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(This sub page provides additional information on each of the 12 TruthOcracy Reforms of the main page)


TAT Reform Details: Truth And Transparency




The most serious punishment for a lie, on the part of a public official, can be effected in four possible ways: 1) by a high fine of three months of gross salary the first time, 2) by a higher fine of six months gross salary, and/or possibly also by some personal property (PPP) confiscation the second time, and 3) by a combination of the second punishment with automatic immediate permanent public career termination the third time. Finally, 4) when it is established that the PATOC has been clearly the cause of death of one or more persons, its punishment can be equally be in terms of up to capital punishment. Capital punishment in a TruthOcracy is very rarely used and nearly eliminated, but still exist in exceptional circumstances. It is not usually used even for a personal crime as serious as assassination, except in extreme repetitious crimes that caused deaths, or a planned crime of exceptional cruelty. In fact, it will be more easily used for a PATOC than for an interpersonal crime when the seriousness deserves it.


Factual Truth, or conviction of Truth, in relation to public affairs, can never be restricted even by considerations like possible defamation or racism, let alone ‘hate speech’, by anyone, not even by privacy incidental negative effects. Public officials become fully “Public” officials working on a basis of only truth and full truth.


External entities like Google or Twitter not only cannot refuse to publish all this kind of Despotic Truth within the country but it is their legally required duty to publish it without restriction, even if the Truth has anything to do with things like racism, as 'truly felt' racism, or so-called 'hate speech'.



Voting Ballots cannot travel anywhere until final notarized count at national level and, in the meantime, are under the constant presence of national TV and representatives of all parties. Consulates abroad must videotape constantly, and project their activities on national TV through SKYPE or other means. Voting is a right, but for only national citizens. However, it is also a legal duty that can be fulfilled in full ballot secrecy, but with a fine penalty if not fulfilled.


Secret societies and secret private meetings about public affairs not having to do with the private life of their members are all seriously criminally illegal. Eventual whistleblowers coming out with truth to the contrary are all fully protected by law. Confidentiality on routine government communications is eliminated as these must all be open to all online, even to foreign governments. The few things that have to be kept secret temporarily must previously be justified to the OtatfogArium and, if justified, assigned a known code name, with a known budget figure if applicable, details of which shall all get to be fully known as soon as possible on the basis of a known expiration date as short as possible.


All governance meetings taking any decision must have a short summary of the decision signed with the explicit names of 3 levels of authority with relevant titles, and copied online in a dedicated webpage in chronological order with the same easy access given to all national citizens for money accounting. 


Media of any kind, that receives any kind of public money, directly or indirectly, must say so explicitly under their name on their “front page” and, as such, can never endorse any candidate during an electoral campaign. Similarly, any other business entity receiving public money must have a website and do the same explicit declaration on its opening webpage.



“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people

what they do not want to hear”

George Orwell


"In a time of universal deceit,  telling the truth is a revolutionary act"

George Orwell


'In a TruthOcracy, telling the truth and managing all public governance on a basis of truth is an ordinary act'



The above is based on the TruthOprinciple of a TruthOcracy called PIABFOTAC  (Public Information And Banking Fully Open To All Citizens).



= PIB (Public Information Banking) Open To All Citizens

+ DAFTATAP: Central banks Must Be Eliminated

+ NoPOCU (No Public Official Cash Use), PSUCMO



The above is based on the TruthOprinciple of a TruthOcracy called OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance).  The punishments against the liar are decided sovereignly by the OtatfogArium, without appeal except if the liar can, later on, present clear evidence that a lie was not involved.



CAT Reform Details: Currency And Taxation




In a TruthOcracy, the private coinage or issuance of debt-money is eliminated completely. Strict constitutional rules control the issuance or coinage of money. Just imagine in what good situation an indebted country would be today if it had issued itself only the exact same amounts of money that it borrowed with interests in the last decades from a private central bank. Not only would it be without “Public Debt” to be reimbursed to anyone, but the interests alone due on that unnecessary debt could be used with extreme benefits to its own citizens in all sorts of good ways, mainly in terms of good infrastructures.


The unnecessary borrowing of money as debt, from private bankers who can produce infinite money out of nothing before loaning it with interests, is the biggest scam, not to say the stupidest scam ever invented by humanity, let alone a blindly tolerated anti-constitutional scam in most countries. This monstrously fraudulent power granted to private bankers of creating “infinite private money out of nothing”, is also the mother of all our main problems in our so-called democracies today. It is at the source of all political corruption, and at the source of buying and controlling easily all mainstream media. The latter, in order to express their gratitude for the legal bribery, and to hide their corrupted subservience, prevent the scam to become public knowledge, and produce mainly disinformation in all the fields of interests to the “legal counterfeiters” of the debt-money.


However, the most honest brilliant leaders who have tried to expose and dismantle the scam, have had attempts against their lives. The list includes 5 USA presidents, two of which are famous for their assassination because of this, even if the disinformation of the mainstream media owned and/or controlled by the bankers of the scam pretends they were assassinated for other reasons: Lincoln and Kennedy with their respective attempts to create “Green Back” debt-free dollars.





