male resistance to taming treatments. This crime involved the systematic reduction, if not a global elimination, of all the potential 'fighters' against the New World Order. This can be the only reason why the UN is so silent about this terrible crime against man. After all, the UN was created deceitfully for being a servant of the global levels of governance and of their global enslavement plans, in their pursuit of a global One World Government that the UN hopes to lead, at least in appearance, when finally fully established. In the meantime, all this makes the UN guilty of crimes against humanity and against planet earth, if not by commission, certainly by omission, while through the mass media that their acolytes fully control, they give the impression they exist for trying to improve, or even save, the world.   



The higher LUZJIP levels do the same with women. They have oppressed western modern women, who had been the least oppressed women of our earthly world in the whole history of humanity, more than ever before. They made these once free women go from situations of free and sovereign house keepers and managers, with the natural collaborative help of their extended families making these tasks easy and rewarding in most cases, to situations of submissive dependent employment during the day, and of isolated exhausted housekeepers at night without any regular help of any member of any extended family. This has only made a growing number of women to become new additional employment slaves at work, like they are now, instead of self-employed managers at home, like many used to be. In fact, it has made most women slaves at work during the day, and slaves at home after work at night. Most of them are now fulltime slaves running in an infinite vertical carousel 24/7. First and foremost, as a hidden objective of the planners of this false liberation, it has also made women new taxpayers, on an equal basis with men, for the pleasure and sole benefit of the higher LUZJIP class, certainly not for the benefit of most women involved. This has also destroyed the possibility of women to have and maintain a prominent educational role with their children at home, thus an incredible damage to most of our civic environments. But all this has been done clearly according to the stealthy plan of easier global enslavement on the part of the higher LUZJIP class: women as additional employment slaves and taxpayers, and children with completely debased values. In fact, under this plan, the children become outsourced to the government that uses dumbed-down education (or malediction) and propaganda, to socially engineer them for easier full enslavement, along with their mothers, under a collectivist regime of dictatorial Fabian Socialism. As a result of this Master Plan, not only men anymore are enslaved, but also women as working taxpayer-mothers, and children as dumb pupils of collectivist public schools: a complete disaster that, for the LUZJIP Power, is a complete success. And the higher LUZJIP levels of governance have achieved all this while giving women the impression they have been liberated. And the stupid political correctness, also managed by the same higher levels, has made most of these women to still believe they have in fact been liberated. If the above is called "progress", then maybe we should think seriously about redefining the word progress. If in particular this is called "women liberation", it is a kind of liberation that most women would have been better without. And, as can be seen in our page on EthoCracy/TruthOcracy, there are ways to achieve a much better type of liberation for the women who may choose to concentrate on their natural primary role of raising children harmoniously at home instead of becoming equal partners of men in their more natural primary role of fighting outside the home for the procurement of protection and wellbeing for the family. Of course, this can be achieved without at all making women home slaves, rather the opposite, making them home managers. The secret lies on  the EFWAPAJ EthoPrinciple of an EthoCracy or a fully implemented TruthOcracy, which is basically a revaluation of the concept of Extended Family and a new form of social welfare based in a greater part on this revaluation. It can also be achieved without impeding the freedom of those men or women who may choose otherwise and not enjoy the EFWAPAJ benefits of assuming their more natural respective roles for the greater benefit of society at large. 


Concerns at the security level

The higher LUZJIP levels do the same with social order and the false sense of security they pretend to offer against rampaging criminality. They want us to believe, and succeed in making most of us believe, that all the above is the New Normal”, and that it is only for the good of all of us. In the meantime, they keep blaming verbally, but deceivingly enjoy factually, situations of chaos and extensive new criminality, not to mention apparent extensive terrorism, through promoting excessive multiculturalism and wild immigration, debasing our cultural and moral values through the sickening culture coming out of the New Hollywood that they fully control, and through  creating a constantly growing number of false flag terrorist attacks along the way when necessary, in order to make us eventually beg on our knees for more protection, even at the cost of an ever increasing loss of personal liberty. What a successful Master Plan of Ordo Ab Chao. Only on the ruins of our traditional sense of family, morality, patriotism, national cultures and moral integrity, let alone economic enslavement through debt-money, will the LUZJIPs be able to force people on their knees, begging for "ordo", or rather for their New World Order that they have ready to offer "ab chao". That plan of "chao" also includes the destruction of the dangerous power of the Muslim world, by fomenting the mutual destruction of the Shiites and the Sunnis, and by the easy use of their most fundamentalist homicidal terrorists as useful idiots, unfortunately for the unfair character assassination of must peaceful Muslims who have nothing to do with these idiots within their ranks. It also includes the character assassination of most of the pure orthodox Jews who have nothing to do with the Zionist side of the new ZioZuit Power. These plain Jews are also being used as useful idiots. Most peaceful pure Christians are also being used in the same manner, as useful idiots, via the popularity of the New World Order Pope Francis. For now, all this is irrelevant to the LUZJIPs, as they form a well hidden Cabal, if not a satanic Cabal, at least an atheistic Cabal, that has infiltrated all centers of power of all governments and international organizations, in the pursuit of world domination through chaos and debt-money enslavement. And pursuing that objective is is easy for the new LUZJIP Power because we, all of us, were also idiots in giving the LUZJIPs the power to create infinite debt-money, out of nothing, as private banks, as money they then turn around and really give to... themselves through loans to our idiot governments, and to us as double idiots, as we have to reimburse both our private debt-money and the public debt-money of our governments through taxation. Hopefully the LUZJIPs will eventually have used so many people around the world as useful idiots that some of these better idiots will wake-up, enlighten a critical number of other idiot-slaves around them, and become brilliant new leaders taking us out of our global enslavement. This is where hopefully the PythagorArium will be able to provide its own little contribution, making us go "From Enslavement Downwards To Enslavement Upwards", through a revolution all right, but a democratic "Soft Revolution" through mainly the Ten EthoPrinciples of an EthoCracy/TruthOcracy.    


