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CAT = Currency And Taxation

See first: CAT Abstract


Currency Clarifications


  1. Currency Coinage - In a TruthOcracy, the private coinage or issuance of debt-money is eliminated completely. Strict constitutional rules control coinage and the issuance of all public money, all without debt at their source.

  2. TruthCoin - In a TruthOcracy, both public-no-debt-money and private-debt-money can also, if desired, be issued freely as the safest possible type of Crypto-Currency called TruthCoin when useful, and with full TAT (Truth  And Transparency). In order to avoid undue speculation, and good stability, such new digital national currency can easily be tied to another major stable currency, like the Franc of Switzerland or the Ruble of Russia. Some countries, like Estonia and Sweden, are already experimenting such initiatives and can be very successful as long the issuance of the public money is completely debt-free, which is an absolute prerequisite in a TruthOcracy.

  3. TruthOcracy is "No-Debt" - Just imagine in what good situation an indebted country, like most countries in the world at the moment, would be today, if it had issued itself only the exact same amounts of money that it borrowed with interests as "Debt-Money" in the last decades from a private central bank. Not only would it be without “Public Debt” to be reimbursed to anyone, but the interests alone due on that unnecessary debt could have been used with extreme benefits to its own citizens in all sorts of good ways, mainly in terms of good infrastructures, along all those years of useless debt. Instead of an enslaved country, it would be a free and prosperous country. And be it clear here that we are talking about the exact same amounts of money, created by its own treasury as "no-debt", instead of borrowed as "debt-money" from a private central bank. That prosperous country would also, by definition, have cashed, from its prosperity, a lot more taxes than it did while in debt, and thus would have created even more prosperity with the availability of this huge additional revenue that was just never created at the service of its governance.

  4. Current money creation as the biggest of all scams - The current debt-money creation system we use at the moment is the biggest scam ever created in the history of humanity. It is also the source of all our biggest problems and of our enslavement, both as countries and as persons (taxpayers). The unnecessary borrowing of money as debt, from private bankers to whom we have given the power to print (produce) infinite money out of nothing, for loaning it to us afterwards, with interests, is not only the biggest scam ever invented, but the stupidest scam ever deceitfully allowed to be used by the worst kind of criminals, and blindly tolerated by a humanity that is kept in full ignorance about its nature. It is, to say the least, equivalent to having legalized private counterfeiting, thus to have legalized a major crime. It is even clearly and explicitly anti-constitutional in most countries, but nevertheless blindly tolerated as such even if it is a major crime. Governance officials responsible for accepting and not punishing this major crime should all be immediately prosecuted for treason. This monstrously fraudulent power granted to private bankers to create “infinite private money out of nothing”, is also the source and mother of all our main problems in our so-called democracies today. It is at the source of all political corruption, thus at the source of having a governance that is mainly serving the private interests of the corporate lobby interests, let alone their own career interests through related corruption, instead of serving the best interests of the public at large. To add insult to injury, this terrible scam is at the source of the power of these legalized criminals to buy and control easily all mainstream media, thus at the source of the people living in total ignorance of this major scam and accepting fake news as a guide to their voting preferences. The worst aspect of this scam, is that we have also given the same criminals involved (the private bankers who can create as much money as they want out of nothing) the power to also create and own conglomerates of media even if they constitute a completely illegal monopoly. This double scam is not only demonstrating the doubling of our stupidity, but ensuring our complete enslavement through debt-money and disinformation.

  5. The dangers of exposing this global scam - Unfortunately, the most honest brilliant leaders who have tried to expose and dismantle the mother of all scams, have had attempts against their lives. The list includes 5 USA presidents, two of which are famous for their assassination because of this, even if the disinformation of the mainstream media owned and/or controlled by the bankers of the scam pretends they were assassinated for other reasons: Lincoln and Kennedy with their respective attempts to create “Green Back” debt-free dollars.



Taxation Clarifications


  1. A Scam Guaranteed by a Scam - The Income tax scam was put in place only as a guarantee to specifically ensure the success of the debt-money creation scam. It assured the forceful reimbursement of the public debt-money to the private bankers by the taxpayers. These two self-supporting scams are eliminated in a TruthOcracy. Income tax is a rather new type of tax in the history of taxation. It did not always exist, and does not need to exist. Before it was invented, for the much longer history of taxation, government or kings financed themselves without it, through other types of taxes. When the bank of England, created in 1694, started to lend money that did not exist to the British government to finance its costly wars, the bankers realized that they were making fantastic profits, and for obvious reasons. But they also soon realized that these loans of baseless debt-money could only be reimbursed through a new additional tax that they called Income Tax. This was the birth of what we call today the "National Debt" to be reimbursed to the banks through the enslavement of all citizens in a new income tax scam. This new scam was such a success for the British banks that it was then expanded in the USA in 1913 with the creation of both the FED (another cartel lending money that did not exist, issued out of nothing) and the IRS (income tax system to have that debt-money reimbursed by the new American financial slaves). From there, it was gradually expanded to the rest of the world through a new system of private national central banks using the same double scam. In the USA, that double scam was never even approved properly through a law as it would have had to be approved by at least 36 states, on the basis of a 16th amendment to the constitution, which never happened. This means the USA has been issuing illegal money through the FED and stealing from its subjects ever since 1913 through the IRS. Over the years after that, most western countries adopted a similar system of this double scam, mutatis mutandis. The main point here is that loaning debt-money to a government issued out of nothing through a private central bank, and collecting that money for such bank through income tax is an immense double scam that is illegal (certainly so in the USA), even unconstitutional in most countries that adopted it. Without doubt, it is most unjust for all the income tax payers concerned. It is certainly a cause of financial enslavement that just cannot exist in a TruthOcracy. This is why a TruthOcracy only uses property tax and a new dual-side sales tax accruing also pension benefits.    