The Income tax was put in place only as a guarantee to specifically ensure the success of the debt-money creation scam. It assured the forceful reimbursement of the public debt-money to the private bankers by the taxpayers. In TruthOcracy, all have to declare yearly their income to the tax office, but no income tax at all will exist on it for national citizens, only for non-nationals. Nearly only Property tax and a special form of dual sales tax are used to finance the State: PATTO (Property And Transaction Tax Obligation) taxation. Foreigners, along with persons who may have permanent residence but are not yet nationals, and also international entities like corporations, are the only ones subjected to Income Tax, but only at the time of an attempt to take out of the country the part of the money they made through business activity within the country: if their income is reinvested in the country, it is income tax free.


Sales tax is doubly dual, in two ways: 1) Half is paid on each of the two sides of the sale transaction, and 2) part of it, on both sides, goes to the State, while the other part becomes the only way to accumulate contributions for an eventual public pension. Only private borrowing and personal debt is permitted but under very strict rules preventing usury over a strictly permitted rate of interests. The ‘pension factor’ of the new taxation system eliminates most of the 'black work' market and most of the huge public expenses currently needed to catch tax fraud. It is also the only way to accumulate an eventual substantial private pension over and above an eventual basic public welfare pension for various good social reasons.


Apart from having to declare their yearly income, even in cases where it cannot be taxed, people also have to declare all their real estate properties in a ROREP (Record Of Real Estate Property) and keep it constantly updated yearly. A property not on this ROREP could not be sold or left as inheritance, only confiscated automatically for that reason.


The DAFTATAP (Dual Automated Fiscal Transaction Accruing Tax And Pension) system of a TruthOcracy is also fairly progressive, in that people with higher income would get involved in higher levels of economic transactions, thus higher contributions to the public money needed by the government. As such, it offers not only fairness, but also maximum simplicity and efficiency. It also encourages people to be cashless as much as possible, but without imposing it on them, as a completely cashless system would open the door to a growing police state that could just too easily become a dictatorship.


The borrower gets into debt as the slave of the lender.

'When a man is in debt, he is a slave. When a country is in debt, it generates slaves'

The DAFT/DAFTATAP system has similarities with the fundamental idea of an existing taxation proposal by Prof. Elgar L. Feige, of the Wisconsin-Madison University, called APT, except that DAFT, in its full elaboration, as DAFTATAP, is much more effective, as it plays on two integrated fronts instead of one: the taxation front, common to both systems, and the pension front, found only in DAFTATAP, let alone eliminating nearly completely the black work market through the pension factor.



GAL Reform Details: Governance And Legislation




In TruthOcracy, Nation States are not only not outdated, but reinforced, whatever evil operators like George Soros and his political acolytes may think in al the countries where they can be bought. However, Parliamentarian representatives have been an outdated, useless and unduly privileged caste of dangerous fulltime professional liars since after the phone was invented, and must be eliminated.


None of the 87 managers of a TetractArium can have dual citizenship. These 87 are of course government officials over and above the usual permanent bureaucracy assisting Governance. Apart from the binding despotic power of the Truth seen in the above TAT Reform, the governance is done through the equally despotic binding power of the most perfect possible execution of a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) managed by a government as small as possible with no useless parliament liars to disturb the already established contractual process. Not only is the BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) absolutely binding in 4 ways, but it must include, as an essential requirement, all the specific features of all planned new laws (and/or taxation) in the form of a LOF (Law Objectives Framework) for each of them. In this way any new legislation (or taxation) is always decided before an election, never after. There can be absolutely no surprise in legislation or taxation after an election, during a mandate.


No government money nor any government directives may be provided to any NGO, national or foreign, as that money would be used to influence activities or policies, inland or abroad, that, if inland, should only be official national policies or activities of governance, or, if abroad, would be policies that may contradict national policies or interfere unduly with the national policies of other countries with which national governance should have nothing to do. By the same token,


Not only are elected representative parliamentarians even more useless now, in the 21st century, than ever before, but they are extremely expensive acolytes of the even more unduly privileged super caste of criminals hiding behind them in the Deep State, and using these representatives as puppets, to enslave the rest of us through DDDD (Debt, Dogma, Disinformation and Despair).


Apart from the cascading benefits of the first two reforms regarding, TAT (Truth And Transparency) and CAT (Currency And Taxation), the governance is done through the most perfect possible execution of a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) managed by a government as small as possible with no useless parliament to disturb the already established contractual process. The BEC contract is absolutely binding in 4 cumulative ways as to what can be done by Governance: 1) only what is in it can be done, 2) all of what is in it must be done, 3) all of it done with only the resources of personnel mentioned in it and 4) all of it completed with only the money established in it. Not fulfilling any of the 4 cumulative conditions means the forced resignation of the governor and new elections without him being allowed as a candidate in any future elections. 


Emergencies not predictable in a BEC at the time when it was formulated can be nicely and easily handled through OBECOF (Out Binding Electoral Contract Operational Fund), with a Quiferendum if necessary, but without one if not necessary when a majority popular support obviously approves the out-BEC decisions and actions involved. 


Finally, a TruthOcracy governance is evaluated every year for it performance through a process called BAVAGE (Bio-Anonymous Voting - Annual Government Evaluation) that is even bio-anonymous to ensure Truth, as full TAT liberty of opinion.




Legislation cannot be influenced by hidden lobbies or members of a Deep State. First of all, a Deep State in the background, that citizens cannot know or criticize, cannot exist legally and, when members are identified, they are necessarily punished by full PPP (Private Property Punishment) confiscation of all their properties. This is the worst of all crimes as it not only not being OTATFOG, as a violation of the very first constitutional TAT Reform rule of a TruthOcracy.  Such crime means attempting to not be TAT compliant, or not OTATFOG, in a completely deceptive and hidden way as opposed to in the open.


