Transition from fake democracy to true democracy as TruthOcracy

(this page is still only in a very rough draft form)

The Transition Requires the Following first Steps

  1. A referendum on the Twelve Cumulative Constitutional Reforms of a TruthOcracy.
    This referendum must be won before any other step is taken. The referendum is proposed by a coalition of the the new political parties wanting to establish a TruthOcracy governance in the country. The referendum is based on a lean document of not more than 2 pages, summarizing the Twelve Cumulative Constitutional Reforms of a TruthOcracy. Each of the 12 points however are substantiated with all relevant additional information through the links under each reform leading to the website of the coalition. That lean document is meant to be considered the new constitution as soon as the referendum is won. The new constitutional document must also includes the formation of a TetractArium of governance to substitute the current representational parliament as soon as possible, not later than one year after the referendum. Winning the referendum means the automatic proclamation of a brand new TruthOcracy Constitution. All existing laws conflicting with that new constitution will then be gradually amended to conform to them as soon as possible in the process of their use. All laws not respecting the new Constitution are automatically abolished and new ones are established as time permits. In the meantime, the sectors that are not regulated are considered exactly that, not regulated, and officials and people proceed with their life on the basis new constitutional guidelines that can be requested and issued as appropriate or on the basis of the spirit of the broad principles of the new constitution. Justice officials do the same until new legislation is issued regarding an unregulated sector of activity.  
  2. The declaration of Martial Law for 2 years.
    During these 2 years, the new structure of governance is put into place, and the GovernAriant has full powers to ensure law and order during the transition.
  3. Destitution of the parliament and its replacement with a TetractArium.
    The parliamentarians are all liquidated with proper severance pay.
    All other public officials (pubic servants of any level) keep their positions and work under the direction of the new CabinetArium.
  4. New legislation implementing the constitutional TAT (Truth And Transparency) reform.
    Truth and Transparency become officially the 2 main requirements of governance, and Truth Obstruction on the part of a government official becomes a felony crime as PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime) published most severely.
  5. New legislation about a new central bank.
    The new central bank is not private anymore, but public, as part of the national Treasury.
    Treasury will start issuing only no-debt money (currency) as soon as the old central bank is dismantled. 
  6. Elimination of the private central bank.
    This is the central bank that has been issuing debt-money until now.
    All its employees are liquidated with proper severance pay. 
  7. Debt Jubilee
    All public debt, as the national sovereign debt, is eliminated.
  8. New legislation on commercial bank.
    All can only operate with a fractional reserve of maximum 10, and compete with interests rates at maximum 10%.