  2. No Income Tax exists - In TruthOcracy, even if income tax does not exist for most people, all have to declare yearly their income to the tax office. No income tax at all exists on it for national citizens, only for non-nationals. Foreigners, along with persons who may have permanent residence but are not yet nationals, and also international entities like corporations, are the only ones subjected to Income Tax, albeit in a limited way: at the time of an attempt to take out of the country the part of the income money they made through business activity within the country, they will pay income tax. If their income is reinvested in the country, it is income tax free.

  3. Special Sales and Property Tax - Nearly only Property tax and a special form of dual sales tax are used to finance the State: PATTO (Property And Transaction Tax Obligation) taxation. Sales tax is doubly dual, and in two ways: 1) Half is paid on each of the two sides of the sales transaction, and 2) part of it, on both sides, goes to the State, while the other part becomes the only way to accumulate contributions for an eventual public pension.

  4. Controlled Personal Debt - Only private borrowing and personal debt is permitted but under very strict rules preventing usury over a strictly permitted rate of interests.

  5. Elimination of the "Black Work" - The ‘pension factor’ of the new taxation system eliminates most of the 'black work' market and most of the huge public expenses currently needed to catch tax fraud. The elimination of the black work is inevitable, as the special dual PATTO tax is also the only way to accumulate an eventual substantial private pension over and above an eventual basic public welfare pension for various good social reasons.

  6. Declared Real-Estate Property - Apart from having to declare their yearly income, even in cases where it cannot be taxed, people also have to declare all their real estate properties in a ROREP (Record Of Real Estate Property) and keep it constantly updated yearly. A property not on this ROREP could not be sold or left as inheritance, only confiscated automatically for that reason.

  7. Fairness of the Tax Progressiveness - The DAFTATAP (Dual Automated Fiscal Transaction Accruing Tax And Pension) system of a TruthOcracy is also fairly progressive for the governance. Inevitably, people with higher income would get involved in bigger numbers, and higher levels, of economic transactions, thus higher contributions to the public money needed by the government. As such, it offers not only fairness, but also maximum simplicity and efficiency.

  8. No Cashless Society, but Cash Reduction - The TruthOcracy system encourages people to be cashless as much as possible, but without imposing it on them, as a completely cashless system would open the door to a growing police state that could just too easily become a dictatorship.

  9. No one is PATTO Tax Exempt - Tax-exempt entities, like typically churches or cultural organizations, tend to become subservient to the governance, for fear of loosing their exemption. No such subservience must exist in a TruthOcracy, otherwise Truth would not prevail in terms of knowing the eventual badness of some aspects of governance. In addition, tax exempt entities or persons would loose their advantage in terms of accumulating pension benefits for the citizens involved. Consequently, nobody is, nor must be, tax exempt.  


The borrower gets into debt as the slave of the lender.

'When a man is in debt, he is a slave. When a country is in debt, it generates slaves'

The DAFT/DAFTATAP system has similarities with the fundamental idea of an existing taxation proposal by Prof. Elgar L. Feige, of the Wisconsin-Madison University, called APT, except that DAFT, in its full elaboration, as DAFTATAP, is much more effective, as it plays on two integrated fronts instead of one: the taxation front, common to both systems, and the pension front, found only in DAFTATAP, let alone eliminating nearly completely the black work market through the pension factor.




Taxation and currency creation as debt-money are the two sides of the same coin, or rather the same scam. In TruthOcracy, only No-Debt public money can be created, by only the treasury, never by a private bank central or not. Governments have no need to borrow money and no borrowing power. No public national sovereign debt can exist. Consequently, the income tax, that was created to reimburse public debt, does not need to exist. Many countries, including the USA, have had long periods of prosperity without the private coinage of debt-money, and thus without income tax. A TruthOcracy governance always tries to tax the broadest possible tax base at the lowest possible tax rate but uses only PASTO property and sales tax. The latter is "dual", paid on both sides, and part of it becomes the only way to accumulate pension benefits.


"The hardest thing to understand in the world is income tax"


"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Parliament meets"

Will Rogers