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JAW = Justice And Welfare

See first: JAW Abstract


Justice Clarifications


  1. Two complementary Systems of Justice - A TruthOcracy has a normal judicial system of regular courts. In addition however, it also has an alternative private system of justice called PAJ (Private Alternative Justice). Using the latter is a free choice of the side of a conflict that involves only one single person that claims to be offended, or a single person in the name of his family. No lawyers have to be involved on that side except if wanted and paid by the offended person. No court charges exist. For such small interpersonal conflicts, this means obtaining justice much more quickly than before, and at practically no costs.

  2. Retired judges handle PAJ for a Tax-Free Fee - Retired judges who want to supplement their pensions can provide PAJ. They receive a tax-free fee from the State and provide justice free of charge to PAJ clients.

  3. All Judges Are Responsible for their Mistakes - Judges of both PAJ and regular court justice, are legally responsible for mistakes they made  that can be demonstrated as being based on incompetence, negligence, but also on ignorance of facts they should have known, or corruption of any kind.

  4. All Judges Are Bound by Truth - In a  TruthOcracy, Truth is by definition the main responsibility of all public officials. As such, all judicial officials of both PAJ and regular court justice, at all levels, as public officials, are more than anybody else bound to the OTATFOG Truth requirement of the TAT Reform because of their role in rendering justice, and because real justice can only be fast and based on Truth. When confirmed as not complying, by a joint affirmation of both the SPELAriant and the OtatfogAriant of the TetractArium, they are subject to, at least, immediate career termination without severance pay.

  5. No Mixing Between Justice and Politics - In TruthOcracy, all magistrates or lawyers have to make an early choice at the very beginning of their careers, as they cannot ever become a candidate in any kind of election to any public position of the TetractArium except at least 5 years after having left all their legal or judicial professional activities. The same principle applies to politicians, mutatis mutandis.


Welfare Clarifications


  1. A Third Form Of Welfare - In current western democracies, there are 2 forms of welfare, the Social Welfare extended essentially to the lower class when it appears to be incapable of maintaining itself, and the Corporate Welfare extended essentially to the higher class in the form of mainly undeserved tax exemptions for having contributed to political life, most often even illegally. In a TruthOcracy, these is a third form, based on a combination of the concept of PAJ (Private Alternative Justice) seen above, and a new set of social welfare benefits based on the concept of the EFU (Extended Family Unit). These two new concepts work together. The normal traditional social welfare still exists in a complimentary way only in cases where it is not possible to apply the new EFU welfare.  The more meritorious and more human form of EFU welfare becomes the norm of any welfare services in most circumstances. It is supplemented by the new kind of Judicial Welfare called PAJ, or Private Alterative Justice for the quick and easier resolution of minor interpersonal conflicts, as a service offered free of charge and without the need of lawyers. This combination of EF (Extended Family) Social Welfare and PAJ Judicial Welfare is called EFWAPAJ (Extended Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice).  

  2. Contribution of the Welfare Recipients - All welfare recipients are expected, whenever they can, to contribute with something in exchange for the welfare help they receive, as little as it may be, be it a bit of work in the household of their own EFU receiving the welfare, in in another one in the neighborhood. They are expected to contribute with at least a smile, of providing a bit of company to older incapacitated members of the EFU when they cannot help in a more productive way. 

  3. The EF Welfare is the Main One - In TruthOcracy, there clearly remains only one major new form of welfare, the EF Welfare, or Extended Family Welfare, and a minor one for the few people who absolutely cannot be associated to any extended family and absolutely cannot maintain themselves. The "more merit" component is also balanced with on a "more human" component, whereby people must stop to only see the world while fully isolated at home, through only the inhuman screen of a TV, a cellphone or the glass of a welfare counter, and see it more through the eyes of their own families and neighborhoods when in need of help. This is what we call EFANSNOW (Extended Family And Neighborhood Safety Net Of Welfare).

  4. Facilities to Regroup Extended Families - Families of any class can be helped by the State when necessary to be regrouped all together if they so wish, in order to become an EFU and thus take better care of all their members in an environment of more love, from birth to death, from kindergarten to old age, via good leisure and playground spaces for children and adults, even private gardening and food production for their most essential needs, facility arrangements for the sick, the handicapped and the old. Private schooling in particular is always permitted at simple conditions in the context of an EFU to avoid that universal public schools become identical indoctrination centers for the evil enslavement purposes of the government. The TruthOcracy State provides the free and voluntary help of expert agents, called EFREA (Extended Family Real Estate Agents), and facilitates the access to interest-free loans, the so called EFALWI (Extended Family Advanced Loan Without Interest). The EFALWI financial welfare tool is meant to help not only the real estate accommodation transfers or restructurings necessary for the formation of the EFU, but also the creation of useful integration tools like a food garden of vegetables and fruits, along with possibly the setup of a small stable of animals for extended family meat production within the EFU compound itself, or within a TUPA city area when possible.

  5. Regrouping In City Areas With The Same Culture - Welfare in a TruthOcracy thus still exists, and offered in a more human way, but not only in the context of an EFU extended family. The necessary regrouping for the efficiency of the new EFU welfare can also be achieved at a level of neighborhood or city area. This is called living in a TUPA (TruthOcracy Urban Patriotic Area) or neighborhood with a new safety net of welfare called EFANSNOW (Extended Family And Neighborhood Safety Net Of Welfare),

  6. Corporate Welfare is Nearly All Eliminated - In TruthOcracy, Corporate Welfare is eliminated entirely, except for loans at most easy conditions that can be extended to meritorious corporations in need of assistance in order not to face closure and be forced to send a significant number of employees to unemployment with probably the permanent loss of their best skills at the service of the nation.

  7. Personal Merit and State Subsidiary Role - The new EFU welfare of a TruthOcracy has a clear component of merit attached to it, or at its very base. As such, welfare is never provided to the point of encouraging people not to integrate themselves to their own extended family and/or not to search ways to support themselves proudly and independently with proper temporary assistance. Receiving welfare directly from the State, as an individual person separate from the extended family, means dependency directly on the State, and losing some personal liberty in front of the State. Receiving it indirectly, through the extended family, makes that welfare more effective, less expensive, and with a minor loss of liberty in front of the State. 


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

  Martin Luther King


'Justice can only come out of Only Truth plus All Truth'


'In TruthOcracy, welfare can never become a career opportunity but is always available, in a more meritorious basis, and in a more human form, to provide justice and save the pride of people in the best possible way, even in the most difficult of circumstances'


"We should measure welfare's success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added".
Ronald Reagan