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DAM = Diplomacy And Military 

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Diplomacy Clarifications



  1. Embassies Are Outdated Institutes - Permanent embassies with ambassadors abroad have been an outdated, mostly useless, and unduly privileged caste  since after the phone, the TV, the airplane and modern instant secured telecommunications were invented.

  2. Embassies Do Not Fit Well with TruthOcracy - A TruthOcracy is a new form of governance based on Truth, on full Truth and Transparency, as per its first TAT Reform. Embassies are the exact opposite by definition, as a caste of professional liars. In addition, they are an overly expensive caste of useless and dangerous professional liars.  

  3. Embassies Are Puppets of the Deep State - Not only embassies are more useless now than ever before, in the 21st century, but they are now a second level of puppets, thus doubly useless and dangerous. Ambassadors are the puppets of the politicians who themselves are the puppets of the Deep State hiding behind the politicians. The latter Deep State are an extremely expensive hidden caste of corrupting professional criminals.

  4. Embassies Use Puppet International Organizations - To the 3 levels of professional puppet liars at national level, the commands of the Deep State of the main nations are pushed to a 4th level of executive puppets who take the form of apparently beneficial international and supranational organizations like the EU, the UN and TTT. The combination of these 4 levels of falsehood constitutes one of the main tools of the global network used to enslave the rest of us, worldwide, through DDDD (Debt, Dogma, Disinformation and Despair).

  5. Diplomacy Nearly Without Secrets - An Embassy operates as openly as possible, most of the time. There is no confidentially anymore for routine communications. The only interventions that must be kept secret are kept secret only very temporarily and with a known codename (and attached budget figure if there is one) provided by the TinformArium after approval. On the one hand, not having embassies abroad anymore, and only direct and safe communications with foreign authorities abroad, this openness can be difficult, mostly on the part of the foreign officials abroad. On the other hand, foreign authorities and officials shall have to adapt, except in most critical cases agreed on both sides, and for very little time, to the openness of TruthOcracy.  




  1. Consulates Are More Useful Than Ever - For a TruthOcracy, if embassies are mostly useless and outdated institutions, consulates are the opposite, and must all be reinforced in their overall role. People travel more than ever before. Citizens in difficulty while abroad thus need more services of assistance than ever before. On the other hand, worldwide massive migration movements are also happening more often and in more numbers than ever before, thus ne increase need to ensure proper selection of immigrant and refugees while they are still abroad in order to avoid destructive invasions from both an economic and culture points of view.

  2. Consulates Must First Facilitate Communications - Citizens abroad who are in difficulty or destitute must always be able to communicate with their national base immediately through their consulates. The latter must always offer full facility of communication, free of charge, to any citizens abroad needing to communicate with his family or any other kind of office in his home country. Official residents can also enjoy similar services when in difficulty.

  3. Consulate With Safe Emergency Accommodation - In addition to offering full communication facilities to citizens, consulate also offer a limited number of rooms to accommodate temporarily the most destitute citizens, or the citizens in most danger. However, temporary accommodation of destitute residents who are non-citizen cannot be done except under a promise to repay the relevant expenses. Consulate always have a limited number of rooms in the consulate itself for most deserving cases, but also offers free emergency temporary accommodation to citizens under agreement with hotels of the immediate vicinity.

  4. Consulates Preselect Immigrants and Refugees Abroad - In a TruthOcracy, no foreigner can get immigrant status or refugee status while in the country. They must all apply and be preselected abroad before arrival. Refugees who may already be in the country when asking refugee status can be given temporary assistance, but will have to eventually be returned to their own country as soon as judged save and possible, or to a third country from where they can apply for immigrant status.




