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VAP = Voting And Patronizing

See first: VAP Abstract


Voting Clarifications


  1. Bio-Anonymous Voting - Obtaining a BAIC (Bio-Anonymous Identicality Card) card  before an election is necessary. Every citizen must have one as a legal duty. At an election, it gives access to the door of a BAIC cabin-machine similar to most security access doors of most banks. The BAIC card only confirms the 'body' being allowed in the voting cabin with these bio features has the right to vote and has not done so yet. If that "body" has already voted somewhere else, the door will not open and issue a message accordingly. If the 'body' has not already voted somewhere else, the BAIC door opens and that 'body' is led out into the voting cabin space to vote normally with the paper perforated cards already issued to the voter.

  2. Voting as a Duty to Maintain Citizenship - Only citizens can vote in a national election. After voting with their anonymous BAIC, as a completely separated process, the voters then show their regular ID to an attendant and get a receipt confirming voting took place. Without that receipt, the voters would be subject to a fine in due time,  and could even loose their citizenship after 3 consecutive voting absences.

  3. Voting Only Persons, never a Party - A candidate to an election belongs to a political party but, when voted, he is voted only as a person with a full name and a face. The so-called "Proportional Voting" does not, and cannot exist, in a TruthOcracy. In countries where it is allowed,  electors can vote for a party, and the parties then decide on the candidates to whom give a "seat" on the proportion of the votes obtained by each party. This "proportional voting" too often also allows parties to recuperate candidates who have lost the election in their names in their own circumscriptions. This is an absolute anathema in a TruthOcracy where, in any case, only 3 persons with a BEC (albeit usually the BEC of a political party) are elected, the candidates of the GOS of the TetractArium.  

  4. Financing of a Political Party - Memberships and donations to a political party can be done only to one single party in any given calendar year, and must be made public on the website of the party. Anonymous membership or donations are not admissible. A yearly membership cannot exceed 1% of a NAS. A yearly donation cannot exceed 50% of a NAS. Financing of a political party can only come from a person, as a citizen, and can never come from a non-person entity, like a company, a church or any kind of lobbying organization.

  5. Only 10 Parties Can Participate in an Election - Political parties have an interest, in two ways, in maintaining a good membership of citizens of the country. First, the TruthOcracy will match the membership fees (not the donations) with the same amount of public funds on a yearly basis. Second, only the parties with the 10 biggest membership will be allowed to participate and compete with a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) in the next general election. However, the 10 parties with the biggest membership have to have a membership that represents at least 3% of the electorate, or they are also excluded: the end results is that there can very well be situations where the number of political parties participating in a national election are less than 10.

  6. Punishment and Dissolution Of Political Parties - Any other type of political financing than the above NAS, together with membership fees, is illegal and bears serious punishment. A first instance of no compliance means a fine equivalent to one year incoming memberships and the amount of all illegal donations for both the party and the illegal financers involved. A second instance leads to a fine of two years of incoming memberships and all illegal donations on both sides. A third instance involved the dissolution of the political party with serious PPP (Personal Property Punishment) consequences on all the managers involved. All this is for not being TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliant for both the donors and the managers of the political party involved, while TAT compliance is the very foundation of a TruthOcracy.

  7. Political Parties New Role - Political parties still exist but with a different role. They however have even a more important role than now in most democracies, in spreading TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliance on which basis they can elaborate a BEC for their chosen candidate GovernAriant (President of a TruthOcracy). Political parties also have a major occupation, consuming maybe most of their time, in preparing projects of laws in the form of a LOF (Law Objectives Framework) for each of new law, as LOFs that will be included as an attachment to a BEC of their candidate GovernAriant. In a TruthOcracy, no new law (just like no new tax) can come as a surprise after election: all have to be clearly planned for in a LOF project of law defined before election.

  8. No Revolving Doors - In a TruthOcracy, there can be no revolving doors between politics and corporations. No member of the elected GOS or the CabinetArium can have been a senior manager of any corporation in the last 10 years, nor the reverse, not even after retirement. They cannot either be the vertical family members, or a first degree horizontal member of a family owing an important corporation even if they have never worked as a manager of that family corporation. This is to ensure governance never becomes a technocracy working for the primary interests of important corporations, instead of for the BIOT (Best Interest Of TruthOcracy), that is the best interests of the people