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize


[or not able to criticize because well hidden behind their front puppets]



JAW Reform Details: Justice And Welfare




The use of PAJ (Private Alternative Justice) is a free choice of the side of a conflict that involves only one single person that claims to be offended, or a single person in the name of his family. No lawyers have to be involved on that side except if wanted and paid by the offended person.


Retired judges who want to supplement their pensions can provide PAJ. They receive a tax-free fee from the State and provide justice free of charge to PAJ clients. All judges, of both PAJ and regular court justice, are legally responsible for mistakes they made  that can be demonstrated as being based on incompetence, negligence, ignorance of facts they should have known, or corruption of any kind. In addition, all judicial officials of both PAJ and regular court justice, at all levels, as public officials, are more than anybody else bound to the OTATFOG Truth requirement of the TAT Reform because of their role in rendering justice and because real justice can only be fast and based on Truth. When confirmed as not complying, by a joint affirmation of both the SPELAriant and the OtatfogAriant of the TetractArium, they are subject to, at least, immediate career termination without severance pay. In TruthOcracy, all magistrates or lawyers have to make an early choice at the very beginning of their careers, as they cannot ever become a candidate in any kind of election to any public position of the TetractArium except at least 5 years after having left all their legal or judicial professional activities. 




In current western democracies, there are 2 forms of welfare, the Social Welfare extended essentially to the lower class when it appears to be incapable of maintaining itself, and the Corporate Welfare extended essentially to the higher class in the form of mainly undeserved tax exemptions for having contributed to political life, most often even illegally. The more meritorious and more human form of EFU normal personal welfare in a TruthOcracy is also supplemented by the new kind of Judicial Welfare called PAJ, or Private Alterative Justice for the quick and easier resolution of minor interpersonal conflicts, as a service offered free of charge and without the need of lawyers. This combination of EF Social Welfare and PAJ Judicial Welfare is called EFWAPAJ (Extended Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice).  All welfare recipients are expected, whenever they can, to contribute with something in exchange for the help they receive, as little as it may be, be it a bit of work in the household of the EFU or even only a smile. 

In TruthOcracy, there remains only one major new form of welfare, the EF Welfare, or Extended Family Welfare, and a minor one for the few people who absolutely cannot be associated to any extended family and absolutely cannot maintain themselves. The "more merit" component is also balanced with on a "more human" component, whereby people must stop to only see the world while fully isolated at home, through only the inhuman screen of a TV, a cellphone or the glass of a welfare counter, and see it more through the eyes of their own families and neighborhoods when in need of help. This is what we call EFANSNOW (Extended Family And Neighborhood Safety Net Of Welfare).


Families of any class can be helped by the State when necessary to be regrouped all together if they so wish, in order to become an EFU and thus take better care of all their members in an environment of more love, from birth to death, from kindergarten to old age, via good leisure and playground spaces for children and adults, even private gardening and food production for their most essential needs, facility arrangements for the sick, the handicapped and the old. Private schooling in particular is always permitted at simple conditions in the context of an EFU to avoid that universal public schools become identical indoctrination centers for the evil enslavement purposes of the government. The TruthOcracy State provides the free and voluntary help of expert agents, called EFREA (Extended Family Real Estate Agents), and facilitates the access to interest-free loans, the so called EFALWI (Extended Family Advanced Loan Without Interest).


The EFALWI financial welfare tool is meant to help not only the real estate accommodation transfers or restructurings necessary for the formation of the EFU, but also the creation of useful integration tools like a food garden of vegetables and fruits, along with possibly the setup of a small stable of animals for extended family meat production within the EFU compound itself, or within a TUPA city area when possible.


In TruthOcracy, Corporate Welfare is eliminated entirely, except for loans at most easy conditions that can be extended to meritorious corporations in need of assistance in order not to face closure and be forced to send a significant number of employees to unemployment with probably the permanent loss of their best skills at the service of the nation.


Welfare in a TruthOcracy thus still exists, and offered in a more human way, mainly in the context of an EFU extended family in a TUPA (TruthOcracy Urban Patriotic Area) or neighborhood EFANSNOW (Extended Family And Neighborhood Safety Net Of Welfare), but also has a clear component of merit attached to it. As such, welfare is never provided to the point of encouraging people not to integrate themselves to their own extended family and/or not to search ways to support themselves proudly and independently with proper temporary assistance.


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

  Martin Luther King


'Justice can only come out of Only Truth plus All Truth'


'In TruthOcracy, welfare can never become a career opportunity but is always available, in a more meritorious basis, and in a more human form, to provide justice and save the pride of people in the best possible way, even in the most difficult of circumstances'



SAM Reform Details: Speech And Media




Sometimes, the FOLIPET EthoPrinciple is called FOLIPETOC (Full Opinion Liberty If Peaceably Expressed Truth Or Opinion), in order to be more explicit on the fact that a personal conviction that is not based on a lie is admitted as a "Truth" in order to ensure the right of opinion is "Full", like it can only be in a TruthOcracy. But FOLIPET, when used alone, is intended to include FOLIPETOC. FOLIPET gives all citizens a power of public protest like never before, within a new OppositArium, along with a corresponding power of lobbying, live and free, but only openly, either during a live televised session of the OppositArium or through its fulltime dedicated TV channels with full national exposure.