Concerns at the morality level

On the morality side, the corruption of the highest LUZJIP class is more rampant today than it has ever been before in the history of humanity, because the means to enjoy corruption are now available to implement it for the first time on a global worldwide basis. With their debt-money created out of nothing, the LUZJIPs can easily corrupt and buy most politicians and journalists that would otherwise raise difficult questions, and maybe also better protect most of us from the worst of the rampaging corruption and its corresponding debt-enslavement. In the meantime, as a result, we only have the best politicians and journalists that private can buy, in order for the higher LUZJIP levels of governance to more easily achieve their collectivist Master Plan of dictatorial Orwellian enslavement through a One-World Currency, a dominant One-World Religion, and a One-World Government based in Jerusalem as the ideal Judeo-Christian capital, finally forming the Greater-Israel pursued by the LUZJIPs on the basis of historical protocols like the the project called The Lighthouse Of The east, giving Israel all of the West Bank, more of Jordan, part of Syria being dismantled, possibly all of Lebanon under attack, probably the Sinai area of Egypt, and, as unbelievable as this may seem, part of Greece being destroyed for that purpose, not only economically, but even more seriously culturally, through the massive immigration and the excessive multiculturalism also projected years ago by the Kalergi Plan formulated by the previous generations of the same enslavement forces that we call the ZioZuit Power today.  Again, against these war crimes and their accompanying rampaging corruption, this is a place where the PythagorArium hopes to be able to provide its small contribution through the EthoPlasìn Holistic Education (or: ELLducation) and the EthoCracy-TruthOcracy Virtuous Governance it has as the two main societal reforms of its Mission Statement.


Concerns at the consciousness level

Are not all the above considerations expressing the hard true facts of our current reality? What else do we need? What else should be deceivingly imposed on us, by disinformation and political correctness, before we start realizing what is going on, and thus start reacting and thinking of seriously taking our own future into our own hands before it gets too late? It is very late already. It is urgently the time to reverse the situation and to go “From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards”. This would allow us to finally reduce the many useless LUZJIP echelons of supranational and transnational governance. This would also allow us to finally impose to our governments to be what they should really be: efficient public servants, serving us, and not us serving them as their slaves, nor them serving higher levels of governance above their heads at our detriment. This is what we call Slavery Upwards.


Solutions at the practical level

This should be done through a so-called "soft revolution". In fact, it can only be done seriously, and fully democratically, through first and foremost a serious reform of education, or what we call Holistic Education, (or: ELLducation), based on a return of a philosophy of virtue and beauty, and an education free from its current dumbing indoctrination and political correctness. It can be done concurrently though also a series of reforms of national governance, that we call EthoPrinciples, to achieve slavery upwards instead of slavery downwards. It can finally be improved through also brand new tools of media and language communication. This would improve not only our culture and our easy personal intercommunications worldwide, but also our role as a sovereign productive middle class forcing democratically our elected governments to finally serve us as they should. These new means of communication include a new International Auxiliary Language (IAL) the PythagorArium has created, and a new Master Language it intends to revive and promote worldwide.


All the above background is the reason why the PythagorArium was conceived. Its Mission Statement is formulated accordingly and follows further down, expressed in 3 main points. The 3 societal areas of reform involved correspond to the passage of our society from the culture of the Money Changers, enslaving all of us, to the great ELL culture of the Idea Exchangers that has demonstrated its validity, in making us great, many times already, in the history of humanity. This is what a great ELL master from Nazareth tried to do, some 2000 years ago, but was crucified for attempting it. Maybe what was not possible at that early time, for lack of powerful communication tools, could be realized today, mainly because of the Internet Reformation and the new levels of consciousness that it is spreading globally in the minds of a growing number of people. That new consciousness, along with the new modern tools of what we call Truth Information, can probably do today what was not easily possible in the past. After all, we, the middle class, are the majority. With proper consciousness, majoritarian consensus, and the use of the best new tools of communication, we now have the absolute power to be our own masters, and to, democratically and finally, do whatever we want as such, through taming our public national officials as obedient servants, instead of us being the slaves of too many unelected, destructive and useless, levels of LUZJIP governance above our heads, like we have unfortunately at the moment. It is time to reverse our situation, democratically, and to go “From Slavery Downwards To Slavery Upwards” and achieve a better life of freethinking, freedom, virtue, love and beauty, at the maximum possible level, for the wellness of each kind of living beings of the four kingdoms of our beautiful Planet Earth.



A New EthoLiving Civitas Animated by DELLAGAPJ, as the Deific Apollonian

Cosmic Force of Good, Freedom and Beauty, Best Expressed

by Great ELL Masters like Pythagoras, Plato and Jesus


Ναρθηκοφοροι μεν πολλοι, βακχοι δε γε παυροι

("Many carry the Thyrsus, but Bacchants are few". - ELL Master Plato, in Phaedo, 69c)

Another ELL master, Jesus, said similarly: "Many are called, but few are chosen".

 'Bacchants' are those initiated' to the ELL philosophy of freethinking, virtuous pleasure and beauty.