Patronizing Clarifications


  1. Watching The Good Of The Country - TruthPatrons are TruthOcracy watchdogs outside the governance. They are the country's BIOT (Best Interest Of TruthOcracy) watchers, and also the NAGCO (NAtional Goodness COde) watchers for the truthfulness of the publicity related to the quality of any product produced within the TruthOcracy. As such, they operate as POTGA (People's Open Truth-Governance Authority) officials. Their role embraces all the activities of the private sector, of both the economic and social activities. They are not "spies", as they always operate openly in an official role, even if they have a kind of open BIOT 'spying' role that is in fact only a watching role. They are formally appointed for any company having more than 10 employees. Smaller companies are only subjected to regular spontaneous visits from a group of rotational TruthPatrons from the SPELArium. Any non-economic association is also subjected to such regular visits. Any family involved with public money to help re-group an EF (Extended Family) may also be subjected to such regular spontaneous visits. TruthPatrons' role in the community is well known to all, and any person, citizen or not, can approach them at any time for a consultation on a BIOT issue. They have the power to push any unresolved BIOT issue to the  services of the special TV channel for protesting: the so-called LAPDAC (Lobbying And Protesting Dedicated Accommodating Channel), for full public knowledge of the problem they are facing at national level. If and when needed, for issues involving many different locations, the Truth Patrons can get help from members of the PAS (Patriotic Assistance Service) which is what replaces, in a TruthOcracy, what is usually called the "Military Service" in most western democracies. When they incidentally become aware of BIOT issues in the public sector instead of the private sector, Truth Patrons can, after consulting with the SPELArium for ensuring the validity of the issue, bring the whole problem directly to the LAPDAC for all people to know, even without the consent of the elected GOS that was not aware yet of the problem or obviously had not yet taken action on it. Overall, these Truth Patrons have an incredibly new powerful role of TAT (Truth And Transparency) in both the private and the public sectors of all Truth activity in the TruthOcracy. See the "PATOC PUNISHMENT" section of the TAT Reform for more information on the various ways a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth Obstruction Crime) or a NAGCO (NAtional Goodness COde) crime can be punished, with or without the intervention of TruthPatrons

  2.  Selection Of Candidates - TruthPatrons are selected from a choice of candidates presented by a local office of the SPELArium in collaboration with each local business activity concerned. They all have to qualify in terms of good education, good background, and hopefully some good related business experience. They have no permanent working contract as it is, by definition, not a fulltime long term job. They have to be available on a one day notice whenever the business requires it to take management decisions. In fact, they must be made to attend all management boards of the company. Independently of any scheduled management board meetings, they must also be given full access, at any spontaneous time, to all production aspects and sectors of the company whenever they wish to come in to evaluate the current situation, even without notice.

  3. Priority To Women - TruthPatrons are, for the most part, all recently retired persons willing to collaborate for a reasonable small tax-free fee paid by the TetractArium of governance for their concern and help. However, in principle, the top priority for TruthPatrons is given to pre-retirement women who have sufficiently grown up children, and who now have time to spare, but who may not have acquired sufficient benefits for a proper pension. In this latter case of qualified such women, the TetractArium will also pay additional pension benefits for the candidate, over and above the tax-free working fee. 

  4. No Business License Without One - If any business (company, corporation, national or foreign) with more than 10 employees refuse full access to TruthPatrons on their board of administration, such business can be withdrawn its operating license immediately and without appeal, for the sole fact of this refusal. If there is a conflict of opinion, still persisting after both the GOS and the SPELArium have been fully informed, between the companies and their TruthPatrons, then the company can have appeals to the constitutional levels of the LeaderArium. Just like voting is not only a right, for a person living in a TruthOcracy, but also a legal duty, using TruthPatrons, for companies operating in a TruthOcracy, is also a legal duty. 

  5. Foreign Businesses Sign Accordingly - No business or corporation, foreign corporations in particular, can have more power than the GOS and overrule or even condition its decisions. All foreign corporations are made to sign a declaration to this effect before they are granted an operational license for the TruthOcracy. Without such signature, they cannot operate in the country, nor sell their products in the country, directly or indirectly, through any kind of third party collaborator. 

  6. Small Businesses - Small businesses with less than 10 employees do not have to have TruthPatrons sitting with a right of speech in all their decisional business meetings, but they must accept the spontaneous visit of TruthPatrons when one of them shows up for inspection of the manufacture of their products or the provision of their services. The SPELArium keeps and forms a group of rotational ones to be used for this purpose.

  7. Truth Whistleblower - TruthPatrons have a right to speak to any employee as much and as often as desired, openly or privately within the confines of the company, inside or outside. Any employee has the same reciprocal right, and can use TruthPatrons as a first step, openly or privately, when he or she believes there is something wrong with the BIOT (Best Interest Of TruthOcracy) compliance of the products or the services of the company, be it for the good of the eventual users of these products or services, or for the good of the country. If TruthPatrons believe that the whistleblower is right, he or she can then, immediately or later on, approach the management regarding the problem and, if and when necessary, take any measure to protect perfectly the safety and privacy of the whistleblower, let alone its security of employment or eventually having it rewarded. If the problem is not resolved, then the TruthPatrons raise the problem with the SPELArium and the elected GOS of governance for whatever further action may be deemed appropriate.