The OppositArium is easily open to all, on a spontaneous or booking basis, depending on the circumstances, including criminals and prisoners. Within that confine, it always offers full freedom of expression, even if the information contained in the opinion can be offensive to some listeners, as long as the information is based on truth or even on only a firm conviction or a free personal interpretation of real facts or personal feelings. The same principle is extended in particular to the freedom of opinion on the Internet. If the opinion is based on truth, in particular factual truth, nobody in the OppositArium, or even in any other place or form of expression, can ever be accused of what is currently called "hate speech" or racism, let alone anti-Semitism or Islamophobia. On that basis, there cannot be anything anymore that can be considered as hate speech or defamation when it is based on truth, objective or subjective truth. Being openly and explicitly "anti-something", on the basis of firm personal feeling and conviction, or facts one does not like, is perfectly admissible and not prosecutable in law.


Only calumny based on lies, or opinion accompanied by physical violence, are prosecutable. Expressing freely their opinions based on truth, on the part of the citizens, is not only a question of freedom of expression, but also a question of essential and priceless utility for the current political leaders to understand exactly what is going on in the country, and consequently to take the proper decisions in managing the country. In turn, for the person expressing an unpleasant opinion, it becomes a safety valve, as negativity "kept in", to paraphrase words of Neale Donald Walsch, harms both the body and the soul, and it is important to get it out before it explodes into violence.


Proceeding otherwise would be admitting Orwell was right when he talked about "Thought Crime", "Newspeak", and the "Death of Free speech" that always accompanies forced thought control and political correctness. For example, if someone is white and hates blacks, or is black and hates whites, and this hate corresponds to truth as far as he is concerned, he can express freely this hate as his open opinion, anywhere and in front of anybody, without any possible form of prosecution, as long as his opinion is peacefully expressed, without any physical violence. Conversely, if someone says all blacks are welfare parasites, or all Jews are financial exploiters, and all Muslims are terrorists, this cannot correspond to any truth, and consequently cannot be expressed freely as an opinion without being exposed to possible legal prosecution on the part of the offended person, and only on the part of that person, never proactively on the part of the state.


As Orwell implied, and as history has well demonstrated over centuries, even when motives behind thought control are well intended, like discouraging racism and discrimination, the end result is inevitably always the same, and the opposite of what it intended to do: indoctrination, or dangerously boiling rebellious resistance, with political correctness becoming the most stealthy form of fear and hatred, let alone possibly violent intolerance. The supposedly tolerant "NewSpeaker" of the political correctness has become the real "NewHater" hiding dangerously in the background because, in a non-TruthOCratic country, he has no FOLIPET power to let the steam out as a security valve in a more controllable way.


Like Mark Steyn well said in his book After America, "The forces of “tolerance” are intolerant of anything less than full-blown celebratory approval". With this understanding, and within the above boundaries, in a TruthOcracy, critical thinking and full freedom of opinion are not only never illegal, but always encouraged and defended. This is because, when founded on truth, and expressed without physical violence, they are not a privilege granted by the State, like the UN and its acolyte states tries to make us believe, but a fundamental human right considered granted to everyone in TruthOcracy. This does not mean that its excesses not founded on truth cannot be appropriately identified and punished.


Because of this new extensive FOLIPET power offered to all, for protesting purposes, in opposing government, or in lobbying openly in the OppositArium, with full national exposure, street protest with breaking violence, or even simple street protesting with covered faces, becomes a crime sanctioned by immediate arrest. In the meantime, except for what may happen in the OppositArium, the executive power must be left alone accomplishing its fully four-way binding BEC (Binding Electoral Contract). People unhappy with the BEC being executed can only lobby and work for a new BEC being elaborated and voted at majority at the next election.


This is not only democracy, but TruthOcracy with the despotic power of Truth. To supplement this important EthoPrinciple, a TruthOcracy is entirely anti-RFID, or rather NoHICHIP (No Human Implant CHIP), except the replacement of a RFID by secured bracelets in few well regulated circumstances.


The only limitation to FOLIPET is that you cannot use it to promote crimes in public or in private, hoping they will be committed. Talking about a crime already committed in the past, or presumably committed already, even if some fact may seem to indicate it may not necessarily have been committed for sure, is totally acceptable, even as an opinion, or only a firm conviction, but promoting new crimes to be committed in the future is absolutely prohibited and inacceptable under FOLIPET. However, inciting violent protest, if necessary, in terms of public revolt against real crimes or serious injustices already committed, and with good elements of proof they were committed, and good evidence that the criminals are being unduly protected from justice, is acceptable as an opinion, as long as all other democratic means have previously  been already exhausted to obtain justice. In such rare cases, the PolArium of the SPELArium of a TruthOcracy, as the police force that belongs to, and is managed by, the people, and not a tool of the executive government, will protect the protestors involved, not the alleged criminals.



SUPER SERVANTS OF EVIL: Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Google [AND THE LIKE] all comprise the emerging ruling class... we are headed towards a company planet... controlling the whole 'mining village'...

: These are modern day book burners. They alone will decide what you watch, see and hear [like THROUGH DECODERS OF THE terrestrial digital]

: They universally despise free speech,  practice extreme censorship, stifle religious freedom (all very anti-Christian), squelch due process, or any other basic civil liberties which restricts the power of the ruling elite.

: They force their world view down the throats of humanity with extreme censorship.