  1. Restricted Membership to Non-National Organizations - Without recognized OTATFOG and TAT compliance, membership to any non-national organization can only be as an observer. They it can only be done for the cost of being served as an observer.  This involved both national staff and foreign staff of the organization. No new participation to any international treaty can take place before the final text of that treaty is given to the public of a TruthOcracy, at least one year in advance of a national election, through a BEC that will include that participation and the intended signature of that treaty, as a full member or as an observer.
  2. No Submission to Money Lobbies - At the moment, because of secrecy and a lack of TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliance, most political leaders of the western world, and most leading figures of the international or supra-national originations like the EU or the UN, are owned by Money Lobbies and, consequently, will do what Money Lobbies want. That Lobby Power is composed of mainly the biggest JewZuit corporations. Through various non-national entities, the world Lobby Power sells, too often and too easily, the best natural resources of most countries to the greedy Money Lobby representatives of the dominant JewZuit Power. This cannot happen with the resources of a TruthOcracy that is protected through a Pentas Politica. This new form of governance exists because of the necessity of a TruthOcracy to handle all its affairs, and be handled in all its operations, only on a basis of TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliance. This is the main reason for a TruthOcracy to have a Pentas Politica, with 5 State Powers, instead of the traditional 3 of a Trias Politica, including the new TinformArium and the new ProtectArium of an overall TetractArium.
  3. No Secrecy in National or International Affairs - The TAT (Truth And Transparency) compliance, seen in a previous reform, ensures that no law can be secret in a TruthOcracy or in any non-national organization to which the country is partaking as a full member. Such membership cannot exist for any hidden purposes of money, information or politics: if it is secret, or if the related budget is not transparent, then it is illegal. In  a TruthOcracy, information has to be total in quantity, totally true in quality, and totally transparent in distribution and related budgets, without the undue influence of money and political lobbies. The TruthOcracy requests the same discipline from any non-national organization before giving it its full membership. Only full transparency of all information can lead to a just and meritocratic democracy, or to a TruthOcracy, as secrecy or undue influence of vested hidden interests of money or politics on  public information can only lead to rampant corrupted cronyism and a Tyranny.


"Representative Parliamentarians have been an outdated, useless and unduly privileged caste of dangerous fulltime professional liars since at least after the phone was invented"



Military Clarifications


  1. No War Except Defensive Operations - A TruthOcracy is by definition and constitution a NoWEDO (No War Except Defensive Operations) country and wants no interference in its one country, nor be part of any kind of influence in another country. This is also why, as seen in the PAP Reform, no foreign NGO can come and operate in a TruthOcracy, and no national NGO can operate inland with foreign funds, nor abroad with national public funds. There can be no argument for a formal intervention within another country except through open diplomatic initiatives. 

  2. Military Service As Patriotic Assistance Service - Military service does exist in a TruthOcracy, for both men and women, but is of a different nature, and divided in two main sectors. It is called the PAS (Patriotic Assistance Service), divided in PASMA (Patriotic Assistance Service Military Activity) for women, and PASNA (Patriotic Assistance Service Nursing Activity) for women, concentrated on nursing activities, never including frontline combat training or activities. It is absolutely obligatory at maximum age 18 for both men and women. However, men and women's roles are entirely different.  In combat situations, the PASNA of women is essentially a backline assistance to the frontline PASMA of men. PASMA and PASNA formation and training are entirely different, and each in separate compounds of barracks.

  3. Military Service With Survival Farming Integrated - In both cases of PASMA and PASNA, they have a PASFA (Patriotic Assistance Service Farming Activity) attached to their compound of barracks or in a near vicinity. In peace time not requiring combat operations, apart from various aspects of armed forces activities, both men and women soldiers are trained in self-sufficiency and survival techniques from an agricultural food point of view. The farms in questions usually also include a dog pound where abandoned city dogs are attended and trained for assisting the armed forces in military operations and/or in other situations of disasters like earthquakes or city strife.

  4. Military Service With Good Social Life Training - The military service of a TruthOcracy, called PAS, does not include only combat activity for men and nursing activity for women, and PASFA survival agricultural training for both, but a lot of other training and experiences meant at improving good social life in the country. This includes for example some EthoPlay training, with both physical EthoJudo and mental EthoDialogue. It includes courses of civic education. In includes participation in efforts to get rid of garbage abandoned in public or isolated private places. In includes particular training for assisting in recuperating normal life in cases of earthquakes and natural disasters. It even includes special sex education in terms of handling all sex appeal with particular gallantry.

  5. No Military Aid To Any Other Country - A TruthOcracy will never intervene militarily in the life and internal affairs of any other country, whatever the situations may be, not even for humanitarian reasons. If there is an agreement of mutual defense, and the other country is being attacked, than on that basis the TruthOcracy will intervene when officially requested to do so by that other country. In such cases, the intervention abroad would be entirely justified from a diplomatic point of view. 


"Embassies have been an outdated, useless and unduly expensive means of international relations since after modern telecommunications were invented"

― JD