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SAM = Speech And Media

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Speech Clarifications


  1. Full Freedom of Speech With No Physical Violence - This is the FOLIPET EthoPrinciple of a TruthOcracy, sometimes also called FOLIPETOC (Full Opinion Liberty If Peaceably Expressed Truth Or Conviction). To be more explicit, a personal conviction that is not based on a lie is admitted as a "Truth" in order to ensure the right of opinion is "Full", like it can only be in a TruthOcracy. But FOLIPET, when used alone, is intended to be FOLIPETOC as it gives all citizens a power of public protest like never before in any western democracy. This is achieved in particular within the new OppositArium, that also gives citizens a corresponding power of lobbying, live and free, but only openly, either during a live televised session of the OppositArium or through its fulltime dedicated LAPDAC TV channels with full national exposure.

  2. Free Lobbying Accessible to All, Free, at National level - The OppositArium is easily open to all, on a spontaneous or booking basis, depending on the circumstances, including to criminals and prisoners. That new institution of governance always offers full freedom of expression and lobbying, even if the information contained in the opinion can be offensive to some listeners, as long as the information is based on Truth, or even on only a firm conviction or a free personal interpretation of real facts or personal feelings.

  3. Internet with Unlimited Freedom of Opinion - The same FOLIPETOC principle is extended in particular to the freedom of opinion on the Internet. If the opinion is based on truth, in particular factual truth, it is always acceptable, as harsh or offensive as it can be.

  4. Hate Speech is Also Acceptable - Nobody in the OppositArium, or even in any other place or form of expression, can ever be accused of what is currently called "hate speech" or racism, let alone anti-Semitism or Islamophobia. On that basis, there cannot be anything anymore that can be considered as hate speech or defamation when it is based on truth, objective or subjective truth. Being openly and explicitly "anti-something", on the basis of firm personal feeling and conviction, or facts one does not like, is perfectly admissible and not prosecutable in law.

  5. Lies and Calumny are Prohibited - Only calumny based on lies, or opinion accompanied by physical violence, are prosecutable. Expressing freely some opinions based on truth, on the part of the citizens, is not only a question of freedom of expression, but also a question of essential and priceless utility for the current political leaders to understand exactly what is going on in the country, and consequently to take the proper decisions in managing the country. In turn, for the person expressing an unpleasant opinion, it becomes a safety valve, as negativity "kept in", to paraphrase words of Neale Donald Walsch, harms both the body and the soul, and it is important to get it out before it explodes into violence.

  6. No Orwellianism - Proceeding without full freedom of speech would be admitting Orwell was right when he talked about "Thought Crime", "Newspeak", and the "Death of Free speech" that always accompanies forced thought control and political correctness.

  7. Truth Must Always Win Over Political Correctness - For example, if someone is white and hates blacks, or is black and hates whites, he can express freely this hate as his open opinion, anywhere and in front of anybody, without any possible form of prosecution, as long as his opinion is peacefully expressed, without any physical violence, because this hate corresponds to truth as far as he is concerned. Conversely, if someone says all blacks are welfare parasites, or all Jews are financial exploiters, and all Muslims are terrorists, this cannot correspond to any truth, and consequently cannot be expressed freely as an opinion without being exposed to possible legal prosecution on the part of the offended persons, and only on the part of these persons, never proactively on the part of the state or a non-person organization.

  8. Truth as a Safety Valve - As Orwell implied, and as history has well demonstrated over centuries, even when motives behind thought control are well intended, like discouraging racism and discrimination, the end result is inevitably always the same, and the opposite of what it intended to do: indoctrination, or the creation of dangerously boiling rebellious resistance, with political correctness becoming the most stealthy form of fear and hatred, let alone possibly violent intolerance. The supposedly tolerant "NewSpeaker" of the political correctness has become the real "NewHater" hiding dangerously in the background because, in a non-TruthOcracy country, he has no FOLIPET power to let the steam out as a security valve in a more controllable way.

