Preliminary Notice of Understanding

Website Based On The ELL Culture

This website was written mainly with the "Western World" in mind, and in relation to its origin, or best roots, from the particular ELL culture of ELLAS (Ancient-Greece) that made it the best of what it has been, and still, in many ways, the best of what it is. That culture should be able to still maintain it, and raise it, at its best level of achievements, but from both a human and a scientific point of view, and not just a technological point of view, like most people tend to only look at it today. It should also improve or reinvigorate its currently decadent governance for all the populations involved. This ELL culture is the one that invented real philosophy, real education, real democracy and the first real sciences in term of a systematically naturo-scientific approach. It is the culture that was transmitted to us as our best "Greco-Roman" roots. Unfortunately, what we, wrongly and too often, call our "Judeo-Christian" culture was mostly an attempt to superimpose our better previous Greco-Roman culture, and consequently subjugate and enslave us through tools like dogma, fear and debt-money. This is how we lost a great part of our much more precious and fundamental Greco-Roman culture of liberty, love, and virtue through philosophical Enlightened Logos Liberty (ELL). A return to that philosophical culture is the only thing that can save us today. 

The concepts of the ELL culture elaborated with the "Western World" in mind are so fundamental that they can also apply in great part to the rest of the world, mutatis mutandis, adapting them to the best culture of each of the other various parts of the world. With a bit of constructive adaption, TruthOcracy can be made quite universal and be the best system of governance, by and for "We The People", managed by well chosen virtuous and meritorious public servants in most countries.

In Addition
Parts of this website are very critical of what the current "Western World" is, and for good reasons, at this unprecedented moment of obvious decadence, with its extreme corruption, deceitfulness and diabolic lack of virtue, merit and truth. Consequently the website might seem overly negative in first approaching it. However, this is not the case at all. Its approach, in terms of its substance, is in fact the exact opposite, as a most positive and constructive one. An attentive reader will soon realize that, overall, there are probably no websites to be found on the subject of "Democracy" (or rather on improved democracy, that we call TruthOcracy as a first step, and an Aristarchy at a final stage, or as what we sometimes call DemocracELL) that are presenting as many positive concrete reforms and suggestions for improving it, to finally bring it to be a real, direct and participative democracy based on Truth (as TruthOcracy), merit, and on Holistic Soul Tetractys Education of Pythagorean descent. These two improvements can bring us real 'Democracy' as Aristarchy when fully implemented, and real 'Education', just as they (education and democracy) were so well first invented by Ancient-Greece, thus bring us a comprehensive new form of governance and civic life through the most positive suggestions of the Twelve Reforms we introduce below for what we call TruthOcracy (which is a new name coined in order to avoid the confusion with the fake democratic reality that we wrongly call democracy today).

PythagorArium, as a Project, with TruthOcracy and EthoPlasìn holistic education, for the creation of a better civic environment of Aristarchy, and a better life for all the natural kingdoms of beautiful Planet Earth, may be an idea whose time has come. Like Victor Hugo once well said: "There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come".


From DeceptOcracy to TruthOcracy to Aristarchy

At the moment the propaganda wants us to believe we live in democracy. This is a falsity. Our western democracy is no more than what we can call a Plutocracy or a DeceptOcracy: a fake democracy based on various levels of deceptions to enslave us through DDDD (Disinformation, Despair, Dogma and Debt-money) where "Despair" has the meaning of "Fear", and (bad) "Debt-money" is in opposition to the (good) use of only debt-free Treasury-money) for governance purposes. The first step to correct that situation is to transform this fake democracy into a TruthOcracy, i.e. a democracy based on Truth. Then the second step shall be to add Merit to Truth as the two legs of a new democratic system we shall call an Aristarchy. The first step of TruthOcracy is the short term objective of the PythagorArium Project, while the second step of Aristarchy is the long-term objective of the PythagorArium Project. This final objective is a long-term mission that we call PELLTAT (Promoting Enlightened-Logos Liberty, Truth, Aristarchy & Trustmoney).





TruthOcracy is a sub-website of the PythagorArium Project





The PythagorArium Project has to do with three new cumulative ways to improve our civic and cultural environments, with their content elaborated in two separate websites that are closely related, including links to a common dictionary of all the new acronyms used.




  1. PythagorArium SymbolEDUCATION: this part of the project has to do with the holistic education of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul. This first part of the project is defined in a previous website called EthoPlasìn. 

  2. GOVERNANCE: this part of the project has to do with a new form of governance based on Truth, called TruthOcracy at an initial stage, and Aristarchy based also on merit and beauty in all aspects of life as a final stage. This second part of the project is defined in this website called TruthOcracy (in what follows below).

  3. LANGUAGE: this third part of the project has to do with promoting a return to the use of the best language that ever existed on planet Earth, and still exists today, for the best possible expression of cultivated human thought. This is Katharevousa, which is the higher level of the Greek language that has played that masterful role beautifully for well over 1000 years and, in any case, has had a clear continuous superiority over all other languages for at least 5000 years. Unfortunately, over the last few centuries, its role has been taken over mainly by English which, in comparison, is a very primitive language tool. As having the bulk of unsophisticated people using Katharevousa is not possible, the project also promotes to the uncultured masses the use of its own new auxiliary langue of extreme simplicity that shall enable anyone to communicate freely for simplistic practical purposes wherever they may be in the world today. This is what we call EthoGloso


Feel free to start with whichever website you prefer but the first one on EthoPlasìn Holistic Education (from the EthoPlasìn website) is an essential requirement and the proper beginning of the route to follow to understand better the second one on TruthOcracy and the pursuit of Aristarchy. The two websites are however closely interrelated and often have links calling parts of each other for explaining more exhaustively their respective contents. 





Ethos / EthoCracy / TruthOcracy / Aristarchy- A TruthOcracy is the best first step to what we call EthoCracy, or a democracy based on Ethos. To be based on Ethos, it has to be based on absolute Truth. The word Ethos is of Greek origin, with the basic meaning of "human character". In that sense, it is usually used to describe the best guiding beliefs and ideals of a person who intends to have a leading role in guiding a community or a nation. This leading role should be based on philosophy as it was invented, which meant, at that time, love of wisdom, as wisdom to be acquired and used for the good of humanity and all the kingdoms of nature. But real wisdom cannot be acquired without absolute truth. In a modern context of governance, it means a return of that real philosophy in our life, both in our personal and in our public life. Consequently the TruthOcracy adds "Truth" as an absolute requirement of governance over and above Ethos because without Truth there cannot be Ethos. An Aristarchy, as a second step, adds both merit and beauty as additional requirements of governance to finally have a fully accomplished TruthOcracy, which then is called an Aristarchy. In Greek, "Aristos" means "The Best", and Aristarchy consequently means "best possible governance by the best possible people" based on Truth, Merit and Beauty. 




TruthOcracy generates Beauty, social and political Beauty,
and promotes natural beauty, as overall Kallos Beauty.
Beauty in turn breeds Love and Truth, thus Liberty.
Only Truth Enlightened Logos can maintain Liberty.
Only this kind of Liberty can preserve TruthOcracy.


Twelve main TruthOcracy Reforms
> Summary of each reform in the shortest possible way <
(with a link to a deeper level with clarifications for each reform)


The following twelve reforms of a TruthOcracy

will form a beautiful palace of the happiest

 possible civic life that is conditioned

by its compliance to all the above






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