Let's hope that, through the PythagorArium, more will be chosen as 'bacchants' to better spread ELLJSM




Happiness - Heaven - Hell

HHH is not what the enslaving religions want us to believe


In a world of freewill, which is ours, the Bad must exist in order for us to know the Good and choose between the two. For this reason, there must exist two types of souls: those activating Good, that we call DELLA (DELL Activators), and those activating Bad, that we call SETA (SET Activators). Our short living visits on Planet Earth, as incarnations, are granted to us by Source for passing a test of freewill. If we too often choose the Bad, Planet Earth will become a reformation school for the harmonization of the Pythagorean Tetractys of our human soul during a new incarnation. If we pass the test, or if we reform properly during our current life, our soul grows what Ancient Greeks called Wings, with which to fly out of the matrix of planet Earth after death, in order to be happily and eternally reunited to its deific Source, free for ever from the enclosure of a fatiguing physical body. This is then Heaven.


Otherwise, we reincarnate to try again, as many times as necessary, using our freewill, until we finally succeed. Our unsuccessful incarnations on this Planet Earth are various forms and levels of temporary purgatory. As much as hell may exist, for the DELLA souls, the most difficult level of this purgatory is the only form of existence that can be considered Hell.


Contrary to what the main enslaving religions want us to believe, access to heaven does not exclude, rather the opposite, the balanced use, and loving constructive enjoyment of the legitimate pleasures brought by holistic health and Kallos Beauty, while pursuing Good as DELLA souls, during an incarnation on Planet Earth. These legitimate pleasures can in fact help us work more for the Good, less painfully and more joyfully, and consequently help us for an eventual final access to Heavenly happiness.


On our path of return to the Source, through freewill, our thoughts are all boomerangs. These powerful boomerangs always return to us as generated by us, for our own Good or for our own Bad. As such, our thoughts are our primary tools, leading us to reformation success or to failure. These thoughts, either of our own creation, or in choosing to access and use the best platonic prototypes from the Akashic Archives, through proper holistic education (or: ELLducation), these thoughts again, when used mainly for the Good, are activators of powerful cosmic energy making us participative co-creators with the Deific Force of Good, or DELL, with us acting as a DELLA soul, or acting as DELLAG (as a soul of Deific Enlightened Liberty Advocating Good), and thus the recipients of reformation success. This success brings us Tetractys Wisdom, and consequently temporary happiness, while still on this planet, and also brings us to final eternal happiness after leaving this planet. If used for the Bad, our thoughts make us destructive acolytes of the opposite sub-cosmic Satanic Force of Bad, or SET, with us acting as SETA souls, or acting as SETAB (as souls using Satanic Enslaving Transgressions Advocating Bad), and thus make us self-authors of our own failure even if, sometimes, that failure may falsely happen to appear, to us or to others, as the illusion of a great earthly success.


Our Soul's Responsibility in terms of Co-creativity for the Good
is our divine role in collaboration with the Good Omnipotent Force that we call
Between the Infinite Big and the Infinite Small

Our Galaxy with our Sun

Atom and World Emptiness

Earth Home of Human Souls
The universe has billions of galaxies (like the
‘small’ one shown on the left, which is our own galaxy, the Milky Way) with millions of stars and planets in each of them. A person travelling at the speed of light (at the equivalent speed of 8 times going around the Earth in one second) would require more than 100.000 years to go from the left side to the right side of our 'small' galaxy shown on the picture. One star in this 'small' galaxy, the one that is our own Sun, indicated by the small yellow arrow, is so 'tiny small' that it is hardly visible at galaxy level, even if it is more than 1 million times bigger than our planet. Our planet Earth, gravitating around our Sun, is so much smaller that it is plainly invisible, or 'small' to a point of insignificance at cosmic level, even if it is, in our apparent reality, the location of all our 'big' personal problems.

humans, each of us, are billions of times smaller than our own planet. Each one of us is then composed of only atoms, in unknown trillions, like the one figuratively represented above, at the center, and each atom is more than 99% empty... Between a neutron at the center and an electron surrounding it, as a proportion reported at our level, there is an empty height that is the equivalent of at least a five story building. In other words, the material universe, the only one that we can see, as physical matter, is more than 99% empty... without counting the empty space where there is nothing, in between its material components, like between our moon and our Earth. Consequently, overall, the universe is at least 99.99% empty, including what we apparently see as our own falsely bulky and solid bodies... If we keep digging within the parts of an atom, in its various deeper inner levels, from a lower inner level to an even lower inner level, we can only conclude that we are reaching an absolute 100% of emptiness for the infinite small...

Similarly, if we reverse the process in the opposite direction, and we keep going at more and more distant places in the deepest galactic space, in infinite steps forward, where even conglomerations of galaxies are no more visible, and further away still, we also can only conclude that we are reaching an absolute 100% of emptiness for the infinite big...

However that huge reality of infinite emptiness, up and down, big and small, is actually fully filled, but only with "ideas" belonging to the "no-locality ethereal fifth element" of philosophy, the Platonic philosophy of Pythagorean descent… And each idea, and also each thought of ours, has a kind of resonance over it all, instantly and fully, influencing it all, from our own personal health situation to the way the universe evolves, via the general conditions of our existence at both our local and global earthly levels.

As for the analysis of time, the situation is even more amazing than the analysis of matter and space. What we call a century, in our life, can be seen as a tiny fraction of a second at cosmic level, even such an infinitely small unit of time that it is quite clearly inexistent. In turn, a fraction of a second can be considered as a thousand year millennium at the subatomic level, even such an infinitely big unit of time that it is quite clearly an unmoving eternity.

