N.B. This is only the incomplete first draft of an essay

that is in the process of being elaborated

to become an eventual eBook.


We Can & We Must





From Democracy To EthoCracy

with effective Patriotic Proudness, or with

Periphania / Περηφάνεια



Yes, We Can! - Yes, We Must!



Democracy or Debtocracy / Freedom or Enslavement


Most people in the western world have been made to believe that they are living in a Democracy. Because of this, they have also been made to believe that they live under the best form of public governance that exists in the whole world. This is a complete fraud. We do not live in a Democracy, but in a Debtocracy. We live in a fake democracy that is in fact a Debtocracy. In a Debtocracy, money is created as debt, not as asset, as it can, and should be, to avoid the enslavement of is citizens. At the moment, all our money is created as debt-money, not as a debt-free asset. Consequently we clearly live in a Debtocracy. That Debtocracy is also the main cause of our primary enslavement today. Yes, enslavement! There is no other word! Enslavement through debt, for both countries, using public debt-money, and persons who not only use private debt-money, but are made responsible to reimburse all the public debt-money through taxation. This is an incredible scam, very successful for their authors, but most destructive for all the rest of us as victims of it. 


This debt enslavement is compounded by other factors at personal level, like dogma and disinformation, as a DDD enslavement. It is also compounded by many other factors at a national or international level, that we will expose in other sections. This will include things like excessive multiculturalism, massive unselected immigration, offshoring of our best jobs in countries using unprotected slave workers, and outsourcing abroad the best of our national industrial productivity skills, and production, that used to be the main source of our prosperity.


We will cover some of this later. However, as this early point, we can already realize and affirm that we do not have to put up with all these enslavement factors. None of them! Why should we live under such a fraud when we do not have to? Who, among us voters, has ever given to our so-called leaders the right to implement such a fraud without our explicit consent? We, as the majority, can dismantle this fraud completely, and most democratically. And the main initiative to start with, first and foremost, is the dismantling of the debt-money system, and the return to wise debt-free money creation under proper public and constitutional control.  


The continuous disinformation, the one that we receive from the mainstream media, too often tells us that debt-money, as it is created now, to be borrowed by governments when they want, is the only way countries can be governed with proper resources. We will see that this is a totally deceitful falsity propagated by the disinformation of those few private financial elites who benefit highly and selfishly from the debt-money system. Things do not, absolutely not, have to be that way. The best proof is that many countries have had some of their most prosperous periods without using any debt-money. This includes periods of the USA before 1913, periods of Germany and Japan for a few years each in the 1930s, and Canada between 1938 and 1974. In any case, as a legitimate simplistic comparison, why should I be as stupid as borrowing money from my private neighbor, to be reimbursed by me with great difficulty to that private neighbor, and reimbursed as debt in terms of both capital and interests, when that private neighbor creates it out of nothing, printing it legally in his private basement? This is exactly what we are doing at the moment at government level with our private central banks. Then, if we even made this terrible scam legal, why should I not do it myself, for the same amounts of debt-free money, instead of asking a loan from my neighbor? It would be the same amount of money put in circulation, but it would not have to be reimbursed to anybody, not by me, nor in particular by my children and grand-children of future generations, and not in terms of either capital or interest? The deceitful propaganda will tell those of us who discovered that scam that it is because it would be abused very quickly by the public sector. But this is also a falsity, at least in an EthoCracy where governments can rule only and strictly on the basis of a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract), and within the limits of a powerful OTIG (Only True Information Governance) system. Consequently, there is a good combination of institutional and constitutional means to avoid this public abuse on the part of corrupted politicians. And in any case, during the last generation in particular, the private central banks as they exist now, issuing debt-money, have been the first ones to abuse that system dramatically, through mainly the so-called QE (Quantitative Easing), in complicity with politicians they have corrupted, and with terrible consequences of public debt put on the shoulders of all of us as current and future taxpayers. 


