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PAP = Patriotism And Pluralism

See first: PAP Abstract


Patriotism Clarifications


  1. No Massive Immigration Can Hinder Patriotism - All Immigration Must Be Pre-Selected. Massive illegal immigration that can change the cultural values of a TruthOcracy is always counteracted with civilized counter deportations. Pre-selection is necessary to obtain a final permanent status. Immigration applicants not preselected abroad can be protected temporarily if they appear to be refugees, but only for forceful deportation as soon as circumstances permit. Foreigners crossing borders illegally or forcefully annihilate  all permanent immigration rights, except in cases of extreme and immediate life-saving emergency that is none of their creation. According to the DAM Reform, there are no permanent embassies abroad, only reinforced consulates for 2 purposes: 1) help better their citizens while they are abroad and 2) to preselect all immigrants, including refugees.

  2. No Supranational Power Can Hinder Patriotism - Just like TruthOcracy cannot accept national Deep State governments, it cannot either accept Shadow Governance behind international organizations as all of these serve, by definition, evil globalist objectives frontally opposed to good patriotism. No binding overruling supra-national power can interfere sovereignly within the TruthOcracy nation. Membership to outside entities of governance can still exist for collaboration, but only for as long as these organizations are considered fully Otatfog and fully TAT compliant for both their budgets and all their operational information. A computed TruthOcracy does, and must, renounce its membership to any international organization that does not respect or endorse its TAT reform of full truth and transparency, be it the EU or the UN, or other less known entities like TTT.

  3. Offshoring and Foreign Outsourcing Are Strictly limited - A computed TruthOcracy rejects membership to any organization or agreement when they clearly contribute to outsourcing its best productivity, or to offshoring its best jobs abroad in countries with lower salaries, with the disappearance of the superior national skills involved. All this is particularly important when such over structures of governance obviously operate as puppets of a Shadow Governance of globalist operators who, by definition, can be anything but patriotic figures, like it is eminently the case of like the TTT.

  4. The Government Is the First Patriot - Patriotism is the desire to preserve and improve the best values and the most defining characteristics of the culture of a nation. In TruthOcracy, no supra-national overruling power can exist to forcefully change that culture, nor any type of massive illegal immigration or excessive pluralism.  All government decisions must be taken strictly on the basis of best patriotic values and interests as accepted by a majority, independently of, but with respect of the concerns of minority groups. All good patriotic symbols, like the national flag or a sculpture with a historical message, can and must be exposed where appropriate as often as possible.

  5. No Foreign Funding Can Interfere With Patriotism - Foreign governments, like typically the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) often try to fund selected academic institutions or projects in order to coerce them into self-censorship according to their policies. Such funding must be blocked as illegal in a TruthOcracy. All secretive foreign lobbying privately done is an abomination and is eradicated completely in a TruthOcracy, as a criminal activity, except through selective limited access to dedicated LAPDAC TV channels after pre-approval, if and when it may be considered useful to for good of the country.


    + The POSATAP principle (Patriotic Spirit Approach To All Policies).
    + No dual citizenship to any of the 87 TetractArium position...
    + But Patriotism cannot take away freedom of speech...
    + Example of Hungary, Austria, Poland and Israel: 4 very patriotic countries and very successful (with currency sovereignty and no massive immigration). Many other countries act similarly, like China and Japan.



Pluralism Clarifications


  1. Multiculturalism Has Only Had Disastrous Results - Excessive multiculturalism tolerated in an uncontrolled way has been a complete failure wherever it was practiced. It has done only terrible and uncorrectable disasters in the western world. It amounts to tolerating the intolerable, and stupidly accepting the consequences of this tolerance however disastrous they may be. No political correctness can ever contradict this clear, plain and sad reality, certainly not in a TruthOcracy, as this is a pure and simple Truth. We have clearly reached the point where England is no more England, Germany is no more Germany, France is no more France, Sweden is no more Sweden etc. This is of course only the well planned implementation of the catastrophic Kalergi Plan for the benefit of the Master Plan of the forthcoming New World Order. Instead of preserving their respective beautiful cultural characteristics, each of these countries have become a new melting pot, each competing with the ugliness of the American or Canadian or Australian melting pots with ever growing amounts of social conflicts developing.

  2. Pluralism Can Be Good When Limited - The disaster of massive multiculturalism in most western countries does not mean that  pluralism cannot be good. It can be good, but only in a well controlled way, in proportions that do not exceed a critical level of mixture in order not to destroy the main culture of the receiving country, but enrich it with focal points of neat diversity that may even contribute to improve the surrounding dominant culture. In a TruthOcracy, that critical point is placed at a limit of 10% of the dominant national culture. Foreigners living and not working in a TruthOcracy can never be more than 10% of the population. Similarly, foreigners working in the country, working as non-citizens, can never be more than 10 % of the workforce except for a very short working period not amounting to more than one season. Reaching these limits means automatic delays in accepting new foreigners in these 2 categories until some of the foreigners have died or left the country.

  3. Crime Against Humanity -  Massive illegal immigration, and excessive pluralism are dual crimes against humanity. They are such first against the countries that provide the emigrants as a tragic brain drain. Then they are such against the countries that receive them. Exaggerated waves of unselected illegal immigrants with a culture or religion that are completely incompatible, and inassimilable in any foreseeable future, can only destroy the best cultural values of the receiving country that has necessitated hundreds of years to develop them.

  4. Massive Illegal Immigration Is Worse Than War - If a foreign army of soldiers attacks and invades your country, you always have hope to correct the situation, sooner or later. The Greeks have required more than 400 years to do so against the Turkish invasion. But if a mass movement of emigrants invade your country with their wives and children, without the control of legal means, it is a final permanent invasion with a complete diluting or destruction of the best values that you hold dear to your culture and to the way of living you want to preserve. Such diluting is also like putting beer in a glass of wine. Be it the best quality of beer and the best quality of wine, you have destructed the real quality of best products.  Again, no political correctness can ever contradict this sad reality in a TruthOcracy, as it is pure and simple Truth.

  5. Western Working Skills Holocaust - Instead of trying to acquire cheap labor through immigration, a TruthOcracy tries, as a first priority, to recuperate and save, let alone improve, the best outstanding skills of its own best craft workers. These outstanding skills are disappearing because their working ateliers have been closed early because of wild globalization, without the skilled national workers having a chance to pass their outstanding craft skills to the next generation. This is the unfortunate result of the current globalization of the world economy that floods too many countries with cheaper products of much inferior quality, destroying for many future generations, if not for ever, the best craft skills involved that took centuries to acquire and master. Loosing these precious skills quickly and silently, through offshoring or outsourcing abroad, or through inferior production inland via wild uncontrolled immigration, is an extremely expensive damage to the civilization that required centuries of patient and admirable work to created them. Loosing them for ever amounts to a kind of skill holocaust. A TruthOcracy will always prevent such Holocaust, whatever is may take for doing it.

  6. Acquisition of Citizenship Strictly Controlled - In TruthOcracy, only immigrants preselected at reinforced consulates abroad can be granted permanent status, but only until they get involved in a major crime. In turn, citizenship is granted only when regular immigrants are integrated without any criminality, even minor, for at least 5 continuous years, however long it may take. No citizenship can be granted for only being born in the country (No "Ius Soli").


'Migrants should not invade to downgrade, but be selected and invited to upgrade a population'


'The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government, let alone from supranational governance'