>> Satan’s Five Servants On the Planet Earth




A Matrix of Boomerangs of Political Correctness Enslaving us


Media must compete with each other as to the best way to get Truth out to their clients or readers. Mainstream media receiving any type of public money, directly or indirectly, must declare it explicitly in an obvious way right under their front page title and, because of this, cannot become promoters of any political leader in any election. No person or no corporation can own more than one single mainstream media at any given time, be it a newspaper, a magazine, a publishing house, a TV station, a film or entertainment company or any other type of mainstream media. Lies are punished in the most severe way, including possible forceful immediate foreclosure or ownership transfer to another owner as the highest bidder in an open public sale conducted by the State.


A matrix of boomerangs of blindness and stupidity, called more simply the Politically Correct, has reduced most of us to being zombies. That political correctness could not exist as a global matrix before the arrival of the perfect and instant worldwide communications that were put in place over the last decades. Such global matrix is the ultimate tool that governments have been looking for, for thousands of years, to quell the masses and reduce them to submission and passivity. The JewZuit Power has this new matrix finally at its full disposal, after having infiltrated all the means of this matrix of political correctness. The new JewZuit Power has quickly found the best modern way to implement that global matrix, through the acquisition of all powerful networks of the current mainstream mass media, and through the corruption of most of the subservient presstitute journalists that they now fully control through bribes and/or corrupting publicity money. Consequently, in fact, most mainstream media now have become simple mouthpieces of governments, and of the elites hiding behind these governments. As such, most journalists act in complete betrayal of their natural mission which should be to bring out truth, freely and openly, as awful as it may be, in particular regarding the bad activities of our politicians, governments and international organizations sitting over our shoulders. Morpheus, in the movie Matrix, says: “The Matrix is everywhere… It is the veil that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”. This matrix acts like an infectious disease that is much more contagious than Ebola, as it is not only airborne, but spreads like an invisible WIFI around all of us, being even airborne-at-distance, electronically, around the globe, through all the mainstream mass media. Once that matrix has infected someone, it acts like a tyrannical psychological power of blindly accepted political correctness on the infected persons. Most news networks, like CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS and others, are only lackeys of their JewZuit masters in the background manipulating pieces of this veil, as germ-cultivation centers of this plague. These networks are regularly paid, not to say bribed, by foreign governments and JewZuit corporations like Monsanto, to bring us sponsored content to make them look good and to maintain the matrix of political correctness regarding their monstrous activities. Most public schools, with their Common Core of public education in America, but also in a similar way in Europe, are other parts of this same blinding veil of the matrix. Of course, under the current JewZuit Power that intends to implement a New World Order that seeks to enslave all of us, this Matrix of Boomerangs of Political Correctness is an absolute prerequisite, as people can only be controlled fully when they follow the JewZuit political correctness of their deceivingly assumed Judeo-Christian Roots instead of their real Hellenistic cultural roots as freethinking individuals.


Gilad Atzmon is a famous Jewish author who wrote "The Wandering Who? - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics". As a Jew, he is often very critical of the Jews, and he affirmed, in an interview with Bill Alford, that political correctness is a malicious plot of the Jews to implant, into the world public opinion, through media under their full control, ideas and politics that must become accepted without opposition, and that do not admit opposing opinions without consequences for their holders when these implants are occasionally contested. Certainly, the mass media of Hollywood and of the TV Networks forming world opinion are definitely controlled mainly by Jews, as per their own explicit admission. The famous Jewish journalist Joel Stein, in 2008, wrote an article in the LA Times, saying: "I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them". This is certainly well confirmed in a famous book written by a Jewish writer, Neal Gabler: "An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood". Many other famous Jews, like Steven Spielberg, one of the directors of the so-called "New Hollywood", as a crypto-way to not say the Jew-Controlled Hollywood, or Woddy Allen (a Jew born with the name Allan Konigsberg), and many others, also keep boasting regularly and proudly about their control of Hollywood and the mass media, thus even about who can be proclaimed a valid contender to an Oscar or a Nobel Prize. Nevertheless, as we will see, more than only Jewish, these implants of political correctness are probably JewZuit more than just plain Jewish, and they compose a matrix in which all of us live, rarely consciously, or unconsciously most of the time. As we will see, the Jesuit side of this JewZuit matrix is always well represented in all centers of power, like it was the case with the fully Jesuit-trained Joe Biden in the Obama Government, as the current incumbent Vice-President of the USA, who  never loses a good occasion, or maybe rather a bad occasion, to highly congratulate the Jews, in a rather Jewcy way, when they make their boasting comments about already running the whole world we live in. But Biden was a Jesuit trained figure working in Obama's environment awash with Zionists. As such he was a perfect JewZuit figure at the maximum level of world power and pushing stealthily, in that top position, for the start of WWIII as the only thing that might have saved the dollar and that power from full collapse. That JewZuit matrix is also certainly maintained in particular, practically from birth to death, by the mainstream media and television that we keep watching passively while eating or attending our daily routine chores. Instead of logically arguing issues with our own selves, or with family members and friends, we just keep watching passively, and absorbing silently, the crappy culture and disinformation that become our politically correct. The beautiful freethinking EL minds of our Greek roots have been downgraded, by our dominant and deceiving Judeo-Christian environment, to being simple syphoning funnels for accepting passively, blindly and silently, smoothly seated in our long chairs, what the JewZuit Power hidden behind the mainstream media want to impose on us as politically correct.