Canada in particular is a good example of this disastrous scam. It had the most prosperous years of its history precisely between 1938 and 1974 when it was issuing and using only asset money, or debt-free money, for public expenses, that is no debt-money, under very good legal control. In 1974, the so-called "great" P. E. Trudeau switched it to the debt-money system, for no other logical reason than to be able to maintain himself in power for some 18 years as Prime Minister, with the help of the debt-money elites that he had so abusively favored. Canada became immediately a Debtocracy. Since 1974, it has progressively become a highly indebted country in spite of an immense richness that could easily prevent such situation. Its government public debt as a percentage of GDP in 2012 was close to 90%, and thus one of the highest levels in the world. According to a formal study of the University of Calgary, its inexistent public debt before 1974, that is before converting discretely to debtocracy, was turned into a ratio of 6% of GDP in the very first year, in 1974 itself, and is now around 100% of GDP today in 2016. This oddly places, now, one of the richest countries in the world, at the incomprehensible risk, or rather the inadmissible risk, of a possible collapse of its currency and economy, in spite of its uniquely immense resources per capita that should make its people live better than anywhere else. The richest province, Ontario, has 5 times the public debt per capita of the most highly indebted state of California. It is now even very noticeable through some travel around the country that Canada has become a rich country of poor people, or at least of poor-living people, because of their private and public debt. There is no justification for such difficult situation in a rich country like Canada except the debt-money system.


This situation, in many other similar countries of the most developed world, amounts to an already fast moving collapse of western civilization caused by those elites who take selfish advantage of the debt-money system to pursue a global enslavement of people, worldwide, under a dictatorial One-World-Government. This is the NWO (New World Order). And most other rich countries are also affected by this satanic NWO Plan, without being capable, or without daring, to do anything about it. That NWO Master Plan was first formulated in writing by Adam Weishaupt, in 1776. He was a previous Zio Jew who became a Catholic Jesuit after supposedly being converted Christian, but still operating, as a Jesuit, with the financing of the Zio-Rothschild family. The Rothschild family in the background wanted to use him, and the organizational skills of the Jesuits, to achieve a NWO with, first and foremost, the acquisition, in as many countries as possible, of the power to privately create public debt-money, for enslaving mainly the countries involved, in a One-World-Government under their full control. Of course this was also involving the enslavement of the people living in these countries, as they would be made responsible to reimburse the public debt-money borrowed by their countries. Unfortunately, that master plan also included explicitly many other accessory elements of enslavement, like the abolition of nations as nations, and their national governments, the abolition of patriotism, the abolition private property (except for themselves as the new and only world masters and owners), the abolition of inheritance (except of course for their descendants and their main complicit collaborators), the abolition of family, the abolition of marriage, and even the abolition of religion except for a new One-World-Religion serving their interests through DDD enslavement. If that plan had been written today, it would also certainly include the new objectives and tools that the descendants of that same ZioZuit Power are clearly pursuing today, like the abolition of cash, and the abolition of all national currencies except for a new One-World-Currency under their full control, not to say their fully electronic control. Is this not all what is happening today, in all aspects of our life, and the very situation of global enslavement in which we are? But the first and main tool to achieve this global enslavement was the private creation of public debt-money.       


Consequently, it is high time to expose this debt-money scam in particular, dismantle it, and get rid of it. And this is very possible, even most democratically. To understand that debt-money system scam turning democracies into debtocracies, and to have a better idea as to what the solutions are, there is no better start than to read the book The Creature from Jekyll Island (1994), by G. Edward Griffin. Another good and more recent book is Web Of Debt - The Shocking Truth About Our Money System And How We Can Break Free, by Ellen Hodgson Brown. As for Griffin, he writes specifically about the case of the USA, but his description of the enslaving debt-money system applies perfectly to all other western countries, mutatis mutandis. Brown expands with broader comments. Certainly, this scam is the main reason why Greece is in so much debt trouble at the moment, along with most other EU countries, if not the whole of the western world. Not only are all these countries enslaved by debt-money, but the ugly reality is that this is done by design, not by mistake or ignorance. The design serves beautifully the few and powerful ZioZuit masters in the background, mainly the financial elites who profit highly from the debt-money system. Of course, this embarrassing information about the terrible scam involved is kept out, as much as possible, also by design of the same elites, from all the mainstream media, and consequently unknown to most people. 


