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CAB = Communities And Beauty

See first: CAB Abstract


Communities Clarifications



  1. Regrouping of Communities on a Cultural Basis - In a TruthOcracy, cities, or parts of cities, get improved living conditions through the new concept of TUPA (TruthOcracy Urban Patriotic Area). In particular, villages are improved through the concept of TARVAMEF (TruthOcracy Agricultural Residential Village for Autonomous Monoculture Extended Families).

  2. Regrouping of Extended Families on a Mutual Help Basis - In a TruthOcracy, Family life is improved through the concept of EFWAPAJ (Extended Family Welfare And Private Alternative Justice). This concept allows all sorts of benefits applying to married couples with at least one spouse holding national citizenship.




+ National families with many children...



Beauty Clarifications


  1. Reestablishment of Beauty as essential a Greco-Roman Value - In a TruthOcracy, Kallos Beauty is enforced in all aspects of life of both cities and villages, and in a cultural life based on best traditional Greco-Roman values.

  2. Exclusion of Ugliness  as Much as Possible - In a TruthOcracy, ugliness can not enter public museums at public expense and existing ugliness in them must be sold out or eliminated as soon as possible.

  3. Beauty As Preferred By a Majority - In case of contestation about the use and interpretation of the concept of Beauty, the conflict can easily be resolved through a Quiferendum

  4. Dressing With Beautiful Decency - Dressing within normal cities as opposed to vacation areas, must be strictly CUNTAKIC (Covering Under Neck To All Knee In City) or from below the neck to the knees included. Nobody can wear face covering equipment of any kind during demonstrations. Nobody can wear face covering equipment of any kind during any normal life activity circulating in public places.

  5. Degrading Decorum Behavior Prohibition - All personal behavior that contributes to the degradation of good social decorum in public spaces is prohibited. This includes ugliness in the form of grossly exposed tattoos, piercing, nude in public, or even extravagant punk style dress and hair styling. All this can be tolerated in private spaces, and even in public transition places like circulating private cars or public busses, but never in closed public areas like restaurants, gyms or offices. Not complying means being subject to a very heavy fine of offensive social misconduct. On the part of a public official, it also means having to refuse servicing these persons as clients. 


"Beauty generates Love. Love generates Truth. Truth generates Liberty. Together they generate best possible Good on Earth. This deific generation chain may not be called 'religion', but certainly be called