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CAS = Culture And Schooling 

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Culture Clarifications


  1. The Culture of Who Invented Democracy, Philosophy and Education - Any  reform is quite useless if the founding culture of the country is not the proper one. The ELL culture of those who invented democracy, philosophy and education (Ancient Greece) has produced the best results in the history of humanity and must return to help the world today. For good reasons we hear a lot about "The" Holocaust against the Jews but, for even more good reasons, we should hear more about, and learn more from, the biggest and longest of all Holocausts, the Holocaust Against Hellenism.

  2. The Return Of Philosophy In Our Life - In TruthOcracy, a Philosophical ELL (ELLAS) culture of best Enlightened Liberty and Logos is at the base of all private and public cultural life. This mean the return of a philosophy of virtues in our life, as the real philosophy was invented, and not like modern speculative philosophy has become.  Our education system must return to learn from our best source of culture and civilization to improve what is our most decadent world at the moment. Our real source of culture was what happened before the biggest and longest of all Holocausts, the Holocaust Against Hellenism that was at the foundation of he best values of our Greco-Roman culture. This was a culture of real historical superiority along with also a language of  over 5000 years of ascertained continuous superiority. From this point of view, the roots of our best values are not Judeo-Christian, but rather Greco-Roman. The return to this unsurpassed culture is at the base of what we call EthoPlasìn Holistic Education.

  3. No Subjugation through Debt, Dogma, Disinformation and Despair - The gradual elimination of our Greco-Roman culture, and the corresponding gradual replacement with the Judeo-Christian culture, is the source of our current enslavement. With this replacement, we missed the turn, and started our continuous downward curve of cultural and moral degradation to arrive at a point of full decadence in the western world, through mainly DDDD. In a TruthOcracy, a return to holistic virtuous formation of the 3 main levels of the Pythagorean Tetractys of the human soul is essential requirement. Instruction of the mind through knowledge and science is thus a secondary process, at least until the last years of specialization in a particular field of activity. This is what we call EthoPlasìn Holistic Education at the base of the life of a TruthOcracy.

  4. GENDER IDENTITY - As mentioned more explicitly below in the Schooling Clarifications, no sex or gender identity theory can be taught before university level in terms of confusing children as to what their gender is, or what it may be. Rather the opposite. For a TruthOcracy, there is only two genders. Each of these two genders, masculine and feminine, are even reinforced as much as possible, whereby a beautiful woman is a feminine woman, and a handsome man is a manly man, with each different beautiful characteristics that nevertheless make them equal in human rights, but in beautiful different ways and main roles. Those children who, by spontaneous and natural evolution of their personal growing process feel confused about their identity are certainly not discriminated in any way, rather counseled gently in collaboration with the parents of the children concerned. At maturity, in full freedom, they will even be allowed to change gender if they so wish. At university level, gender identity can only be taught as a normal subject of study in the faculties having to do with such subjects.

  5. No Exceptions In Laws On Basis Of Religion - TruthOcracy is essentially a-religious, but it allows free practice of any religion at 3 main conditions: 1) it is done within the discrete confines of religious infrastructures; 2) it does not promote any form of violence and 3) its preaching is done in one official language open to any discrete observer not member of that religion. No national law or municipal regulation can make exceptions to a general rule in order to favor members of a particular religion. However, within the confines of a TUPA that declares itself to be officially of a particular religious denomination, exceptions can be made to the administration of particular issues, for things like cemeteries, dressing codes or food handling.


Schooling Clarifications


  1. Holistic Education - Our apparent advancement, because of good progress in technology, does not change the sad reality of the lack of real education in the western world as opposed to what we can call instruction. Only instruction still exists, and not all that good, while education has practically disappeared, let alone holistic education. We thus have to go back where we missed the turn, take the proper path, and reboot our culture on a better source. This is the purpose of the reform called EthoPlasìn Holistic Education. Current public education is the greatest weapon of mass deception in most countries at the moment, and EthoPlasìn Holistic Education based on a philosophy of virtues is the greatest weapon of mass construction.