VAP Reform Details: Voting And Partaking




The BAIC card  is necessary for an access door cabin-machine that only confirms the 'body' in the cabin with these bio features has the right to vote and has not done so yet. If so, the 'body' is led out into the voting area on the other side, to vote normally on paper only, using perforated cards on which the BAIC (Bio-Anonymous Identicality Card) barcode info is present to provide statistics on the province and city of the voter. After voting, as a completely separated process, the voter shows its regular ID to an attendant and gets a receipt confirming voting took place, without which he would be subject to a fine in due time and the loss of citizenship after 3 consecutive voting absences.


Memberships and donations to a political party can be done only to one single party in any given calendar year, and must be made public on the website of the party. Anonymous membership or donations are not admissible. A yearly membership cannot exceed 1% of a NAS. A yearly donation cannot exceed 50% of a NAS.


Political parties have an interest, in two ways, in maintaining a good membership, as the TruthOcracy will match the membership fees (not the donations) with the same amount of public funds on a yearly basis, and only the parties with the 10 biggest membership will be allowed to participate and compete in the next general election. Any other type of political financing than the above and membership fees is illegal and bears the PPP (Personal Property Punishment) consequences of not being TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliant for both the donors and the managers of the political party involved.


Political parties still exist but with a different role. They however have even a more important role than now in most democracies, in spreading TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliance on which basis they can elaborate a BEC for their chosen candidate GovernAriant (President of a TruthOcracy). Political parties also have a major occupation, consuming maybe most of their time, in preparing projects of laws in the form of a LOF (Law Objectives Framework) for each of new law, as LOF that will be included in the BEC of their candidate GovernAriant, as in a TruthOcracy, no new law (just like no new tax) can come as a surprise after election: all have to be clearly planned for in a project of law defined before election.




Without OTATFOG and TAT compliance, membership to any non-national organization can only be as an observer, and only for the cost of the use of the local staff involved in being served as an observer. No new participation to any international treaty can take place before the final text of that treaty is given to the public of a TruthOcracy at least one year in advance of an election that will include that participation and the intended signature of that treaty within a winning BEC.

At the moment, because of secrecy and a lack of TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliance, most political leaders of the western world, and most leading figures of the international or supra-national originations like the EU or the UN, are owned by Money and consequently will do what Money wants, or mainly what the main JewZuit corporations want, including selling cheaply the best natural resources of most countries to the greedy Money representatives of the JewZuit Power. The necessity of  a TruthOcracy to handle, and be handled, only on a basis of TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliance is the main reason for a TruthOcracy to have a Pentas Politica, with 5 State Powers, instead of the traditional 3 of a Trias Politica, including the new TinformArium and the new ProtectArium.

(Truth And Transparency) compliance seen above ensures that no law can be secret in a TruthOcracy or in any non-national organization to which the country is partaking as a member. Such membership cannot exist for any hidden purposes of money, information or politics: if it is secret, or if the related budget is not transparent, then it is illegal. In  a TruthOcracy, information has to be total in quantity, totally true in quality, and totally transparent in distribution and related budgets, without the undue influence of money and politics. The TruthOcracy requests the same discipline from any non-national organization before giving it its full membership. Only full transparency of all information can lead to a just and meritocratic democracy, or to a TruthOcracy, as secrecy or undue influence of vested hidden interests of money or politics on  public information can only lead to rampant corrupted cronyism and a Tyranny.


PAP Reform Details: Patriotism And Pluralism




Immigration applicants not preselected abroad can be protected temporarily if they appear to be refugees, but only for forceful deportation as soon as circumstances permit. Foreigners crossing borders illegally or forcefully annihilate  all permanent immigration rights, except in cases of extreme and immediate life-saving emergency that is none of their creation. According to the DAC Reform, there are no embassies abroad, only reinforced consulates for 2 purposes: 1) help better their citizens while they are abroad and 2) to preselect all immigrants, including refugees.


Just like TruthOcracy cannot accept national Deep State governments, it cannot either accept Shadow Governance behind international organizations as all of these serve, by definition, evil globalist objectives frontally opposed to good patriotism. No binding overruling supra-national power can interfere sovereignly within the nation.  Membership to outside entities of governance can still exist for collaboration, but only for as long as these organizations are considered fully Otatfog and fully TAT compliant for both their budgets and all their operational information. A computed TruthOcracy does, and must, renounce its membership to any international organization that does not respect or endorse its TAT reform of full truth and transparency, be it the EU or the UN, or other less known entities like TTT.


A computed TruthOcracy also rejects membership when they clearly contribute to outsourcing its best productivity, or to offshoring its best jobs abroad in countries with lower salaries, with the disappearance of the superior national skills involved. All this is particularly important when such over structures of governance obviously operate as puppets of a Shadow Governance of globalist operators who, by definition, can be anything but patriotic figures, like it is eminently the case of the 3 ones mentioned above.

+ The POSATAP principle (Patriotic Spirit Approach To All Policies).
+ Multiculturalism disasters
+ No dual citizenship to any of the 87 TetractArium position...
+ But Patriotism cannot take away freedom of speech...
+ Poland and Israel: 2 very patriotic countries and very successful (with currency sovereignty no massive immigration).




