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NAS = Nature And Sciences

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Nature Clarifications


  1. Natural Resources Are Public Resources - In a TruthOcracy, all major sources of natural resources not serving for personal use or family exploitation can never be privatized. This includes not only things like water and wood, but also oil and precious underground minerals. Exploitation contracts and licenses can be issued at will when considered done as BIOT (Best Interest Of TruthOcracy), but with renewals and BIOT re-evaluation every 3 years maximum. Otherwise, the license is not renewed, in particular when the products coming out of the exploitation contracts are not NAGCO (NAtional Goodness COde) compliant.

  2. Encouragement To BIO Agriculture - A TruthOcracy gives strong incentives to biological agriculture. In particular, it has no sales tax on seeds and plantations. This is what it calls being NoTOSAP (No Tax On Seeds And Plantations). This NoTOSAP principle however applies fully only as long as the agriculture in question is for self-sufficiency of the individual, the family or the community involved, and the production is No GMO (as GMOs would be entirely prohibited), NoGANO and NoCAFO. When the production is for sales purposes, then there is still no tax on seeds, but regular PASTO taxation at the time of the sale to the open food market.

  3. Encouragement to Agricultural Self-sufficiency - A TruthOcracy encourages to the outmost degree the agricultural independence of individual persons, through personal food gardens or balconies, extended families in cities, with some agricultural land integrated, in particular those living in a agriculturally equipped TUPA (TruthOcracy Urban Patriotic Area) spaces on a basis of extended families, In other words, a TruthOcracy encourages as much as possible the initiatives of family farmers with food self-sufficiency, as opposed to families using supermarket products of corporation farming.

  4. Dangerous Energy Exploitation is Always Prohibited - All  oil drilling in a sea environment is prohibited because of the too many irreparable disasters that it has caused. In any case, there are much more than sufficient sourced of oil that can be exploited overland. The same principle applies to nuclear energy. One single nuclear disaster, Fukushima, as produced so much damage that the whole of the Pacific Ocean is in danger of extinguishing all its beautiful forms of life. 

  5. No Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations - A TruthOcracy is very strict on ways to conduct agriculture. Its primary principle regarding agriculture is that it must be NoCAFO (No Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). These are the so-called Closed Factory Farms where animals are confined to minimal spaces, often to the point of practically not being able to move or to go out of their slots, and certainly never allowed to go out in the open and run around normally in the surrounding fields. In the meantime they are fed to make them excessively fat through the injections of dangerous hormones in order to produce more meat or milk. Animals often live and sleep in their own excrements, and become so weak that when put outside they cannot walk anymore. This kind of farming environment is criminal in an EthoCracy, even more seriously in a TruthOcracy, and punished most severely.

  6. No Genetically Altered Natural Organism - In a TruthOcracy, absolutely no private laboratory can work on GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) production, in particular if it is for private profit purposes. Only very few public laboratories can make research in this field, under most severe state control, and never for private profit, only for a theoretical possible good coming out of such research for the population at large. This is one of the principles of TruthOcracy governance, called NoGANO (No Genetically Altered Natural Organism -which is basically equivalent to No GMO).

  7. Pollution is Priority over Climate Warming - Climate Warming, that is the subject of furious discussions at the moment, is certainly basically part of long cycles of natural climate changes over centuries. On the other hand, the conflictive discussions on this subject are equally well documented on both sides of the argument. Overall, getting a global warmer climate or a global colder climate may have its serious inconveniences either way, but is not as serious the incredible pollution that affects our planet at the moment, in sea, on land and in air. Over use of plastic is probably the main cause of this global pollution affecting our oceans in particular. For this reason, a TruthOcracy is lead by another principle regarding pollution, called NoRACO (No Reusable Authorized Containers Overspill). Regarding undue pollution, after 3 infractions with serious fines, PPP (Punishment on Private Property) comes into play most severely. A TruthOcracy changes our way of life in terms of food containers in particular. Production of food containers must not be produced in excess of what is needed, and must all be reusable in most cases. Food purchasing customers in any store must bring their own clean containers, or buy new reusable containers from the store, or pay a fine as an additional sales tax. Food containers must be all recyclable and never thrown as garbage, at most left clean in special collecting bins, available and well identified for that purpose, at all supermarkets, commercial centers and various other street places.

  8. No Chemical Trails In The Sky - A TruthOcracy prohibits absolutely all airplanes crossing its air space to use Chemtrails. This is what it calls being NoSACO (No Spraying-Airplane Chemtrails Overhead). All airplanes, commercial or not, using chemtrails are refused using its airspace and refused to land at any national airport. Those using chemtrails near its borders, with some of their spraying reaching its airspace through directional wind can be sued and fined very heavily for doing so.

  9. A Non-Smoking Country - A TruthOcracy) is entirely a non-smoking country, inside and outside, even in homes with children, except in especially equipped and designated rooms marked as SARWOSA (Smoking Appointed Room With Only Smoking Adults). These rooms can be private, at home, but under strict control and regular inspection of the state for a fee. In public places, they are maintained under strict criteria and require an entrance fee. Smoking is absolutely prohibited even in open public places where people can be affected by the presence of smoke.


Sciences Clarifications


  1. Natural Earth Life Approach - In an TruthOcracy, all sciences have to have a NELA (Natural Earth Life Approach) approach. In fact, all principles of governance are influenced highly by the NELA principle. This new concept imposes 3 main duties. The first basic duty is that only unavoidable and fully recyclable garbage or pollution must be produced, under very severe control and punishment. The second duty is that all sciences, like typically medicine or architecture, must have in priority a NEL Approach to all their projects and activities. The third duty is to ensure only Beauty is created lovingly, harmonious Kallos Beauty, in all aspects of public life, and also in private life as much as possible, let alone outside the country, worldwide, whenever it is possible for the nation to have such influence.

  2. Pre-Approval Of All Scientific Research - In a TruthOcracy, no completely secret scientific research can exist, not in the private sector, and not in the public sector. The TAT Reform applies also fully to scientific research. So, when there is a need for some secrecy, it can only be temporarily, with a previous approval from governance, with a codename known to the public, with a corresponding budget figure also known to the public, and an expiration date known to the public for the secrecy.


'...nor to ignore producing a sick environment'


'Beauty breeds Love. Love breeds Truth. Truth breeds Liberty. Liberty breeds Happiness'


“It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”