In short, there is No Reality as we think we know it; There is certainly 
No Matter as we think we know it; No Space as we think we know it; No Emptiness as we think we know it. No Time as we think we know it; No Separation as we think we know it; No Locality as we think we know it; No Life as we think we know it; No Death as we think we know it; No Birth as we think we know it. There is only, for sure, Consciousness, Ideas and Souls.  

Consciousness expresses itself through the founding platonic Protype  Ideas supporting  each of the various levels of souls of the various Kingdoms of Nature. Each kingdom has, and is based on, a form of soul, even the mineral kingdom. On Earth, we, humans, are the highest level of souls. However, our particular high level of soul is unique. It is not only supported by a founding Protype Idea, like the other lower kingdom levels, but it can also co-generate ideas, for the good or for the bad, depending on which way we choose, with free will, to form and use our thoughts and consciousness.

The special Pythagorean discipline studying these concepts is what we call MASTOM (
Matter And Space-Time Ongoing Meditation). This discipline is fundamental for the comprehension of our HHH (Happiness, Heaven and Hell) concepts that are entirely different from what our main religions teach us through their deceitful dogma and its accompanying global DDD enslavement process. This discipline is assisted by the best way to pray, that we call ELLPray.

This MASTOM discipline is also very much integrated to the formation of the 'soldiers' of the PythArmy called PytHoplites.

Finally, this discipline is essential for us to become only DELLAG co-creators, through a process of
ELLducation that is capable of reviving our Cosmic ordinance Pan-forming Holographic Loving Energy”, or CoPHLE This is the deific force that is a "Mens insita omnibus", as a surrounding cosmic force of Good that can be addressed lovingly and proudly from inside us, through ELLPray, as it is also a latent part of us, as opposed to a "Mens ultra omnia", or a foreign force that would have to be begged with fear and humiliation from the outside. Consequently, this discipline can provide us with the best possible harmonization of the 3 main levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of our human soul with its deific Source that we call DELLAGAPJ, in a recovered state of beautiful Oneness, like it was at the time of its original creation.


The temporary failure of DELLA souls lasts until our loving Source gives them a new chance to finally work better for the Good and for the Just, during a new incarnation based on freewill, merit and Joy, while being animated by Beauty and Love. The failure of a mainly SETA soul may also be only temporary, until given the chance of a new incarnation, but it can also turn into a long-term one, if not a permanent one, if the soul, using its freewill, has voluntarily and explicitly chosen the satanic force of SET to animate its earthly life, in order to only pursue things like fame, money and power, independently of the consequences for others. If they insist acting as SETAB souls, their successive reincarnations will never bring them real happiness, not during their earthly life nor after. Their successive reincarnations will only produce a growing level of Bad for them and the rest of us, but a Bad that can be used, by the rest of us, for a growing demonstration of our stronger will to live and act more or only for the Good. The true Hell of the SETA souls is one that may involve many long cycles of unhappiness caused by the faulty use of freewill for the Bad.


Nevertheless, our immensely loving Source will never refuse to give even the worst SETA soul that repents a new chance to use its freewill to attempt to finally become a mainly DELLA soul during a new incarnation. Souls were all created eternal, and by the DELL force, not by the SET force, and are all meant to return to the Source, unless they choose otherwise. The earthly freewill test for the Good or for the Bad is inevitable for us all. Each one of us is given a chance to be a DELLA soul and eventually go back to its creating Source and live in Heaven. For those who will not reach that final success, it will only be because of their own choice in using their freewill for the Bad. Unfortunately some of these SETA souls end-up living permanently for the reinforcement of the Bad at the service of the SET force.


During the last few years, the number of SETA souls entirely dedicated to the Bad seem to have increased and come to haunt us with a growing challenge, certainly all of us working for the Good. This only reflects the apparent ups and downs of the perpetual wrestling of DELL vs. SET. However, DELL being the main cosmic force, and SET being only a sub-cosmic force, in the end, the final Good shall win, but only through a strong Return Of Philosophy in our life, i.e. the real philosophy as it was first created, as PhilosophELL, as mainly, first and foremost, the expression of a set of virtues leading our "philosophical way of life". Consequently that return should bring back better forms of personal and civic life through mainly Holistic EthoPlasìn Education (or: ELLducation) of the human Tetractys at personal level, and firm Ethocratic Virtuous Governance at political level call EthoCracy (or TruthOcracy in its full implementation). This is, overall, what we call EthoCivitas. This new type of Civitas is where the PythagorArium hopes to provide its best contribution. As much or as little as this contribution might be, it shall be meaningful, be it only for having provided the availability of EthoCivitas as an additional choice of freewill, for a growing number of human beings to attain a more harmonious life, along with a possible earthly and/or heavenly happiness.     