  9. No Intolerance to Intolerance - Like Mark Steyn well said in his book After America, "The forces of “tolerance” are intolerant of anything less than full-blown celebratory approval". With this understanding, and within the above boundaries, in a TruthOcracy, critical thinking and full freedom of opinion based on Truth are not only never illegal, but always encouraged and defended. This is because, when founded on truth, and expressed without physical violence, they are not a privilege granted by the State, like the UN and its acolyte states tries to make us believe, but a fundamental human right considered granted to everyone by human nature (not to say God Creator) in TruthOcracy. This does not mean that its excesses not founded on truth cannot be appropriately identified and punished.

  10. Opinion with Physical Violence is a Crime - Because of the new extensive FOLIPET power offered to all in a TruthOcracy, for protesting purposes, in opposing government, or in lobbying openly in the OppositArium, with full national exposure, street protest with breaking violence, becomes a crime sanctioned by immediate arrest. In the meantime, except for what may happen in the OppositArium, the executive power must be left alone accomplishing its fully four-way binding BEC (Binding Electoral Contract). People unhappy with the BEC being executed can only lobby and work for a new BEC being elaborated and voted at majority at the next election.

  11. Protesting with Covered Faces Is a Crime - Protesting with a covered face is considered a form of violence. Again, Because of the new extensive FOLIPET power offered to all in a TruthOcracy, for protesting purposes, in opposing government, or in lobbying openly in the OppositArium, with full national exposure, street protest with covered faces, also becomes a crime sanctioned by immediate arrest.

  12. No Human Implant Chip ID - A TruthOcracy operates with the despotic power of Truth and Transparency, as its TAT very first reform. Thus nobody can be afraid of offering full details of their identity, even in situations of protest. Consequently, a TruthOcracy is entirely anti-RFID, or rather NoHICHIP (No Human Implant CHIP), except the replacement of a RFID by secured bracelets in few well regulated circumstances for required public security.

  13. Truth Cannot Promote Crimes - The only limitation to FOLIPET is that you cannot use it to promote crimes in public or in private, hoping they will be committed. Talking about a crime already committed in the past, or presumably committed already, even if some fact may seem to indicate it may not necessarily have been committed for sure, is totally acceptable, even as an opinion, or only as a firm conviction, but proactively promoting new crimes to be committed in the future is absolutely prohibited and inacceptable under FOLIPET. However, inciting strong protest, if necessary, in terms of public revolt against real crimes or serious injustices already committed, and with good elements of proof they were committed, and good evidence that the criminals are being unduly protected from justice, is acceptable as an opinion. Even promoting violent protest may be acceptable  as long as all other democratic means have previously  been already exhausted to obtain justice, like the protestor having previously used the OppositArium for protesting at national level without any result. In such rare cases, the PolArium of the SPELArium of a TruthOcracy, if convinced the crimes have been committed and the criminals have not been punished, will act as it really is, that is as the police force that belongs to, and is managed by, the people, and not a tool of the executive government. As such, it will protect the protestors involved, not the alleged criminal officials of the governance.

  14. Social Networks or Corporations Cannot Censor - Companies like Apple and Amazon, or social networks like Facebook or Twitter, cannot themselves take initiatives to proactively censor people, for anything people want to see, say, hear or write. They can only go to the OppositArium and protest only openly about it, not even in cases of what they may consider Hate Speech. This censoring role, if and when it may exist, can only come from Governance. These non-government entities too often become the modern book burners. They cannot decide with people want to watch, see or hear, not only through the internet, but also through any type of decoders, like the various digital terrestrial TV systems. All decoders can offer a set of channels, but also an open area where people can catch any TV channel they want from any country in the world. Private corporations and social networks cannot limit Truth and full freedom of speech or force unilaterally their own world view down the throats of humanity. Doing otherwise makes them commit a PATOC crime in a TruthOcracy, let alone possibly a kind of super servants of evil. Humanity must learn to have access to full Truth, and then judge for itself what to believe, what to accept, and what deserves to be criticized.



Media Clarifications



  1. Omitting Truth is a Lie - That lie of omitting the Truth about public affairs is also a PATOC crime in a TruthOcracy. The media should never fabricate stories that omit core facts that they know and that would otherwise negate the intended messaging. Their one and only message should be the Truth, OTATFOG Truth. All media must become Truth-Media or loose their license.