That design is also beautifully exposed in the books of John Perkins, mainly The New Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man (2016, expanding his first version of 2004). Perkins himself is a whistleblower as an ex economic hit man who repented. In his first version of 2004, he describes beautifully how he was, for many years, one of the major and most successful economic hit men helping the propagation of the debt-money scam for the enslavement of countries like Indonesia, Panama and Ecuador, to name only a few, with the fully complicit help and collaboration of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the WB (World bank), just as these accomplices are doing today in Greece and so many other countries with other economic hit men. The most interesting aspect of his new version is when he explains how these hit men used to operate mainly in the third world, to propagate the debt-money system of enslavement but, because of their complete success being unchallenged, that they have now arrogantly expanded their enslaving strategy to the first world, mainly the EU and the USA. And what is happening in Greece today is the perfect proof of their new success even in the first world. If it goes well for them in Greece, and for them it is in fact going very well so far, then the rest of the EU will be an easy ride downhill, not to mention the USA itself with its population that is already well on its way to be completely enslaved and become a new-third-world country. Only a WWIII could save them, and they are working hard on its forthcoming, as they make a lot of money with wars, financing the necessary purchase of arms before the wars, the operations during these wars and the reconstruction after the wars involved, all with the public debt-money they can create privately out of nothing. As long as we will permit the debt-money scam to exist, we will only strongly encourage new wars to take place. And this is why so many wars have been conducted in the last years and are still conducted today. Debt-Money! Death-Money! If not enough of us wake up, and do something about it, this is exactly what will happen soon.   


Fortunately there are solutions to break this huge scam of debt-money creation, and to reverse the system to debt-free money, very democratically, returning back from Debtocracy to real Democracy, or to real participative democracy from its base, as it was invented by Ancient-Greece, instead of maintaining a false and enslaving democracy from its top, operating as a debtocracy. We, the enslaved subjects, are the absolute majority. As such, the elites can do nothing anymore for our enslavement if we organize ourselves democratically for our complete liberation. This liberation process consists of conducting a country to go "From Enslavement Downwards to Enslavement Upwards", with the enlightened bottom of the pyramid commanding the top, and the government officials at the top becoming strictly obedient public servants instead of being oppressive private masters. These solutions are the subject of the essay that follows. Thus the PythagorArium slogan: "Make Down Rule Up - Have Up Serve Down". And this is not at all a utopia. It can be done most easily if we enforce the 10 EthoPrinciples of an EthoCracy, as we will explain further down.  


We Can & We Must

Get Rid Of Our Global Enslavement


We are starting to see that we, both the low-class and the middle-class, even if most of us still do not realize it quite consciously, already live in a situation of global enslavement. The low-class is enslaved mainly through a degrading form of handouts that it receives with humiliating subjugation because it is not the proper solution for most proud people without work. They are the welfare slaves, not from the point of view of those not working, but from the point of view of those providing them benefits too loosely when they could work, in order to get their votes. The working middle-class in turn is enslaved mainly through an extreme form of multi-layer taxation system that has to cover the debt caused by both the handouts of the non-working lower-class and the gross unmerited benefits of the high-class. However, both the low and the middle classes are further enslaved without their conscious realization, through the debt-money system from which their governments borrow debt-money instead of creating the same money debt-free. That debt-money has to be reimbursed eventually by these new slaves, as taxpayers, but will even have, quite incredibly, to be reimbursed by all their children and grand-children as future generations of additional taxpayers. All of this system is ridiculous, gross unpunished management, and amounts to an odd form of 'legal-criminality' on the part of the authors. 


In the meantime, the commanding high-class has been put in place mainly through political favors and cronyism, and rarely for specific competence, and the cronies of that managing class manage mainly to avoid, completely or substantially, their fair part of taxation, mainly the corporations involved. This is the new 'Corporate Welfare' compounding the debt caused by the undeserving part of the 'Social Welfare'. These cronies then pretend to be busy, but this is essentially in pseudo-work activities that mostly only contribute to more enslavement for both the middle-class and the lower-class, allowing them, the cronies, to parade arrogantly in front of us on TV, undisturbed and unquestioned, on a daily basis, in the best palaces and hotels, while receiving salaries that the taxpayers could never even dream of, and enjoying other most expensive and unmerited privileges that the same taxpayers are kept totally unaware of. Apart from exaggerated and unnecessary high taxation, that crony higher class also places the two lower classes in the conundrum of an infinite complexity of oppressive legislation that, in all good common sense, most people just cannot know anything about, except very superficially, albeit for no fault of them, while these common people are busy attempting surviving on a day to day basis and paying the related taxes for their implementation. These common people are nevertheless always guilty of not knowing the law when it is used by the ruling class to affect their general wellbeing.