Le Temps Revient 



The above Mission Statement reflects the intention to create a New EthoCratic Civitas, or an EthoLiving Civitas of natural personal and civic harmony through a new culture of ELLJSM. This culture of ELLJSM is only a revival of the ancient ELL culture adapted to our modern world. It implies first and foremost, as a first step, The Return of Philosophy as PhilosophELL in our life, but of the real philosophy, as it was created in Ancient-Greece, which was not only a tool for the intellect of a man, like modern and contemporary philosophy, but a discipline of virtues for the man as a whole, using philosophy as a "philosophical way of life", involving the harmonization of the four parts of a human being, in what was called the Pythagorean Tetractys: Body, Soul, Spirit and Wisdom, along with the corresponding creation of Beauty in all aspects of our life, and the spreading of Love for all created beings. This is the foundation of that beautiful ELL culture that requires the spreading of EthoPlasìn Holistic Education (or: ELLducation) promoted and provided by the PythagorArium, with the best development and practice of the 4 cardinal virtues related to the Pythagorean Tetractys: Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice, along with the use of the best form of ELL prayer, to assist our inevitable limitations and mistakes in attaining the final objective of human Wisdom. As a second step, ELLJSM also includes the implementation of EthoCracy Virtuous Governance, or TruthOcracy, that the PythagorArium is always proactively promoting. For countries with an EthoCracy Virtuous Governance at national level already, or also for countries not yet transformed fully into a TruthOcracy, but with some of their citizens wanting it, the PythagorArium proposes a system of NECA (National EthoCratic City Area). City EthoCratic Virtuous Governance, all over a country, may require more time than EthoCratic Virtuous Governance at national political level, for the country to be transformed into a real and complete system of TruthOcracy. Then, citizens of a particular city area, most probably in a brand new city area to be built as such in most cases, aspiring to an EthoCratic Virtuous Governance at city level, or for a part of that city, can unite and form a NECA, for their own concerted benefits, and also as a good example for the citizens of other city areas. This has nothing to do with segregation, but rather with harmonization of city areas regrouping people with common values and intentions, in order to be as ethocratic as possible in their lifestyle, without disturbing in any way the outsiders who may choose to live differently, even if the latter were to live with a lifestyle contrary, or even opposed, to the principles and values of an EthoCracy/TruthOcracy. Nothing would prevent members of a NECA to have the most friendly relationship with the outsiders, respecting them fully, when moving freely in the rest of the city, let alone the country. In turn, outsiders would also be expected to similarly appreciate the will of those who decided to form and live in a NECA, and respect its rules when admitted into it for temporary purposes. A NECA should rather be considered like a special type of condominium, but at city-part level instead of at building level, with concerted rules to be respected when living into it, but of course with the full freedom of its residents to leave it, and go and live somewhere else, whenever they decide they they do not like their particular NECA, or want to do so for any reason.  With a combination of the spreading of EthoPlasìn Education (or: ELLducation), the additional collaboration of the PythAssociation and the EthoSchools, and with the creation of a growing number of NECA environments, we shall be able to start forming and raising more and more of the virtuous future citizens of an ELL culture of Freethinking and Freewill based on Truth, or based on the tradition of the "Idea Exchangers", instead of only supporting with growing disgust the disbanded and depraved citizen-slaves of the current and decadent culture of enslavement propagated nowadays by the LUZJIP "Money Changers". As a final touch, the new culture would also promote two brand new means of interpersonal relations and communications: EthoSpeak (that includes EthoGloso, as an International Auxiliary Language, or IAL, for easy and efficient daily communications at a basic level, and Katharevousa, which is the highest level of ELL/GREEK language). With the inclusion of Katharevousa, the language strategy of the PythagorArium forms the revival of the best language of culture that has ever existed, worldwide for at least some 20 centuries, and culture wise for over 5000 years in the history of mankind.     


The above are not easy objectives. Man is also often weak and prone to mistakes in achieving such beautiful objectives. This is where the best form of prayer becomes essential to help our limitations. With some time and patience, a growing number of Etho-citizens of the New EthoCratic Civitas, grown in a revived culture of ELLJSM, as the culture that has given us the best of what we have been in the history of mankind, shall start to behave in the best possible virtuous way, on the basis of the 4 cardinal virtues, for achieving most meritocratic justice, along with most harmonious beauty, for all other human beings.


The ELL way to Pray, or ELLPray- ELL Prayer WayFor achieving these objectives PythagorArium members shall be praying, morning and night, to be able to preserve, promote and propagate that beautifully creative and loving ELL culture. And for that purpose, they shall pray devotedly, or rather ELLpray, daily, but pray as persons of proud Freethinking and Freewill Based On Truth, in the ELL way, not in the odd traditional submissive ways of the 3 monotheistic religions of greater predominance at the moment; certainly not praying by expressing their deific connection through the lower part of their Tetractys. These odd ways that are not admissible for a person with a pure ELL culture, include, with all due respect, persons praying while moving inelegantly their bottoms in front of a stone wall, like the Jews seem to be doing too repetitiously, or others praying while attempting to lift unnaturally their bottoms, up above their heads, like the Muslims too often show themselves to be cumbersomely doing, but also other persons praying by perplexingly bending their knees down to the ground, with their eyes severely closed, like the Christians too often do, in a position of apparent shame and total DDD submission. All of these odd modes of praying reflect clearly a JudiChrIslam approach, or an Islamic-Judeo-Christian Culture that, for the DDD purposes of the institutional religious nomenclatures involved, has been superimposed on what our best real roots of freethinking and freedom really are, or our fundamental culture of Freethinking and Freewill Based On Truth. These can only be the roots stemming from our primary ELL Greco-Roman Culture, at least for the better part of what we have been in the past, in terms of flourishing periods of civilization, and for the remaining best part of what we still are today, in terms of living in a currently fast decaying society, from a moral and social points of view, living unfortunately in a society that is in an already tragically advanced process of vicious destruction, implemented by what seems to be a deliberate plan, of our most precious family and national cultural values. 