  2. Media Cannot Receive any Public Money - Media cannot receive any kind of government money, directly or indirectly, from any source, in particular strange secretive sources, like the CNN receiving money from the FBI. In the exceptional cases where this may happen, the receiving media must declare it explicitly in a completely obvious way right under their front page title and, because of this, cannot become promoters of any political leader in any election.

  3. No Pushing Repeated Lies to Develop a Consensus - Media should not repeat lies for these lies to become a consensus. Mainstream media are too often mainly busy in reproducing the lies of the government, repeating them for making them a new consensus, and in the end make them a new "normality". This would constitute an unlawful contribution to the 4th stage of "Normalization" that may conduct just too easily to full dictatorial power, as explained by Russian dissident Bezmenov some years ago.

  4. Media Must Compete For Truth - Media must compete with each other as to the best way to get Truth out to their clients or readers. No person or no corporation can own more than one single mainstream media at any given time, be it a newspaper, a magazine, a publishing house, a TV station, a film or entertainment company or any other type of mainstream media. No conglomerate of media can be formed: all must compete separately, in separate hands, and through not related ownership. Doing otherwise would mean an immediate withdrawal of an operating license, and related criminal charges, let alone possible immediate forceful foreclosure or ownership transfer to another owner as he highest bidder in an open public sale conducted by the state.

  5. Media Lies are a Top Level PATOC Crimes - Lies from media are punished more severely than lies from individual persons as, by definition, they affect the Truth for thousands of persons in the country...

  6. No Political Correctness to Subdue the Masses -  A matrix of boomerangs of blindness and stupidity, called more simply the Politically Correct, has reduced most of us to being zombies and subservient slaves of the State. That political correctness could not exist as a global matrix before the arrival of the perfect and instant worldwide communications that were put in place over the last decades. Such global matrix is the ultimate tool that governments have been looking for, for thousands of years, to quell the masses and reduce them to submission and passivity. The JewZuit Power has this new matrix finally at its full disposal, after having infiltrated all the media and the related means of this matrix of political correctness. The new JewZuit Power has quickly found the best modern way to implement that global matrix, through a concentrated acquisition of all the powerful networks of the current mainstream mass media, and through the corruption of most of the subservient presstitute journalists that they now fully control through bribes and/or corrupting publicity money. Consequently, in fact, most mainstream media now have become simple mouthpieces of governments, and of the elites hiding behind these governments. As such, most journalists act in complete betrayal of their natural mission which should be to bring out truth, freely and openly, as awful as it may be, in particular regarding the bad activities of the politicians, governments and international organizations sitting over our shoulders. With the new TinformArium of a TruthOcracy, this matrix of political correctness is naturally and rapidly eliminated.

  7. No Cartel of Media to Form a Unified Public Opinion - Concentration of media in cartels owned by the same persons is firmly prohibited in a TruthOcracy. Morpheus, in the movie Matrix, says: “The Matrix is everywhere… It is the veil that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth”. This matrix acts like an infectious disease that is much more contagious than Ebola, as it is not only airborne, but spreads like an invisible WIFI around all of us, being even airborne-at-distance, electronically, around the globe, through all the mainstream mass media owned by a cartel of few companies with clear common interests. Once that matrix has infected someone, it acts like a tyrannical psychological power of blindly accepted unified public opinion on the infected persons. Most news networks, like CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS and others, are only lackeys of their JewZuit masters in the background manipulating pieces of this veil, as germ-cultivation centers of this plague. These networks are regularly paid, not to say bribed, by foreign governments and JewZuit corporations like Monsanto, to bring us sponsored content to make them look good and to maintain the matrix of unified public opinion regarding their monstrous activities. Most public schools, with their Common Core of public education in America, but also in a similar way in Europe, are other parts of this same blinding veil of the matrix. Of course, under the current JewZuit Power that intends to implement a New World Order that seeks to enslave all of us, this Matrix of Boomerangs of Unified Public Opinion is an absolute prerequisite, as people can only be controlled fully when they follow the JewZuit unified public opinion of their deceivingly assumed Judeo-Christian Roots instead of their real Greco-Roman cultural roots as freethinking individuals.