Multiculturalism tolerated in an uncontrolled way is a complete failure, and has done only terrible and uncorrectable disasters in the western world. It amounts to tolerating the intolerable, and stupidly accepting the consequences of this tolerance however disastrous they may be. No political correctness can ever contradict this clear, plain and sad reality. We have clearly reached the point where England is no more England, Germany is no more Germany, France is no more France, Sweden is no more Sweden etc. This is of course only the well planned implementation of the catastrophic Kalergi Plan for the benefit of the Master Plan of the forthcoming New World Order. Instead of preserving their respective beautiful cultural characteristics, each of these countries have become a new melting pot, each competing with the ugliness of the American or Canadian or Australian melting pots with ever growing amounts of social conflicts developing.


This does not mean that multiculturalism and pluralism cannot be good. They can be good, but only in a well controlled way, in proportions that do not exceed a critical level of mixture in order not to destroy the main culture of the receiving counry, but enrich it with focal points of neat diversity that may even contribute to improve the surrounding dominant culture.  


Massive illegal immigration is a crime against humanity, first against the countries that provide the emigrants as a tragic brain drain, and then against the countries that receive them as exaggerated waves of immigrants with a culture or religion that are completely incompatible and inassimilable to the best values of the receiving country.


If a foreign army of soldiers attacks and invades your country, you always have hope to correct the situation, sooner or later. The Greeks have required more than 400 years to do so against the Turkish invasion. But if a mass movement of emigrants invade your country with their wives and children, without the control of legal means, it is a final permanent invasion with a complete diluting or destruction of the best values that you hold dear to your culture and to the way of living you want to preserve. Such diluting is like putting beer in a glass of wine. Be it the best quality of beer and the best quality of wine, you have destructed the real quality of best products.  Again, no political correctness can ever contradict this sad reality.


Instead of trying to acquire cheap labor through immigration, a TruthOcracy tries, as a first priority, to recuperate and save, let alone improve, the best outstanding skills of its own best craft workers. These outstanding skills are disappearing because their working ateliers have been closed early because of wild globalization, without the skilled national workers having a chance to pass their outstanding craft skills to the next generation. This is the unfortunate result of the current globalization of the world economy that floods too many countries with cheaper products of much inferior quality, destroying for many future generations, if not for ever, the best craft skills involved that took centuries to acquire and master. Loosing these precious skills quickly and silently, through outsourcing abroad, or through inferior production inland via wild uncontrolled immigration, is an extremely expensive damage to the civilization that required centuries of patient and admirable work to created them. Loosing them for ever amounts to a kind of skill holocaust.


'Migrants should not invade to downgrade, but be selected and invited to upgrade a population'



CAS Reform Details: Culture And Schooling 




Any  reform is quite useless if the founding culture of the country is not the proper one. The EL culture of those who invented democracy, philosophy and education (Ancient Greece) has produced the best results in the history of humanity and must return to help the world today. For good reasons we hear a lot about "The" Holocaust against the Jews but, for even more good reasons, we should hear more about, and learn more from, the biggest and longest of all Holocausts, the Holocaust Against Hellenism.
This is there we missed the turn, and started our continuous downward cultural and moral degradation to arrive at a point of full decadence in the western world, through mainly DDDD.


+ In TruthOcracy, holistic virtuous formation of the 3 main levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul is essential requirement, while instruction is only a good additional benefit of all levels of education.

+ School boards of governors of public schools are private to the school area, and teachers are paid by the users (with free public help for those national students from families with declared low income, as long as these students get the passing grades to the following year). Private schools are always encouraged, even home schooling, in particular in the context of an EF (Extended Family).




Our apparent advancement, because of good progress in technology, does not change this sad reality in any way. We thus have to go back where we missed the turn, take the proper path, and reboot our culture on a better source. This is the purpose of he second reform called EthoPlasìn Holistic Education.

+ Good conduct behavior specifically is also a constant concern of civic decorum, at all levels of study, and graded as any other required subject for valid final graduation. This is what we call EthoPlasìn Holistic Education. All students, along with all teachers and related officials, must wear their official school or university uniform, matched slightly differently for male and female students, with the name of the school at the back and their first name at the front. Students must wear it from the time they leave home in the morning to the time they return home after school, including public transportation time. No sex or gender identity theory can be taught before university level.


'Holistic education based on a philosophy of virtues is the greatest weapon of mass construction

while current public education is the greatest weapon of mass deception'




CAB Reform Details: Communities And Beauty




+ National families with many children...





NAS Reform Details: Nature And Sciences




The NELA (Natural Earth Life Approach) concept imposes 3 main duties. The first basic duty imposed by these 2 concepts is that only unavoidable and fully recyclable garbage or pollution must be produced, under very severe control and punishment. The second duty is that all sciences, like typically medicine or architecture, must have in priority a NEL Approach to all their projects and activities. The third duty is to ensure Beauty is created lovingly in all aspects of public life, and also in private life as much as possible, let alone outside the country, worldwide, whenever it is possible for the nation to have such influence.


All  oil drilling in a sea environment, and the production of the current form of still dangerous nuclear energy are both fully prohibited.


Regarding undue pollution, after 3 infractions with serious fines, PPP (Punishment on Private Property) comes into play most severely.



In case of contestation about the use of the concept of Beauty, the conflict can easily be resolved through a Quiferendum. Dressing within normal cities as opposed to vacation areas, must be strictly CUNTAKIC (Covering Under Neck To All Knee In City) or from below the neck to the knees included. A TruthOcracy) is entirely a non-smoking country, inside and outside, even in homes with children, except in especially equipped and designated rooms marked as SARWOSA (Smoking Appointed Room With Only Smoking Adults). 


