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CAD = Citizenship And Decorum

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Citizenship Clarifications


  1. Citizenship Is Not A Right But a Privilege - in a TruthOcracy, citizenship (and the related passport) is never a right, but always only an important privilege that is not easily acquired and that can be most easily lost if not acquired by birth. Those who lose their citizenship lose their passport, and thus cannot easily travel abroad anymore if they only owned that citizenship and passport. In special circumstances, a recognized travel document can be issued and used temporarily for humanitarian reasons.

  2. Crimes To Make You Loose Your Citizenship - Because of the absolute freedom of speech that exists in a TruthOcracy, a national citizen will certainly never loose his citizenship for having criticized the government, as harshly as he or she may have done it. However, if citizenship can be lost for an established list of usual crimes, this list certainly includes a particularly unusual one, called PATOC (Public Affaires Truth Obstruction Crime), and a very unexpected one for most democracies: the more simple but serious offense of not having voted in the last 3 national elections.

  3. Only Citizens Can Preach For Any Religion - In a TruthOcracy, before a religious official can start to preach, in any kind of church, or in any other place, private or public, for any religion, he or she must be a citizen. Foreign religious officials invited as guests of a church can 'talk' freely, even in public, for salutation or good public relations purposes, but can never play the role of a preacher in front of any public.

  4. Only Citizens Can Formally Criticize Government - Before a journalist can criticize the government formally in any national media, or incite people to negative actions against the government, he or she must be a citizen. As such, they are subject to the criteria of the SAM Reform. Foreign journalists without national citizenship can write freely any article in any national media only as long as it can be considered strictly factually informative. If they want to formulate any criticism in any national media, they can also do so freely, but they must do so only through the name, and under the signature and responsibility of a co-authoring journalist with national citizenship. Any informal criticism, by citizens or foreigners, is always admissible, however harsh as it may be, as long as it is based on Truth. Criticism is always good at two main conditions: 1) it is based on Truth, and 2), when contradicting an existing law, the criticism is not mostly destructive, but essentially promotes a constructive change to existing legislation through a BEC in a forthcoming national election.


Decorum Clarifications


  1. TruthOcracy Is Officially A-Religious - Being a-religious does not mean being anti-religion. From a religious point of view, a TruthOcracy is officially a-religious mainly in the sense that it has no official religion. Its officials can follow any faith they want, freely on a personal basis, but cannot use their faith to promote themselves and act on that basis in their official positions. This is mainly due to the fact that there are too drastic differences between the 3 main institutionalized religions and the concept of democracy, let alone between the basic commands of the 3 godly figures themselves.

  2. TruthOcracy Allows Practice Of All Religions - For private individuals with no role of governance, the practice of a religion is entirely free as long as that religion does not promote violence. As for officials of public governance, they can talk of themselves as being religious, and even mention the name of their religion, but they must limit themselves to that generic statement. GOD can be mentioned by public officials of governance, in public functions, only in this generic form, as "GOD", with no reference to any specific god name of any particular institutional religion. In order to avoid discrimination and to ensure the full independence of churches in front of the state, no church can be tax-exempt in any special additional way compared to the activities of normal citizens or businesses. All religious preaching must be done in one of the official languages of the TruthOcracy. In short, all religions can be freely practiced  in a TruthOcracy as long as their faithful do it discretely, at home or inside officially appointed public places using an official national language, but never publicly in the streets or in open public places.

  3. Containment Of Religious Activities - Mosques, synagogues and churches can open freely to their faithful, but their religious ceremonies must be limited to the inside of these spaces, and only in an official language of the country, with no outside preaching activity except what is necessary for moving in and out normally. All their preachers must also be national citizens unless holding a license as a foreign preacher. Any praying in an open public space must be limited to what we call ELLprayer, typically on the part of Jospelians, and again, this is because being Jospelian does not refer to any institutional religion. No bad human activity can be declared a "sin" by a public official of governance talking from his official position, not even in reference to his own institutional religion, only a "crime" as long as it is the case.