To the contrary, the Etho-Citizens of the New EthoCratic Civitas shall rather pray like the ELL people used to do, or ELLpray, as those who left us their best Greco-Roman Roots, by using the highest part of their Pythagorean Tetractys, and thus the higher parts of their bodies, standing up, as proud individuals created with Freethinking and Freewill Based on Truth, rising up serenely their heads and eyes, along with their hands, in a friendly receiving mode, with ELLegance, towards a heavenly blue or starry sky, in a state of cosmic oneness and gratitude for the gift and honor of a co-creative earthly life, and in a concurrent state of full faith of receiving joyfully in the future the most generous offerings heaven can offer on the basis of best meritocratic justice. This is the way the ELL people used to pray, as those who invented more elements of civilization than any other culture, like the Olympics, democracy, philosophy, holistic education and fine arts, not to mention the first proto-scientific approach to sciences like medicine, astronomy and architecture; in other words, as the inventors of all the best attributes of what we call today Civilization. Such ELL prayer, or ELpraying, shall never be the expression of a begging supplication on their part. Sincere repentance, for their mistakes made so far, might be part of it, without the need for confessing them to any kind of institutional priest, but their prayer shall be essentially the expression of a hope of their strongest participation, and best contribution, from now on, to the divine co-creation process of the universe at their level, collaborating friendlily with the DELLAGAPJ forces incarnated in the highest deific essence of their current human dimension. This kind of ELLprayer shall be their way for achieving more meritocratic justice and Kallos Beauty for all, along with higher Good in general, through their building better civic environments, and through their best possible maintenance of a harmonious living Gaïa (Planet Earth) in the interest of all living creatures. 


Only this way shall we also be able to achieve not/not the fake NWO (New World Order) but a NEWO (New EthoCratic World Order).  The current NWO being pursued by the LUZJIP Power is one of dictatorial debt-slavery being pushed at all of us today as a global deception; It is rather a deliberate DDD "new world disorder" stealthily being implemented as Ordo Ab Chao by the most evil elites for attaining a global enslavement power over all world middle classes. The new order to be pursued should rather be a NEWO (New Ethocratic World Order) implemented for the maximum possible wellness of all humanity. That wellness of nations should respect all their beautiful racial forms and regional expressions, all to be fully preserved and cherished as such, each in their most appropriate national patriotic way, and for the equal wellness of all other participative forms of NEL (Natural Earth-Life) of the 4 kingdoms of mother nature. Only on the basis of respect and full harmonization of these 4 kingdoms, as an initial step, shall we be able to ensure the advent of the reign of the 5th kingdom, the spiritual and deific Kingdom of Human Wisdom, as the highest or more noble kingdom of mother nature, based on the Return of pure ancient philosophy in our life, as a philosophy invented and implemented originally for the attainment of that highest level of wisdom of the human being, not/not a philosophy of mere intellectual exercise like modern philosophy has been downgraded to be, but a philosophy implemented as a Philosophical Virtuous Way of Life. However, the 5th kingdom is only accessible to humans after the long-last virtuous efforts of most persons in the environment, and certainly at least of the ones leading us, through proper holistic education (or: ELLducation), not to say more simply EthoPlasìn Education, as a superior education (or: ELLducation) that becomes fully reflected in the governance of an EthoCracy, or a TruthOcracy, in order to harmonize the balanced development of the various parts and levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of their human soul. This is why the word "Philosophy" means "Love of Wisdom". Only by reaching that 4th level, the one of Human Wisdom, can we bring a man to his maximum possible level of happiness, each one at the best level of his own soul development, for providing a corresponding level of loving co-creation activity on this beautiful Planet Earth.


Philosophy was first created as a virtuous way of living, or the so-called



The PythagorArium (often abbreviated to PythArium, sometimes called abroad the Pythagorean World Center) is a fully integrated educational and recreational area with twelve main components, located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, some 30 kilometers south of Athens in Greece. The World Center is a vast area (or an ARIUM, as an enclosed area devoted to a special function) dedicated, first and foremost, to providing "Holistic Education" (or: ELLducation), instead of only plain instruction, at university level, along with a special type of personal Tetractys discipline based on an emulation of what Ancient-Greece philosopher Pythagoras and, later on, Plato, in his Academia, used to teach, imitated very successfully by many followers for centuries after them. Thus the names 'PythagorArium' (the World Center), 'PythAcademia' (its University Component as an Academy) and 'PythAssociation' (its worldwide personal membership association). The PythAcademia specifically is also called formally the EthoPlasìn Academy. More than providing just top level 'University Instruction', like modern universities limit themselves doing, the PythagorArium also provides, first and foremost, 'Human Education', through the formation of the "Human Tetractys" defined by Pythagoras, as explained in our page on the "Pythagorean Man Emulation" of our above mentioned EthoPlasìn website. -- In other words, while forming good professionals at university level, the PythAcademia also forms these professionals, at the same time, as better persons, better citizens, and better philo-eco-sophical inhabitants of beautiful Planet Earth, making them become also "Civitas Professionals" on the basis of a better "Political Tetractys": all compulsory additional and cumulative graduation requirements.


The PythArium forms students mainly locally, at the PythAcademia, but also forms others at distance, through its PythAssociation, while they study and live in their own countries. Those studying at the PythAcademia, once having passed a meritorious competitive pre-selection process, and once being formally admitted, are maintained under contract, free of charge, including for their full uniform clothing. Each one of them, on graduation, also becomes a "Civitas Manager" on top of his regular professional qualifications. In exchange for all these benefits, including full top level professional university education, they must accept joyfully the severe internal discipline, and help growing and collecting their own vegetarian food on a part-time basis, subject to immediate expulsion without appeal under their admission contract.