  8. Elimination of the Jewish Media Privilege - Gilad Atzmon is a famous Jewish author who wrote "The Wandering Who? - A Study of Jewish Identity Politics". As a Jew, he is often very critical of the Jews, and he affirmed, in an interview with Bill Alford, that political correctness pushed by a cartel of media is a malicious plot of the Jews to implant, into the world public opinion, through media under their full control, ideas and politics that must become accepted without opposition, and that do not admit opposing opinions without consequences for their holders when these implants are occasionally contested. Certainly, the mass media of Hollywood and of the TV Networks forming world opinion are definitely controlled mainly by Jews, as per their own explicit admission. The famous Jewish journalist Joel Stein, in 2008, wrote an article in the LA Times, saying: "I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them". Such privilege cannot exist in a TruthOcracy, not only for the Jews, but for any cartel of any other religion or political party. It is eliminated through the new TinformArium and the TAT reform about Truth and Transparency. The Jewish privilege is certainly also well confirmed in a famous book written by a Jewish writer, Neal Gabler: "An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood". Many other famous Jews, like Steven Spielberg, one of the directors of the so-called "New Hollywood", as a crypto-way to not say the Jew-Controlled Hollywood, or Woddy Allen (a Jew born with the name Allan Konigsberg), and many others, also keep boasting regularly and proudly about their control of Hollywood and the mass media, thus even about who can be proclaimed a valid contender to an Oscar or a Nobel Prize. Nevertheless, as we will see, more than only Jewish, these implants of political correctness are probably JewZuit more than just plain Jewish, and they compose a matrix in which all of us live, rarely consciously, or unconsciously most of the time. As we will see, the Jesuit side of this JewZuit matrix is always well represented in all centers of power, like it was the case with the fully Jesuit-trained Joe Biden in the Obama Government, as the current incumbent Vice-President of the USA, who  never loses a good occasion, or maybe rather a bad occasion, to highly congratulate the Jews, in a rather Jewcy way, when they make their boasting comments about already running the whole world we live in. But Biden was a Jesuit trained figure working in Obama's environment awash with Zionists. As such he was a perfect JewZuit figure at the maximum level of world power and pushing stealthily, in that top position, for the start of WWIII as the only thing that might save the dollar and that power from full collapse. That JewZuit matrix is also certainly maintained in particular, practically from birth to death, by the mainstream media and television that we keep watching passively while eating or attending our daily routine chores. Instead of logically arguing issues with our own selves, or with family members and friends, we just keep watching passively, and absorbing silently, the crappy culture and disinformation that become our politically correct. The beautiful freethinking ELL minds of our Greek roots have been downgraded, by our dominant and deceiving Judeo-Christian environment, to being simple syphoning funnels for accepting passively, blindly and silently, smoothly seated in our long chairs, what the JewZuit Power hidden behind the mainstream media want to impose on us as politically correct.

  9. No Media as Mouthpiece of Governance - All media are closely followed by the TinformArium, to ensure that the mainstream media never become a mouthpiece of the government. Rather the opposite, as they must be constantly investigating and criticizing the government as their primary role, albeit always on a basis of Truth. The media that seem to be mostly reporting what the government says, when reporting on government activity or statistics, without obviously, most of the time,  investigating or questioning these activities and information from the government, can be submitted to severe fines and disciplinary measures, even to loosing their operational license as a media. In turn, government can never refuse access to questions from journalists wanting to verify the accuracy of government information or statistics.

  10. All media must be FOLIPET compliant - In a TruthOcracy, there is a principle of governance called FOLIPET (Full Opinion Liberty If Peaceably Expressed Truth), with "Truth" intended also as a firm personal conviction, and "Peacefully" intended as no physical violence. Nothing can limit the expression of speech in any media if and when expressed without physical violence, not even any of the usual tools of the political correctness, like racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia or the so-called 'Hate-speech'. Opinions expressed verbally or in written media follow the same rule. No person or no corporation can own more than one single mainstream media at any given time. All articles must be signed. All commentators must be identifiable. Lying or omitting the Truth is always a crime called TOC (Truth Obstruction Crime).



"Some people's idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage"

Winston Churchill