  4. Prostitution Is Legal At Certain Conditions - In a TruthOcracy, street prostitution is not allowed, and is illegal, but only for good decorum; however, it is perfectly legal in appropriate locations appointed by governance; as such, it is without the possibility for a government official to call prostitution even a "sin" because it is the law of the country. A private individual can very well call it what he wants on the basis of the freedom of opinion. There are only 3 forms of sex that are formally prohibited in a TruthOcracy: 1) Violent sex, 2) Pedophile sex, and 3) Anal sex, be it with a man or a woman.

  5. Promotion on Only Heterosexuality but Respect of Other Discrete Forms of Sexuality - In a TruthOcracy, the only form of human sexuality that can be presented and promoted openly as normality and/or an ideal lifestyle is heterosexuality. All other forms of sexuality cannot be promoted. They can exist and be practiced freely as long as it is in a discrete non public way and, again, at 3 conditions in order not to become criminality: 1) No violent sex, only consensual sex; 2) No pedophile sex of an adult with an under 15 minor child; 3) No anal sex with either a man or a woman, while pleasant oral sex is perfectly legitimate when offered voluntarily to a partner who desires it. Sexual mutilation of any kind, on a man or a woman, on young children in particular, even circumcision for religious reasons, is totally prohibited, with particular severity as transgenderism, but will not be prosecuted if performed in another country permitting it on an adult voluntarily desiring it. 

  6. Friendly Police Force - In a TruthOcracy, the Police force also has a unique role and a unique source of authority. Street police are clearly present, but always polite and friendly. On the other hand, they are firmly acting on any act that is a source of contravention. The police force essentially works for the defense and protection of the people against criminals and against government abuse, not mainly as a tool of the government for the protection of its government officials. From this point of view, the new PolArium has a brand new role compared to what it has in most current democracies. It will allow, even protect, the harshest protests, as long as they do not include physical violence, but in turn will automatically arrest, in any situation, anybody protesting either using physical violence to protest, or using a covered face to do it. In our current fake democracies, the Police force does not belong to the Good People, for them to be protected against common criminals and abusive political power, but to the politicians, for the most part highly corrupted and criminals, for them to be protected against the good people protesting against their corruption and crimes. This is the contrary of what the police force should be doing and the TruthOcracy puts an end to that ugly misuse of the police force. In its new role, the police can never be used by the political power to refrain or break and kind of protest from people who use no physical violence and also protest with an open face. At these two conditions, the main protestors who have previously used the LAPDAC services in the past, to no avail, can even be escorted into the chambers of power to express their protest directly in front of those they, the Good People, consider responsible for any kind of injustice, corruption or abuse of power, or responsible for correcting such situations. Politicians can also be protected, but in the same way the Good People are protected, as citizens members of the Good People, against any type of aggression with physical violence.

  7. TruthOcracy With a Subsidiary Elegant Decorum Role - One of the principles of a TruthOcracy is the SASED principle: (State A-religious Subsidiary Elegant Decorum). This principles influence all aspects of the life and laws of the country. It is for this reason that a TruthOcracy conceives citizenship (and the related passport acquisition) not as an automatic right by birth in the country without conditions, but as a privilege to be acquired at strict conditions, and maintained on the basis of another set of conditions including good behavior without criminality, including "Good civic Manners" like the legal duty to vote. The related decorum is even rather formal decorum for all types of officials, and a less formal one for its non-official citizens. Again for this reason, the police force is not under the command of the corrupted and criminal government officials to protect themselves, but under the command of the people who need to be protected with police good manners against criminals, officials or not. The police force "belongs" to the Good People who pay for their salaries. The force is called the PolArium, and belongs to the "Sovereign People", as part of the SPELArium of the TetractArium


"When a person alone is dominated by delusion, it is called stupidity. When many persons join in fear of group delusion, it is called religion. When a whole nation joins to produce mainly beauty, joy, love and truth, it is called TruthOcracy, thus best possible liberty in a society with least possible delusion"