The holistic nature of the above requirements exists mainly for the pursuit of a better "Human Tetractys", thus the pursuit of more "Philosophical Wisdom", and consequently more personal happiness, in more meritocratic and philoecosophical environments. PythagorArium aims at achieving better World Civic Wellness through (as per its logo and vocation) "Better Decorum, More Merit and Oneness Responsibility", through also the pursuit of EthoCracy, hopefully a fully implemented TruthOcracy, through the promotion of EthoSpeak (with a new International Auxiliary Language called EthoGloso, and the revival of Katharevousa as the best common cultivated language worldwide). It also aims at destroying the terrible Matrix of Boomerangs of Political Correctness that is affecting today the proper understanding and the quality of the life of all of us, and replace it with a new cultural environment of ELLJSM based on the culture of Freethinking and Freewill Based on Truth of the ancient culture of the ELL "Idea Exchangers" instead of on the culture of DDD enslavement of the "Money Changers".


The PythArium is completely self-financing, on a no-profit basis, through two of its campus components offering quality entertainment activities open to the public. These 2 components of public entertainment, financing the PythagorArium on a no-profit basis, are located directly on the beautiful blue seashore of the Mediterranean Sea south of Athens in Greece. They are the formal ApolafsArium and the casual DiaskedArium, to which activities students must give a limited amount of their time, either assisting the various operations, or participating in music/singing recitals, and in shows of classic EthoJudo or acrobatic/entertaining EthoPlay, for the public frequenting them.



No more a NWO (New World Order), but a NEWO (New Ethocracy World Order)

(also called TELWO: TruthOcracy Enlightened Liberty World Order)









PythagorArium Emblem & its Deific 'DELL-PJ' Symbols


The central part of the PythagorArium Logo is explained at the top of the page. As for its DELL-PJ symbols at the top of the emblem, in blue, reported here to the left, we must add the following. The PythagorArium is softly anti-religion, or rather firmly a-religious, let alone anti-New-Age fashions, but only in terms of these religions being formal hierarchic church institutions. Such institutions have always been, and still are today, a cause of massive SET and DDD enslavement in the hands of mainly the ZioZuitZlam Power. A PythagorArium member is nevertheless very religious, but only in terms of being an ELLducated freethinking spirit, and of his concurrent strong faith in his participation, as a Tetractys-Educated-Human-Being, to a Cosmic-Creative-Force-of-Good that is called DELL (Deific ELL, or "Deific Enlightened Liberty") in his environment. This enlightenment can only come through a Holistic Tetractys Education that is called ELLducation in his environment, provided by the EthoPlasìn Academy, as an education based on the one-and-only philosophy, the philosophy as it was created: as an expression of a set of virtues. This heavenly appeal and enlightenment are symbolized by the beautiful heaven-blue "D" and its content of the  ELL-PJ symbols shown to the left. At the same time, a member is conscious that this DELL Force-of-Good is being contrasted by an opposite Force-of-Bad, or SET (Satanic Enslavement Transgressions) mainly maneuvered, on Planet Earth, by not so much the basic culture of the 3 main monotheistic religions, but by the institutional ZioZuitZlam Power of DDD that they have all become. This SET Force-of-Bad is constantly attempting to enslave all of us, confusing us to its advantage as to what HHH (Happiness, Heaven and Hell) really are. Consequently, the Tetractys-educated PythagorArium member, or an ELLducated person, will always be dedicated to combatting it by all possible means.


The DELL cosmic and creative Force-of-Good is the one that generated and animated the ancient ELL culture that gave birth to all the best periods of civilization in the history of humanity, be it, as only 2 good examples, Ancient-Greece and the Renaissance. That same DELL Force-of-Good is also the deific procreative source of the main tools that brought us these greatest periods of civilizations: the creation of philosophy as an expression of a set of virtues, the invention of real participative and meritorious democracy (that the PythagorArium calls EthoCracy or TruthOcracy in its full implementation), the spreading of holistic Tetractys education of the human soul on the basis of cardinal virtues, that we now call ELLducation, and the use of Kallos Beauty in all aspects of our life. Members of the PythagorArium, all of them, try to always express co-creatively this DELL Force-of-Good, each member doing it in his own best possible way, with dedication and gratitude for being given that chance and honor, becoming as such a co-creator of the philosophical Good for the best benefit of all living beings. In achieving this good co-creative role, the member uses his outmost best ELLducated behavior and performance in all his actions, at the maximum potential level of skills and aptitudes that the Force-of-Good granted him at birth.


This DELL Force-of-Good was best expressed, in the last 3 millennia, by the so-called 6P line of philosophers (Pythagoras, Plato, Plutarch, Plotinus, Porphyrios and Proclus), and also, very eminently so, by a great ELL master called Jesus, half way through the main period of about 1000 years that covers the cumulative line of time of the "6P": ~550 BC to ~450 AD. Thus the "PJ" symbols of the emblem for the 2 best representatives: Pythagoras and Jesus. Contrary to what all institutional churches want us to believe, including all the denominations of the current pseudo-Christian religions, Jesus was not at all a Judeo-Christian figure. The foundation of a church in his name, as an institution, was falsely attributed to him. These Christian churches, as institutions, like all the institutions of power of the other main religions, have all become only instruments of enslaving power. These institutions were deceitfully founded in his name by clear Judaic figures, instead of pure 'Christian' figures, like Saint Paul who was a pure Jew, presumably converted, but who had never even met Jesus during his contemporary lifetime. Another similar example is Saint John Loyola who was a Jew, also supposedly converted, who founded the Jesuits in 1540, as a new institution that finally became one of the main instruments of the NWO, not to mention their deceitful complicity in the situation of SETABUSE that we live today in terms of the degradation of all the best traditional values or our western culture. And Pope Francis, as a Jesuit, and consequently as a LUZJIP protagonist closely tied to the global UN agenda of the NWO, with his confessed 'inability to judge' and his unique, unprecedented and incomprehensible tolerance of relativism as a pope, is part of the current SET degrading process. Jesus wanted simply to found a new cultural movement whereby people would follow, or adapt better, to his ELL culture, as the culture of the DELL Force-of-Good based on freethinking, justice, beauty and liberating Truth. As a clear ELL figure from Nazareth, he only wanted people to culturally reform their society accordingly, but he did not want to found any church institution, in particular not a pseudo-Judeo-Christian one. He wanted to bring his surrounding world closer to his ELL culture of clear historical superiority. From this point of view, the foundation of the Christian Church, as an institution, is a complete fraud on the part of non-ELL protagonists who wanted to use that institution for exploitation and subjugation purposes, originally mainly through DDD, and later on also through SET, as well demonstrated by the terrible historical periods of the Inquisition and the wars of religion.