  2. Private Instruction in Public Education Infrastructures -  In a TruthOcracy, schooling is divided about equally between "Education" and "Instruction". The "Education" component is considered public in that it is common to all and based on a common EthoPlasìn Holistic Education. The "Instruction" component is basically private. School board governors manage both sides. For the "Education" component, teachers must have received a special Pythagorean formation. For the "Instruction" component, teachers can be anybody who is expert in any particular field of knowledge. The infrastructure is free, but the teachers are paid by the users. However, there is free public help for those national students from families with declared low income, as long as these students get the passing grades to the following year. If they double a particular year, their parents have to pay a fee. Except for the special Pythagorean formation of educators handling EthoPlasìn Holistic Education, and for a basic set of vary basic norms of essential administrative requirements provided or required by the governance, the schooling activity can be considered all private. Each school must compete, in a good "Olympic" spirit, with all other schools for best education and instruction in collaboration with the parents of the students. On the instruction side, no Common Core can be imposed on the parents or the schools to standardize thinking and destroy students natural creativity and critical thinking with full freedom of speech. No ministry of education can become a kind of a global dictatorial ministry of instructional propaganda at national level. No school can become an indoctrination camp for producing massive amounts of clones of obedient slaves to the state.

  3. Compete With No Student Loans & No Corporation Grants - No corporation can give any grant directly to any school at any level, not even at university level, let alone to any student, except indirectly, at city level. Then the city can distribute fairly the grants for better school infrastructures. Big money can never influence education directly nor indirectly. School infrastructures are provided free by the government. Teachers are privately paid. Provisions exist for families with low income who cannot pay for the teachers, but at the condition the students are capable of passing each year of schooling with the minimum passing grade. If not, the failing children will have to find some private money to finance their teachers for the repeated years. Otherwise, they will be referred to the apprenticeship programs of various sectors of companies using workers with specific skills. In a TruthOcracy, there is no such thing as "No Child Left Behind" if it means lowering the level of study of all children, with the end result being "All Children Left Behind". A public system of student loans cannot exist as this is only a way to ensure students come out of the school system as slaves of debt-money. Each student must compete and eventually graduate with their best possible formation and full critical thinking, on the basis of their own merit and skills. Meritocracy is at the base of a TruthOcracy, and cannot ever be considered racism or discrimination. All students have to be launched on their own merit to their new working career, at the end of their studies, entirely free from any kind of slavery due to political correctness or debt-money.  

  4. Gender Neutrality is Criminal Child-Abuse - In the schools of a TruthOcracy, natural genders of male and female, that is of boys and girls, are fully respected. EthoPlasìn Holistic Education has a related physical formation and it is divided strictly on a basis of gender. Forcing gender neutrality at a young age is a crime against humanity, against boys in particular, in that it is a crime against human nature. It is certainly part of a bigger genocidal crime against the male-man in particular whose sperm has been reduced by more than 50% in the last 40 years. Neutral pronouns for gender, like the ugly "HEN" of Sweden used for both sexes equally and without distinction, are absolutely prohibited. On the other hand, while growing, if a boy or a girl spontaneously wants to change gender, without having been influenced deceitfully by a gender-neutrality criminal, the issue must be left as a personal one to be resolved as lovingly as possible between the child and the natural parents involved, let alone the additional help of their best friends and social acquaintances but without any possibility of any legal physical operation before maturity at age 18. Boys and girls are absolutely equal in rights, but their main roles are different by nature. A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. A father is a father and a mother is a mother. In all pre-university schools, students are always offered both a man and a women together, as teachers, in most classrooms, to provide the instruction of the children, but they also have a number of hours separated by sex in the presence of a teacher of their own sex, where  EthoPlasìn Holistic Education of the various levels of the Tetractys of the human soul is provided rather than the provision of knowledge for the instruction of the mind: education is education, and instruction is instruction. The two are very different. In a TruthOcracy, both are provided, to the contrary of what happens in most public schools of the West at the moment that systematically provide only instruction, and no education. The boy is trained to grow up harmoniously to mainly eventually provide and protect a family of his own, as the girl is trained to harmoniously grow up to mainly herself, in due time, grow up and educate children of a family of her own. The boy is trained to be strong as a father in order to become able to go out and fight hard for attending the needs and security of a family. The girls is trained to be the main authority at home to create a harmonious environment regarding the education and a loving life approach of all members of the family, including the father.