In addition, as voters, we are all totally cheated, and thus enslaved even further, by politicians who keep saying one thing before being elected, and then doing nothing of what they promised, or doing something after election that is entirely different and worsening our enslavement situation. This is because, when these politicians finally decide to act, it is mainly in terms of new additional enslaving legislation or taxation. Needless to say that these new taxes or laws have never been planned for, not even mentioned, in an electoral program before an election. This could not, just not, happen in an EthoCracy where an "electoral program" does not exist: there is only a fully binding "electoral contract", or a BEC delivered most tightly, and controlled most severely, through the OTIG EthoPrinciple.  


As if this were not enough, we are enslaved in many other additional ways. As religious persons, we are constantly kept under additional heavy pressure, compounding our social and economic enslavement even further. This is done through incomprehensible, thus unacceptable, dogma to be followed blindly, and through fear of eternal hell after death in case of disobedience. The fact that this violates and even annihilates completely the most important attribute of a human being, his freethinking attribute, is of no relevance. As patriots of our nation, we are enslaved through wild massive immigration and excessive and highly destructive multiculturalism. As citizens we are enslaved by a growing police state with a police force that is being militarized and does not exist anymore to protect us, but to protect our governing enslavers.


The worst tool however being used against us for enslavement purposes, and by design, is probable the current information system that does not work mainly from us anymore, but for our enslavers. From an information point of view, we are also constantly bombarded by an ugly disinformation, in particular in terms of well hiding our enslavement condition, deceitfully making us believe that we live in the best system of governance, presumably called a democracy, even when in fact it is essentially the governance of an arrogant police state. In particular, that disinformation willfully hides, misinterprets or distorts the facts that could provoke a reaction against this enslavement. Such liberating reaction could happen if only the mainstream journalists were to do their reporting job completely independently, as they should do by definition. But their masters wisely prevent them from doing so, and force them to be only obedient and fearful puppets, at the risk of loosing their jobs. These ugly puppets, or "presstitutes", are conditioned and fully maneuvered only by the selfish interests of their powerful "presspimps" pursuing the maintenance of our complete subjugation in the background.


And that huge enslavement is only the one coming from our national governing high-class. Over the last two generations, for the first time in the history of humanity, that national enslavement has also been compounded by an incessantly growing oppression, from an equally incessantly growing bureaucracy, on the part of an international and/or supra-national ruling class composed of unelected foreign rulers and taxers. Nevertheless, in spite of their unaccountability, these unelected additional officials, essentially only incrementing uselessly our taxation and our enslaving legislation, are also to be maintained lavishly and entirely at the expense of the sole working middle-class of the member countries.


All the above constitutes our DDD total enslavement. To add insult to injury, from an entertainment point or view, we are also constantly distracted, from the realization of our miserable enslavement condition, by a production of mainstream multimedia that contributes intentionally to the debasing of our best traditional values of personal and public morality and civic life. While these multimedia used to produce good general entertainment a few generations ago, at the moment they serve only to socially engineer us, as the masses, in rejecting, willingly or unconsciously, the good values that we could use against our enslavement, like traditional supportive extended family values, and strong patriotic collaboration values that have contributed to form the best of our national cultures. No family! No nation! No borders! No discipline! No control of our worst animal instincts! A new dictatorship of relativism where everything is acceptable even if it bad! Excessive multiculturalism! Massive uncontrolled immigration! Abusive or violent criminal behavior tolerated, or even enjoyed, with pride! This is our SET total enslavement.