It is a historical fact that Jesus was not at all a Judeo-Christian figure, but rather, as a Galilean from Nazareth, a pure and great ELL Master. He surely spoke Aramaic and Hebrew as secondary languages but, as an Ellinas ('ELL-inas' = 'Greek' person), he mainly spoke Ellinika ('ELL-inika' = 'Greek' language) as his mother tongue (sorry for this specificity, but the word 'Greek' does not exist in the 'Greek' language). As such he was an eminent representative of the DELL (Deific ELL) Force-of-Good. As such, he was also prepared to fight, even at the cost of his own life in his case, against the SETABUSE Force-of-Bad, wherever and whenever necessary, just like ELLducated PythagorArium members want to do today, albeit maybe not at the cost of their life in their own case. The rest, about Jesus, is only disinformation from affirmed complicit historians and theologians wanting to be politically correct, in particular in front of the ZioZuitZlam Power currently dominating and enslaving the whole world today.


This enslavement is being achieved through the NWO (New World Order), or rather the SED (Satanic Enslavement Disorder, as it is often called by ELLducated PythagorArium members), and the push for its fast forthcoming One-World-Government of dictatorial collectivism based on Fabian Socialism, supported by a One-World-Religion (or a kind of JudiChrIslam Panthriskia) and a One-World-Currency. To contrast this imminent complete disaster of SET destruction, corruption, depravation, ugliness and enslavement, deceitfully imposed on people by design, through mainly the global ZioZuit strategy of Ordo Ab Chao, using radical Muslims on their path as useful idiots in a full spectrum of ZioZuitZlam strategies, ELLducated PythagorArium members want instead a NEWO (New Ethocratic World Order).


Through NEWO, members also want world peace as much as possible, with the legitimate use of strong and patriotic national armed forces, but with war being used and conducted only strictly in a defensive way, and never for only the deceitful enrichment of the current dominant ZioZuit Power. That power is constantly fomenting wars, as it is always anxiously and proactively seeking to finance the purchase of arms, and then both the costly military operations and the subsequent costly reparations of all these wars, with the guarantee of full reimbursement by the taxpayers of the countries involved; unfortunately, this is the only reason why most wars are conceived, fomented and conducted today, with complete indifference, not to say with satanic pleasure, whatever the tragic human and social costs these deadly and destructive wars might have; and the declaration of these false wars for profit purposes, instead of defense purposes, is highly facilitated by the SED strategy of Ordo Ab Chao of the currently dominating ZioZuitZlim Power, through the lies of odious false pretexts and the use of criminally catastrophic false flag operations.


With the EthoPrinciple of OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance) at its core foundation, such deceitful wars would never be declared in, participated from, or conducted by, an EthoCracy, in particular in a TruthOcracy, that has the meaningful DELL symbol crowning its emblem. The complete elimination of the SED of the current ZioZuitZlim Power around the world might not be realistically possible, but the reinforcement of DELL to counteract and reduce the SED, is the only proper route to follow, the only way an EthoCracy or a TruthOcracy wants to operate, and certainly the main mission the ELLducated PythagorArium members want to pursue with their activities.  

DELL Be With You!






Author and contact:

Jacques Drapeau / Ζακ Ντραπώ


Jacques H Drapeau Consul 2019



For quick reference, the PythArium includes these 12 components:

  1. PythAcademia - The University proper, called formally the EthoPlasìn Academy (with its logo shown at the top on the right).

  2. PythAssociation - The association of non-student members trained at distance in the EthoPlasìn discipline as part of a PAP.

  3. PythInstitute - The Think-tank of external experts brought in every year for assisting the LogosArium.

  4. BeLovArium - The foundation providing the long term real estate financing of the overall PythagorArium.

  5. ApolafsArium - The internal and formal "Enjoyment Center" providing self-financing to the campus through commercial entertainment activities.

  6. DiaskedArium - The external and casual "Recreational Center" providing self-financing to the campus through commercial entertainment activities.

  7. LogosArium - The philosophical body providing the guiding EthoPlasìn ideas, with the help of its PythInstitute Think Tank.

  8. ElinArium - The 'Salon de Philosophie' taking care of the public relations, activities of promotion and PytHarmony prizes.

  9. CivicArium - The Social Recuperation Center for persons and animals victims of civic violence.

  10. AmilArium - The Olympic Facilities center for the physical training of the students on the campus.

  11. ErgosArium - The  admission, orientation and placement center for the students of the campus.

  12. PythagorArium - The overall umbrella body coordinating all the above components.


From a physical container point of view, the PythArium has 2 separate physical headquarters areas:

  1. PreEdenArium - The mainland administrative and screening area that includes the DiaskedArium and controls access to the EdenArium of the PythagorArium.

  2. EdenArium - The offshore ecological and bio-diatomaceous land on which the main core of the PythagorArium is built and where its students are formed. 



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