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TAT = Truth And Transparency

See first: TAT Abstract


Truth Clarifications


  1. PATOC PUNISHMENT - The punishment for a lie, as a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth-Obstruction Crime), on the part of a public official, in relation to public governance, or in relation to private activity mishandling public money, is always a serious crime punished mainly through a combination of private property confiscation (PPPP) and public shameful exposure (PATOCSE). Apart and in addition to the public shameful exposure that is by definition always present, its punishment can be effected in mainly four possible ways: 1) in a first instance, in particular if the PATOC did not cause too serious consequences, it is usually done only by at least a high fine of three months (or more) of gross salary; 2) in a second instance, it is punished usually by at least a higher fine, of at least six months (or more) gross salary, and also, cumulatively, by some personal property (PPP) confiscation; 3) in a third instance, it is punished nearly always by a combination of the second punishment with, cumulatively, automatic immediate permanent public career termination; In most serious PATOC crimes, the punishments of step one and two can be jumped to punish the PATOC liar as if it were a third instance; Finally, 4) when it is established that the PATOC has been clearly the cause of death of one or more persons, its punishment can be, very exceptionally, equally in terms of up to capital punishment. These punishments are decided administratively and sovereignly, without trial, by an ad hoc session of the TetractArium headed by the SPELAriant. An administrative appeal can be considered to review the presentation of new contradictory information not available at the time of the punishment. An appeal to a court of justice can be considered only after the presentation of new and clearly contradictory information, and then only if the LeaderArium approves the appeal process on that basis. A BAB (Bribery And Blackmail) crime, involving both a public official and a writer in a mainstream media who is not a public official, is also a crime that is always considered a PATOC and punished severely as such.

  2. NO RESTRICTION TO TRUTH - Factual Truth, or conviction of Truth expressed as a conviction, in relation to public affairs, can never be restricted in any way, not even by considerations like possible defamation or racism, let alone ‘hate speech’. It cannot be restricted by anyone, certainly not for incidental negative cascading effects on privacy. Public officials become fully “Public” officials, working on a basis of only Truth and full Truth.

  3. SOCIAL PLATFORMS CANNOT RESTRICT TRUTH - External entities, as third parties between a Truth informer and the persons involved, like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, cannot refuse to publish all Despotic Truth within the country when becoming in possession of it. It is even their legally required duty to publish it without restriction, even if the Truth in question has anything to do with things like racism, as 'truly felt' racism, or so-called 'hate speech'.

  4. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT - Capital punishment in a TruthOcracy is very rarely used and nearly always excluded, but still exists in exceptional circumstances. It is not usually used even for interpersonal crimes of private individuals, even for crimes as serious as a passionate assassination. It can be used exceptionally in extreme repetitious crimes that caused many deaths, or a planned crime of death with exceptional cruelty. In fact, it will be more easily used for a serious PATOC crime of a public official than for an interpersonal crime when the seriousness deserves it. The capital punishment can also be used for managers of corporations who have caused the death of many people because of lies to the public about their products: as such, this type of lies is also considered a PATOC and punished as such, as it affects the public at large.



Transparency Clarifications


  1. VOTING BALLOTS - Voting Ballots cannot travel anywhere until final notarized count at national level. In the meantime, they are under the constant presence of national TV and representatives of all parties. Consulates abroad must KYPE directly, or videotape constantly, and project their activities on national TV by the best means available.

  2. VOTING DUTY - Voting is a right, albeit for only national citizens, but also a legal duty. That legal duty can be fulfilled in full ballot secrecy, but with a fine penalty if not fulfilled.

  3. SECRET SOCIETIES - Secret societies and secret private meetings about public affairs not having to do strictly with the private life of their members are all seriously criminally illegal.

  4. WHISTLEBLOWERS - Eventual whistleblowers coming out with Truth about public affairs handled secretly are all fully protected by law.

  5. CONFIDENTIALITY - Confidentiality on routine government communications, inside the country or abroad, is eliminated. These must all be open to all, online, even to foreign governments. The few things that have to be kept secret temporarily, typically not do damage an investigation, must previously be justified to the OtatfogArium and, if justified, assigned a known code name, with a known budget figure if applicable, details of which shall all get to become fully known as soon as possible on the basis of a known expiration date that is as short as possible.

  6. PA DECISIONS ALL PUBLIC - All governance meetings taking any decision must have a short summary of the decision signed with the explicit names of 3 levels of authority with relevant titles, and copied online in a dedicated webpage in chronological order with the same easy access given to all national citizens for money accounting. 

  7. PUBLIC MONEY TO MEDIA - Media of any kind, that receives any kind of public money, directly or indirectly, must say so explicitly under their name on their “front page” and, as such, can never endorse any candidate during an electoral campaign.

  8. PUBLIC MONEY TO COMPANIES - Any private  business entity of any kind, receiving public money must have a website and explicitly declare receiving such funds on its opening webpage.

  9. PUBLIC EXPENDITURE AND A BEC - No kind of budget expenditure can exist that was not included explicitly in a BEC (Binding Electoral Contract) or an ad hoc Quiferendum.

  10. BUDGET TRANSPARENCY - In TruthOcracy, all and every single penny of public money being spent can be seen with proper justification, online, by all citizens wanting it. Spending that has to be kept secret is only half-way secret: it is a package with a codename that is known and seen by all, and with an expiry date that is as short as possible before it becomes fully known to all. That codename and date are decided by the TinformArium and the actual details of the spending is fully known to a special commission of the GOS in the meantime. The GOS being aware means the elected governance is always aware of the full content and purpose of such codename for secret spending. The GOS commission has the power to refuse the codename, and thus the temporary secret spending, and/or the power to handle the deadline of secrecy as it seems appropriate for the best interests of the country, extending it or reducing it. 



“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people

what they do not want to hear”

George Orwell


"In a time of universal deceit,  telling the Truth is a revolutionary act"

George Orwell


'In a TruthOcracy, telling the Truth and managing all public governance on a basis of Truth is an ordinary act'



The above is based on the TruthOprinciple of a TruthOcracy called PIABFOTAC  (Public Information And Banking Fully Open To All Citizens).



= PIB (Public Information Banking) Open To All Citizens

+ DAFTATAP: Central banks Must Be Eliminated

+ NoPOCU (No Public Official Cash Use), PSUCMO



The above is based on the TruthOprinciple of a TruthOcracy called OTATFOG (Only Truth, All Truth, Fully Open Governance).  The punishments against the liar are decided sovereignly by the OtatfogArium, without appeal except if the liar can, later on, present clear evidence that a lie was not involved.





In a TruthOcracy, a PATOC (Public Affairs Truth-Obstruction Crime) is not a simple misdemeanor, but always a felony, that is, a serious crime punished most severely, through at least PPP (Personal Property Punishment), as a first step, with or without detention, or worse. In fact, when it is established that the PATOC has been clearly the cause of death of one or more persons, its punishment can equally be in terms of up to capital punishment (which exists in a TruthOcracy for few extreme crimes).


A TruthOcracy is fully transparent.  No secrets or black budgets can exist except temporarily, with a public codename, and with the inalterable and shortest possible secrecy expiration date. Public money accounting is all open and accessible to all citizens online as if it were their own bank accounts.


Only Truth Shall
Set You Free"