We Can & We Must get rid of this complete enslavement from  DDD and SET. We can even do so very easily, and most democratically. The means include a new type of education, and a new type of political governance. Both of these means have to be based on ethocratic principles stemming from the return in our life of the philosophy as it was created, that is the philosophy that was first and foremost the expression of a set of virtues to be used for the formation of the Tetractys of our human soul, and consequently for the better ruling, and the best harmonization, of both our personal and our political life.  


We Can & We Must

Get Rid Of Lying Politicians And Be Governed Only On A Basis Of Truth


This is easily possible through the OTIG (Only True Information Governance) EthoPrinciple. For those who read this eBook without access to Internet, we place here an excerpt of what this EthoPrinciple is:


This is the primary EthoPrinciple from which all the others derive in one way or the other. This is why an EthoCracy has an Arium specifically for the application of this EthoPrinciple: it is called the OtigArium, headed by an OtigAriant. This is the only EthoPrinciple that is managed by a specific Arium. The OtigArium is completely independent from all other State Powers, and superior in power to all other State Powers, as a kind of Founding-Governance-State-Power. The first sin, or rather crime, of an EthoCracy is lying about public affairs, a crime even more serious than stealing public money. As a great ELJSM master once said, "Only truth will make you free". Well-informed citizens on the basis of True Information will inevitably force governments to take the best decisions for the good of most citizens. In an EthoCracy, Truth must always win, over any kind of possible deception, while managing public governance. OTIG is thus the very first EthoPrinciple whereby politicians and public servants cannot lie anymore without immediate resignation or dismissal implemented by the OtigArium, and possibly even PPP punishment through mainly their own personal property. This brand new ethocratic concept is difficult of application, but very possible, as we will see, through appropriate new technologies, institutions and sanctions. In an EthoCracy, all working meetings to which participate any member of the executive team of the GovernAriant must have a written record of True Information, and in principle be published as such, online, the following day, under appropriate signatures. The same principle applies to all journalists and lobbyists writing in publications of open national distribution, and they can only do so under their name and signature. Journalists who act as a mouthpiece for a public servant, in particular for politicians (the GovernAriant and his ministers), without having done their own journalistic OTIG verification, must say so explicitly at the beginning of their articles, and identify the name of their source, as otherwise they bear the full responsibility for any non-OTIG information. Journalists of publications or media meant for the public at large, as opposed to a private or restricted audience, are also fully bound to the constitutional EthoCratic OTIG principle of True Information, and they earn their subsistence only through the success of their investigative efforts to provide True Information: they cannot accept any publicity of any kind and from anyone. In an EthoCracy, publicity can only be published in a new type of dedicated  DPM (dedicated Publicity Media), that is Newspapers or TV stations dedicated exclusively to publicity. Such DPM are distributed freely on paper in public places, as clearly identified DPM newspapers, or televised in dedicated DPM TV channels at the expense of the publicity providers, but all as publicity that is also subjected to the OTIG principle of True Information. In short, in an EthoCracy, there is a complete separation between Information and Publicity and both cannot exist together in the same media. Supervisors of public servants or journalists preventing their subordinates to publish True Information commit a crime for which they must legally be denounced by these subordinates, as an explicit clause, in all cases, of their EthoCratic employment contract, and these subordinates are fully protected in their employment after disobeying their supervisors for refusing to publish only True Information. The same basic principle applies within the OppositArium if the person talking is a journalist or acting as a lobbyist. There cannot be anymore any lobby influencing the government with hidden money or information, let alone non-True Information. All lobbying cannot only be done openly within the OppositArium. In short, just like there is a complete separation between Information and Publicity, in an EthoCracy there is a complete separation between Lobbying and Governance. The lobbyists can only use the DPM or the OppositArium to openly, and always only openly, do their lobbying. By the same token, an OTIG system prevents entirely the formation of monopolies, in any sector of national private or public business, as such monopolies could exist only on the basis of false information that an EthoCracy sanctions by extreme penalty through mainly PPP, or mainly the personal property of the persons who provided or used the false information. The OTIG principle also requires that all public servants at executive level (the GovernAriant and his team) release the inventory of all their assets as True Information before taking office, as an essential prerequisite for their election, and commit themselves to do the same on leaving office, with no privacy for them anymore from this point of view. All this personal information is becoming traceable online as per the PIABFOTAC EthoPrinciple. Similar inventories of all the assets of all their immediate family members is also required, albeit kept confidential with the SpAriant. Then, if one category of citizens ever becomes fully controllable through being cashless, like it seems to be the trend today, the Executive team of an EthoCracy will be the first one to become fully PIABFOTAC cashless compliant, along with the executive teams of all banks operating in the EthoCracy, of all mainstream media publishing in the EthoCracy, of all the corporations acting with a national license, and of all the national and international organizations receiving public funds from the EthoCracy. Cashless or not, all public officials using public money must become fully OTIG and PIABFOTAC compliant. In any case, cashless to exist must previously have been part of a winning BEC at national level, independently of any supra-national structure of governance or internal organization. The OTIG EthoPrinciple is so important to an EthoCracy that even whistleblowers are not guilty of anything if they expose truth, and even fully protected if they expose lies of public officials about any kind of secret projects or budgets, with these lying officials being subjected to the usual consequences.