  5. Good Conduct - In the schools of a TruthOcracy, good conduct behavior specifically is a constant concern of civic decorum, at all levels of study, including university, and graded as any other required subject for valid final graduation. This is an essential component of what we call EthoPlasìn Holistic Education, and an essential part of living in a TruthOcracy that is CAD Compliant. It is also part of the ACE (Award Civic Education) system of rewards, at local and national levels, for good civic conduct, and the related fight against Micro-Criminality Issues.

  6. School Uniforms - All students, along with all teachers and related officials, must wear their official school or university uniform, matched slightly differently for male and female students, with the name of the school at the back and their first name and a registration number at the front. Except during certain sports activities, girls must always dress with knee-covering skirts and boys with trousers. Students and teachers must wear proudly their school uniform. Minor students must do so from the time they leave home in the morning to the time they return home after school, including during public transportation time if this is the case.

  7. Home Schooling is always permitted - Private schools are always not only permitted, as a free choice, but also encouraged, even home schooling, in particular in the context of the new EFWAPAJ (Extended Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice) welfare related to EFU (Extended Families Units). In such cases, the governance intervenes only to check that the children are treated well as human beings and do not suffer damage as future citizens and professionals.

  8. No Cyber-Schools - Education without an educator cannot be education, in particular EthoPlasìn Holistic Education. There is at the moment a proliferation of highly lucrative for-profit “cyber” schools where children’s education consists of sitting in front a computer at home, without the presence of an educator.  This might be good for instruction, but certainly not for education. During lessons, all electronic devices of any type must be left out and locked out by the school. In the ELLducation of a TruthOcracy, each lesson is 1 hour long and is composed of 2 parts that are not necessarily equal. First, a presentation of a subject by a teacher while students strictly listen in complete silence, with no intervention or questions (just like in the ancient school of Pythagoras called OMAKOEION, or "We Listen Together"). Second, a group discussion of the subject under the guidance of the teacher (usually the main part) where each student is invited to participate under a certain discipline of turns and good manners. Any kind of opinion is freely admissible, even possible educated hate speech, without submission to any kind of political correctness, but subject to positive criticism by all other students. No peer-group conformity forcing political correctness! No group-think or cooperative learning that kills the full personal drive of each student! Lessons are scheduled around compulsory gym and sports activities, if possible always in open-air, and other desired cultural activities like music or foreign language practice, still with live educators and without any type of electronic device. When returning home, students can get their electronic devices. They will find an email from the professors, sent to them just before the lesson, with one or few links of best suggested sources to be checked for each lesson. This last part, at home, is their homework that has to be provided as a strictly handwritten paragraph (one page maximum), on the subject of each lesson, to be given the educator at the beginning of the next lesson. Students are then graded from 0 to 10 (top mark) on each of these handwritten paragraphs. All school books are also provided free of charge in electronic form, so there is no need for buying and transporting any school bag with heavy books. However, these books can be also purchased in paper form if so desired. 

  9. No Expertise Without Wisdom - Most current schools produce only "instructed individuals" but not any "educated persons". This means that in these schools, "Instruction" still exists, but "Education" does not exist anymore. This is impossible in a TruthOcracy where "Education" must be a priority over "Instruction", and its educational system must be based on  EthoPlasìn Holistic Pythagorean Education of the Tetractys of the human soul.  This Tetractys formation has four levels. The 4th level, if reached, is the one of wisdom. This is the primary objective of the "Education" component of the schooling system of a TruthOcracy. If the "Instruction" component is weak in a student, the consequences will be suffered mostly by him personally. If the "Education" component is low, or deficient, then the consequences will not be suffered only by the student concerned, but by the whole society having to life with the individual concern. On the other hand, if the "Education" component is at its best, the "Instruction" component shall be used also at its best by the students and the future professionals concerned, with regards for example to the best NELA (Natural Earth-Life Approach) use of all sciences, and to the NAS compliance of a TruthOcracy. Hopefully, with this approach, a TruthOcracy will enforce a "No Instruction Without Education", or a "No Expertise Without Wisdom". 


"The safest general characterization  of the European philosophical tradition  is that it consists only of a series of footnotes to Plato"

A.N. Whitehead