'...nor to ignore producing a sick environment'


'Beauty breeds Love. Love breeds Truth. Truth breeds Liberty. Liberty breeds Happiness'




DAC Reform Details: Diplomacy And Consulates 




Permanent embassies with ambassadors abroad have been an outdated, useless and unduly privileged caste of dangerous fulltime professional hypocrites and liars since after the phone, the TV and the airplane were invented.


Not only embassies are more useless now than ever before, in the 21st century, but they are extremely expensive acolytes of the even more unduly privileged super caste of corrupted politicians and the criminals hiding behind these politicians in the Deep State, with the deep state using them as puppets, to enslave the rest of us through DDDD (Debt, Dogma, Disinformation and Despair).

+ International organizations...
+ No military aid to any other country...




Consulates always offer full facility of communication, free of charge, to any citizens abroad needing to communicate with his family or any other kind of office in his home country. In addition to offering full communication facilities to citizens, Dipconsulate also offer a limited number of rooms to accommodate temporarily the most destitute citizens. Communication facilities are also free for non-citizen residents, but temporary accommodation of destitute who are non-citizen residents cannot be done except under a promise to repay the relevant expenses. 


CAD Reform Details: Citizenship And Decorum





In short, in a TruthOcracy, citizenship (and the related passport) is never a right, but always only an important privilege that is not easily acquired and that can be most easily lost. Those who lose their citizenship lose their passport, and thus cannot travel abroad anymore if they only owned that citizenship and passport. In special circumstances, a recognized travel document can be issued and used temporarily for humanitarian reasons. Because of the absolute freedom of speech that exists in a TruthOcracy, a national citizen will never loose his citizenship for having criticized the government, as harshly as he or she may have done it, but will easily loose it for an established list of crimes, like a PATOC, but including for the more simple crime of not having voted in the last 3 national elections.


In a TruthOcracy, before a religious official can start to preach, in any kind of church, for any religion, he or she must be a citizen. Foreign religious officials invited as guests of a church can 'talk' freely, even in public, for salutation or good public relations purposes, but can never play the role of a preacher in front of any public. In the same manner, before a journalist can criticize the government in any national media, or incite people to negative actions against the government, he or she must be a citizen. Foreign journalists without national citizenship can write freely any article in any national media only as long as it can be considered strictly informative. If they want to formulate any criticism in any national media, they can also do so freely, but they must do so only through the name, and under the signature and responsibility of a journalist with national citizenship. Be it clear however that both national preachers and journalists can not only criticize the government, absolutely freely, and with full impunity, but they are even expected to do so in front of their audiences, as an essential collateral role of theirs, at two conditions: 1) their criticism is based on Truth, and 2), when contradicting an existing law, the criticism does not do more than strongly promoting a change to existing legislation through a BEC in a forthcoming national election.




From a religious point of view, a TruthOcracy is officially a-religious (with no official religion). Its officials can follow any faith they want, freely on a personal basis, but cannot use their faith to promote themselves and act on that basis in their official positions. This is mainly due to the fact that there are too drastic differences between the 3 main institutionalized religions and the concept of democracy, let alone between the basic commands of the 3 gods themselves.


Officials can talk of themselves as being religious, and even mention the name of their religion, but limit themselves to that generic statement. GOD can be mentioned by public officials in public functions only in this generic form, as "GOD", with no reference to any specific god name of any particular institutional religion. In order to ensure the full independence of churches in front of the state, no church can be tax-exempt in any special additional way compared to the activities of normal citizens or businesses.


Mosques, synagogues and churches can open freely to their faithful, but their religious ceremonies must be limited to the inside of these spaces, and only in an official language of the country, with no outside activity except what is necessary for moving in and out normally. All their preachers must also be national citizens. Any praying in an open public space must be limited to what we call ELprayer, typically on the part of Jospelians, and again, this is because it does not refer to any institutional religion. No activity can be declared a "sin" by a public officials, referring to his own institutional religion. For example, in a TruthOcracy, street prostitution is not allowed, and is illegal, but only for good decorum; however, it is perfectly legal in appropriate locations appointed by governance; as such, it is without the possibility for an official to call it a "sin" while acting as such, because it is the law of the country, while a private individual can very well call it what he wants on the basis of the freedom of opinion.


All religions can be practiced  in a  TruthOcracy as long as their faithful do it discretely, at home or inside officially appointed public places, but never publicly in the streets or in open public places.


In a TruthOcracy, the Police force also has a unique role and a unique source of authority


The PolArium will automatically arrest, in any situation, anybody protesting either using physical violence, or using a covered face to do it.


In our fake democracies, the Police force does not belong to the Good People, for them to be protected against common criminals and abusive political power, but to the politicians, for the most part highly corrupted and criminals, for them to be protected against the good people protesting against their corruption and crimes.


As such, the police can never be used by the political power to refrain or break and kind of protest from people who use no physical violence and also protest with an open face. At these two conditions, the main protestors who have previously used the LAPDAC services in the past, to no avail, can even be escorted into the chambers of power to express their protest directly in front of those they, the Good People, consider responsible for any kind of injustice, corruption or abuse of power, or responsible for correcting such situations. Politicians can also be protected, but in the same way the Good People are protected, as citizens members of the Good People, against any type of aggression with physical violence.


+ The SASED principle: (State A-religious Subsidiary Elegant Decorum).