We Can & We Must

Get An Absolute Separation of Money, Information and Politics


This is easily possible through the ASOMIAP (Absolute Separation Of Money, Information And Politics) EthoPrinciple.


We Can & We Must

Have Fully Binding Electoral Contracts Bio-voted Anonymously As A Duty


This is easily possible through the BECVABAD (Binding Electoral Contract Voted As Bio-Anonymous Duty) EthoPrinciple.


We Can & We Must

Have Full Access To All Public Information And Public Money.


This is easily possible through the PIABFOTAC (Public Information And Banking Fully Open To All Citizens) EthoPrinciple.


We Can & We Must

Pay Only A Fair Taxes And Use Only No-Debt Money


This is easily possible through the GUDFOMAPAST (Government Uses Debt-Free Only Money, And Property And Sales Tax) EthoPrinciple. This means no public debt, and no income tax.


We Can & We Must

Have Full Opinion Liberty For A Peacefully Expressed Truth Or Conviction.


This is easily possible through the FOLIPET (Full Opinion Liberty If Peacefully Expressed Truth) EthoPrinciple. And this includes a 'truth' being possibly only a firm conviction based on a set of facts or indices.


We Can & We Must

Have a Patriotic Olympic Approach To All Our Policies


This is easily possible through the POSATAP (Patriotic Olympic Spirit Approach To All Policies) EthoPrinciple.


We Can & We Must

Have An Easier Justice And Better Welfare Through The Extended Family


This is easily possible through the EFWAPAJ (Extended Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice) EthoPrinciple.


We Can & We Must

Have Best Ecological Life For All 3 Kingdoms of Nature.


This is easily possible through the NoCafoNoGanoNoRaco EthoPrinciple.


We Can & We Must

Have A No-Dogma Subsidiary State Of Freethinking And Elegant Decorum


This is easily possible through the SASED (State A-religious Subsidiary Elegant Decorum) EthoPrinciple.







= Binding Electoral Contract.

> In an EthoCracy, an electoral program is not a 'program', but a contract. That contract is fully four-way-binding: the elected person can only do what is in the contract; he must do all of what is in the contract; he can only do it with the resources indicated in the contract; and he can only do it with the staff indicated in the contract.

> But there are ways to attend issues that could not have been planned for in the electoral contract, but again with, and only with, the full consent of the majority of the voters, through the OBECOF system and/or a BECVAR.

> A BEC is part of the BECVABAD (Binding Electoral Contract Voted As Bio-Anonymous Duty) EthoPrinciple.



= Binding Electoral Contract Via Additional Referendum.

> In an EthoCracy, voting is made safer that ever before, but also faster and cheaper than ever before, and BECVARs are part of the system.



= Debt, Dogma and Despair (or fearful Disinformation).

> These are the 3 main tools of our enslavement as citizens of a fake democracy, or of a debtocracy in particular.



= An apparent democracy where money is created as debt, instead of as an asset.

> Most western democracies are debtocracies, but there are many examples of prosperity to prove that it does not have to be that way. Good examples include few periods of the USA before 1913, periods of Germany and Japan for a few years each in the 1930s, and Canada between 1938 and 1974.



= Deific Enlightened Liberty. Or: Deific EL.

> DELAG = DEL Advocating Good.

> DEL is often opposed to SET, and DELAG to SETAB.

> See EL.



= Enlightened Liberty, or the cosmic EL force behind the DEL culture of freethinking of Greece since ancient times, opposite to the SET culture of enslavement.

> This is the culture of basically what is called Hellenism today, or the great EL culture of the ancient "Greeks" (as the word "Greek" never existed in the "Greek" language, and still does not exists today) that gave birth to real participative democracy, philosophy, holistic Tetractys education, beauty in fine art, and the first proto-scientific approach to all sciences, with all these unique achievement being attained in an atmosphere of freethinking instead of one of DDD enslavement.

> See DEL.


EthoCracy / EthoKratïa / EthoPrinciple

EthoCracy is a form of better Democracy, even better than Meritocracy, based on the concept of "Ethos", or "Ethics".

> This relates to our webpage on EthoCracy. It is also called EthoKratïa. See a better definition of EthoCracy.

> “Etho”, in words like EthoPlasìn, EthoCracy and EthoPrinciple, stands for "Ethics", or "Ethos" in its Ancient Greek philosophical extension.

> An EthoPrinciple is one of the 10 principles at the foundation of an EthoCracy.

> There are Ten EthoPrinciples.



= Gross Domestic Product.

> This is a monetary measure of the value of all final goods and services produced in a period (quarterly or yearly).



= National Autonomous Monetary Authority.

> An EthoCracy has no central bank except for clearance purposes. In addition, it cannot borrow any kind of money nor ever have any public debt.

> Government expenses are covered by a BEC, and when necessary, the NAMA will issue fresh no-debt money.



= New World Order

> This is the plan to enslave all people from all countries under the command of a one-world-government of collectivism and dictatorial Fabian Socialism, with the help of also a one-world-currency and possibly a one-world religion.



= Out Binding Electoral Contract Operational Fund.

> Or = Out BEC Operational Fund.

> That fund is always big enough to attend all, or certainly most, unplanned emergencies. If not, the NAMA can issue fresh new money after a quick BECVAR, or even immediately if it is a national catastrophic emergency.



= Only True Information Governance.

> This is the first of the 10 EthoPrinciples of an EthoCracy.



= Satanic Enslaving Transgressions.

> SETAB = SET Advocating Bad.

> SETABUSE = SETAB through Usury, Subjugation and Exploitation.

> SET is often opposed to DEL, and SETAB to DELAG.



= The form of governance of an EthoCracy, but as a Tetras Politica of 4 main state powers instead of the traditional Trias Politica of Montesquieu with only 3 state powers.

> An EthoCracy elects only 3 persons, and no representatives in a parliament.

> See more information on the TetractArium System of Governance.



= The Pythagorean way of assessing the 4 parts of the human being: Body, Soul, Spirit and Wisdom.

> There is a Human Tetractys and a resulting Political Tetractys.

> An EthoCracy is also a new form of governance based on a TetractArium.


Zio / ZioZuit / ZioZuitZlam

= The combination of parts of 3 words with a "Z" or a "Z sound" in them, and mostly related to world enslavement power: Zionist (Zio), Jesuit (Zuit) and Islam (Zlam).

> Zio = Zionist, or the Jews who are Zionists.

> ZioZuit can often be used as an equivalent of JewZuit, like in JewZuit Power but, expressed in this way, it probably has a fairer sense most of the time, as it is not the plain Jews who are involved in world enslavement power in most cases, but specifically the Zionist Jews, along with the Christian JeZuits.

> ZioZuitZlam is used in situations when it is the 3 main monotheistic religions that are involved in similar ways of world enslavement power, together or separately, possibly through DDD or SET.

> ZZ is an abbreviation of ZioZuit, meaning activities of the Jewish Zionists and the Christian Jesuits ('JeZuits')  together in an effort to dominate and enslave the world through the NWO.

> ZZZ is a longer similar abbreviation, of ZioZuitZlam in this case, where Muslim Islamists ('iZlam') are also involved in activities of world domination and enslavement through the NWO.